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What is a designer's purpose?

As a designer you can get confused about the purpose of  your job easily. Anyone who says this isn’t true is not telling the truth. Questions start flying around: 406 more words


1. Prevention of Problems. 2. Early Detection and Correction of Problems

The correct order of the two goals Re: problems of any well-run system, including of course healthcare systems. Our systems are just the opposite. We do not prevent, do not detect problems early, and fix them cheaply. 67 more words


Mollycoddled students

That’s what today’s psych patients were. Psychological ailments are fundamentally unsound thought patterns. These patients were once students having trouble thinking logically. They and their parents were told that they “have an alternative learning style” and they were mollycoddled through high school. 25 more words


Military Discipline

What Americans need most right now – starting in elementary school, which should be run by the military.

Disciplined eating habits, including fasting. Disciplined exercise. Disciplined study, reflection, and thought patterns. 97 more words


Some Things That Flockbinkers Have in Common with Unicorns.

Greetings, o most excellent reader.

In a recent post, we were forced to acknowledge an objection some readers apparently have to this blog: that, even though it mentions flockbinkers in the title, not every post is… 1,433 more words

The Hierophant

The Hierophant

We’ve waited for hours

in this dusky, dusty place.

Anger and fear

are mixed in our breasts

as we wait on,

kneeling, heads bowed.  84 more words