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In my complacency
And desire to be loved
I, in a time past, allowed others

To tie

Their defintions
To my ankles,
My hands.
I allowed them… 26 more words

Testing one of Plato's big ideas

Plato claimed that all virtues are one – all are reducible to wisdom, and he basically answered the objection that we can know the good and still do evil by saying that true knowledge comes after a conversion process, in essence then, making his statement tautologically true. 174 more words


The way it's going to work...

Saturdays are a time to relax, to think about some things, and to turn your dreams into a reality. It’s really a time to get the ball going, and to do so, I reached out for a little help. 408 more words



Bomphiologia (bom-phi-o-lo’-gi-a): Exaggeration done in a self-aggrandizing manner, as a braggart.

Listen to this: I had the most Electoral College votes ever recorded in the history of democracy. 116 more words


Weird Words Writers Use

So for my inaugural blog post, I thought I would start by posting a few of the weird words, phrases, and abbreviations that writers use when they talk and write, so those just joining their first writer’s forum don’t feel completely over their heads. 473 more words


The Scientology Coup

The Sea Organization or Sea Org originally consisted of the most dedicated, on policy and in tech staff members of Scientology who were personally selected by the Old Man himself to help him conduct research into the Advanced Levels of Scientology. 1,394 more words



Brachylogia (brach-y-lo’-gi-a): The absence of conjunctions between single words. Compare asyndeton. The effect of brachylogia is a broken, hurried delivery.

Daytime. Nighttime. Morning. Noon. Evening. 70 more words