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The Perfect Party Platform (Part Two)

Yesterday, I started a three part series. This series is just me musing about what I would desire in a political party platform. I have given the party a name (The Founders Party) for utilitarian reasons. 456 more words


Church In America, We Must Get Our House In Order

I have a funny work history, actually a sad work history. I am only 33 and have worked at two different churches who didn’t have enough deacons because they could not find anyone they felt was qualified. 1,136 more words

Homosexual Marriage

Same Sex "Marriage" Opens Door

Oh, you just KNEW this was going to happen! And it hasn’t taken much time at all. After the Supreme Court in a heinous decision to try to change the definition of the word “marriage”, screwed up their ruling, the unthinkable has happened. 493 more words


On the Definition of Marriage

For some time now I have not written in this blog. With each post in the past, I have tried to find something uplifting to write about. 813 more words


Legislating Immorality: The Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

This is from The Last Resistance.

The Supreme Court has set themselves up a god saying homosexuality is normal and acceptable.

Here is what God has to say about homosexuality. 1,102 more words

The Document No Man Can Shred

When my daughter sets her mind to something, she’s always devastated when she doesn’t get it. I try to tell her that she should not invest so much hope in the object, but she inevitably sets herself up for disappointment. 983 more words


Did the US Supreme Court just decide that subjective desires and feelings override the facts of human anatomy?

Today the US Supreme Court suddenly changed the definition of the word “marriage” that has stood for thousands of years of human history. So what definition of marriage are we left with? 48 more words