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What is gender anyway?

There has been SO much written on what gender is from a theoretical or definitional standpoint so I’m going to skip the theory and go straight to my experience which is the only thing I’m qualified to speak on anyway. 544 more words

The What

A Friend In Need

When is a friend not a friend?  Some will say it’s when they don’t need you.  I don’t agree with that.

A friend is not a friend when they ignore your need.  288 more words


What is a Reference Book?

Merriam – Webster Dictionary defines a reference book (as a dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas) intended primarily for consultation rather than for consecutive reading. It even went further to state that it is also a library book that may be used on the premises but may not be taken out. 47 more words

Net v. gross

Testifying before C0ngress is hard, I guess.  When asked how much profit the manufacturer made on each set of EpiPens, the CEO said $100.  Turns out, that number assumes a tax rate of 37.5%, which the manufacturer doesn’t actually pay.  63 more words


define fact

One definition of a fact is “the dope.” Which is what anyone is who thinks everyone agrees on the same fact.


Another Basic Definition of "Missional Community"

A Missional Community is the church on mission. It is a group of 10-40 Christ followers who embody and declare the Gospel to a specific people, neighborhood or network of relationships. 41 more words

Missional Community

The play of chaos

My necklaces gleamed in the sordid sun, blue, green, yellow mostly deeper shades of red. The small beads were sticky with rust as my fist engulfed them. 696 more words