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Ernő - #214

Ernő – Limitless possibilities for those that believe life is a puzzle that can be solved in many different ways. And not even the strange kaleidoscope of colours that seem to appear when we rub our eyes can duplicate the fireworks of celebration when the final piece gently fits, with an oddly satisfying clink, revealing to you the final amazing picture that made this puzzling journey worth it.



Relationship will last long or not depends on whether it is cemented with emotions or selfishness


Friend Tear

Many friends help you wipe your tears, but a true friend will try to wipe the reason which lead to your tears


Crush on Words #1

Words are intriguing. I love the sound of them, the meanings, the way they look in print and in writing.  Under the title “Crush on Words” I will be posting some words that I find interesting, fun, or maybe even a little crazy. Here’s my first:


Maria - #213

Maria – The things we never say, or never get to say rather. Out of cowardice or sheer lack of opportunity, we all have words that never get to vibrate through the air, that tingle feelings or even change the course of a life. 27 more words