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PA Appeals Court Reverses the Denial of a Zoning Permit Application for a Horse Barn

Suzanne M. Ebbert owned property consisting of 76 acres in Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. On October 1, 2013, Ebbert applied for a zoning permit to build a 9,600-square-foot barn, six 864-square-foot permanent horse run-ins, and a related access road. 478 more words

Current Caselaw

Another possible outcome of taurine deficiency

The main consequences in man are not retinopathy and cardiomyopathy, but slightly poorer digestion (most digestion of fats occurs in the stomach) and poorer absorption of fats, including essential fats. 69 more words

Definitely Not Medical Advice

Christmas Cruelty (book giveaway)

Christmas is fast approaching, which brings up the topic of cruel jokes. And no, we’re not referring to his fervent followers massacring people in the name of the “prince of peace.” We’re referring to the… 237 more words


Formless, nameless, limitless....

The way this one evolved was personally very interesting . What started as an experiment , became a deep learning – Somewhere along the painting, I started exploring the form of gender , and what beauty means . 28 more words

Illustrations And Art

On Definitions In The Industry

Let’s talk about some common terms you may find in this blog (and other places talking about the game trade)

Game Store:

A brick and mortar retail location that focuses on selling games/comics/puzzles/etc of a large variety.  

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The lucida of philosophers

Plato – and to take nothing away from him: How could he not be the brightest star in the constellation of philosophers, the wisest and most intelligent man? 27 more words


Can I Just Get A Small, Please?

This is a conversation I just had with a waitress at a fast-food joint:

Me: … and a small Coke, please.
Fast-food waitress: We only have medium and large. 147 more words