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To Know Fearlessness…

To Feel Courage….

To Have Audacity…

To Be Daring…

To Show Brut Strength…

To Be A Hero…

To Have A Backbone…

To Demonstrate A Leap Of Faith… 53 more words

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With ninety-nine percent journey and one percent discovery, the wildlife photographer must spend one-hundred percent in the moment.


Word of the day: Velleity

(n.)  /vɛˈliːɪti/

Velleity is a perfect word to describe a wish or inclination which is not quite strong enough to actively pursue or lead a person to action. 50 more words


Edmund - #149

Edmund – Reaching the summit of all your dreams, being able to stand at the top and yell out to the world that you’ve done it. 38 more words



baleful–adjective: menacing and threatening harm.

The hurricane announced her approach with a baleful gale and frothing sea.


Encryption is a term that is frequently heard and slightly misunderstood. Wikipedia states that encryption is the:

‘encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it.’

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RAW Definitions 2

The passage mentions that these come from the middle of Never Whistle While You’re Pissing . The definitions do not occur in alphabetical order; while reading, each definition seems to build on the previous ones. 451 more words

Robert Anton Wilson