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How do you specify temperature stability on your TCXO datasheets?

TCXO: Stability vs Accuracy

Temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) are used for frequency reference in systems that require a frequency stability of 10 ppm or better, which typically cannot be achieved by a standard XO (crystal oscillator) or VCXO (voltage controlled crystal oscillator). 736 more words


Definition of the Day 10-13-15 -- Moral

MORAL, adj. 1) In the conventional religious sense, anything tending to increase human misery, as in “moral conduct” and “moral standards”; 2) A term of self-approbation used by those who enjoy locking other human beings in cages. 46 more words


What Types of Users Will Find Culture Kent’s Open Data Source Helpful? Personas & Use Cases (part 4): Event Marketer

As part of Culture Kent’s research, we asked Deeson to provide us with Personas & Use Cases for the types of users that will potentially use our Events open data source.  398 more words


It All Happened In a Flash - Naturally.

I was lying on the bed on a lazy day. In the middle of my ‘Photography Sabbatical’ and “BOOM!” there I saw, this great angle for this great shot. 84 more words


The Trap of Definitions

While on placement about 2 weeks ago, a question arose which bugged me surprisingly deeply.

It came after a session with an 8-year old boy, who, being an 8 year old boy, didn’t want to engage in songs or musical activities, but was only interested in enacting imaginary stories about zombies and the apocalypse, and showing us his mindcraft structures. 421 more words


Anarchism: What It Is and What It Isn't (repost)

(This is an excerpt from our brand new book, The Anarchist Cookbook, by Keith McHenry with Chaz Bufe, introduction by Chris Hedges. This excerpt is by Bufe.) 3,392 more words