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The Color of My Words – HarsH ReaLiTy

Do the color of my words matter? Would you read them better if I dressed them in white or black? Combining the passion of the moment with the honesty of my pen. 137 more words


Crush on Words #17

Does this inspire poetry about having one’s heart turned upside down?  Hmmm . . . not a very poetic word. Oh well, in honor of Valentine’s Day I still find it interesting. 

Thought Seeds

SEIT- Special Education Itinerant Teacher

A SEIT travels to the location of the student in need of special education services. Some children attend formal preschool programs, some attend less formal day cares, some stay at home, some go to grandma’s. 114 more words


The Creative Mind

I consider myself to be a creative person. I’ve written short stories and poetry, designed video games and D&D adventures, and I’ve even made amateur pixel art and 30-minute image edits. 716 more words

Philosophical Talk

Reclaiming the word 'discrimination'

Once upon a time it was a compliment to tell someone they were discriminating. It was a sign of your wise and careful attention to detail in matters. 666 more words

Word of the Day

Kerflooey (adverb): to cease functioning, generally suddenly and completely; fall apart

It is unclear when the word kerflooey came into the English language, but it’s derived from the slang word “ 27 more words

The thing about Arachnophobia

Remember that film? Why was it called arachnophobia? Weren’t there completely valid reasons to be afraid of spiders in that film…hell, kinda in life in general. 620 more words