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I'm a Lover of Words | May

Summer and long adventures in the mountains (Colorado) are here!  I just want to be in nature so in the spirit of the coming adventures, here are 7 words pertaining to nature. 105 more words


The end of culture

history repeats itself they say. well they are wrong. humanity through civilizations have always reinvented themselves. through inventions in the modern age. in earlier bygone eras, it was through invasions of other regions, conquering and in that seemingly barbaric attitude, hidden through the seams, was the blending of different cultures. 648 more words


Participation trophies for employees?

How do you rate your employees and how often do you do it?  Annually, quarterly, or real time?  Who’s above average, who’s a potential star, who’s average, and who’s in trouble? 157 more words


My Theory of Friendship

Friendship (noun): the relationship between friends

(I think everybody could’ve guessed that definition, yikes.)

But really, let’s think about this for a minute: what is friendship? 376 more words



Writing is a way of drawing letter or group of letters that depends to the language being used. A good writer doesn’t mean a good penmanship but rather cooperating with words being collected to be a sentence. 141 more words


Sustainable Design House

[noun, suh–stey-nuh-bul  dih-zahyn-hous]
an online think-tank for revolutionary design ideation and fruition

Design House

[noun, dih-zahyn-hous]
An establishment in which designs are born and developed to fruition.