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Always crystal clear

And wrong is the one-sided view of things.

“Intrinsic Complexity” Rules!

“Mathematical Nihilism” Rules!

“Zero sum nihilism” Rules!


The panoptic view of plants

The panoramic view of plants seeks comprehension.

A clear and distinct view of plants is that plants are our friends in that they supply nutrition and medicine. 374 more words


Proper and improper insulin resistance

Proper insulin resistance: muscles are not taking up as much glucose as would be expected, given the level of plasma glucose and the level of insulin activity, but this is normal or non-pathological because: 1. 81 more words

Definitely Not Medical Advice

So You Want a Witchy Pet

And by “witchy pet” I mean a pet that is commonly associated with witches. First and foremost, I must tell you that if you plan on getting a witchy pet, you have to make sure owning this pet is legal where you live, paying for it and owning it is ethical, and that you will take all of the proper steps to taking care of the pet to provide a happy and healthy home for your little creature. 1,246 more words


When genetics may be the problem

Generally, genetics is not the problem. Genetic lesions merely set up the problem for metabolic or genetic manipulations.

Possible Exceptions:

  1. Any mutation with 100% fatality in utero.
  2. 138 more words

Genetics is rarely THE PROBLEM

Another example – cancer.

Possible exception: when the nuclear mutations include genes needed to produce key mitochondrial proteins.

Cybrid fusions in which tumorous nuclei injected into healthy cytoplasm gave rise to non-tumorous cells have shown that nuclear mutations may be necessary for carcinogenesis but they are definitely not sufficient in these cases. 31 more words


Defining Permaculture

There is no one phrase that really does a definition of permaculture justice. Even the gurus who started the movement in the late 1970’s have different views on what it really encompasses. 244 more words