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Beautifully Broken

I am beautifully broken. I am the pieces of a shattered bowl repaired by gold. I am more beautiful because I was broken. During a worship night a friend of mine gave this word and it struck me right in the heart. 77 more words



To be completely and utterly honest I have not really belonged since kindergarten. It is hard to fit in a society with “cliques”. Yet belonging is to accept yourself and to see your flaws and know you will always be you whether you stumble of fall. 250 more words

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Defineing Friendship

I can humbly admit that most people who meet me in person tend to like me right away. I’m generally described as a good friend who listens, and supports those she comes into contact with. 524 more words

Adult Life

Denotation, Connotation, Miscommunication

I think each and every person
has the intention to be
and generous.

Maybe we just all have different… 12 more words


How Has Social Media & Technology Changed The Definition Of Friends?

Dear readers, how many followers do you have on Instagram? 50? 100? 1000? Or more? Do you know your ALL of your followers on a personal level? 408 more words


LOVE (between couples)

Love cannot be defined by one person, which is why it will never acquire one meaning. It can be an irreplaceable mixture of emotions, an unpredictable cycle of emotions, or an experience uniquely undergone by someone destined to be with another, or all three at the same time, depending on how we look at it. 252 more words


You need to know - What are the services that require a real estate license?

There are 8 real estate services defined by Florida Statute 475 that require a license:

(To help you remember the 8 services use the acronym A BAR SALE which uses the first letter of each service) 17 more words