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Teacher? Play Worker? Educator? What's in a Name?

Many years ago, straight from college and failing to find a teaching opportunity in my locality, I accepted a job  leading a play scheme. This was a new concept at the time, the first after-school and holiday club in my town. 528 more words

Early Education & Play

Dealing with Characters

Character (in this context):

  1. The combination of traits and qualities distinguishing the individual nature of a person or thing.
  2. A person represented in a play, film, story etc.
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OT VIIIs: The Blind and Deaf

Scientology is a study in contradictions. But it would seem even the most enlightened beings at the top of the bridge aren’t able to perceive even the most obvious of them. 778 more words


Naturefact vs. artifact vs. technology

The other day I was asked about the difference between artifacts and technology. This question reminded me of a book I was given years ago, … 361 more words


A Lengthy Discussion of the Definition of Socialism

Hello, internet. I have returned to talk about socialism. Historian and theorist Carroll Quigley once wrote, “Naturally we cannot talk intelligently unless we have a fairly clear idea of what we mean by the words we use.” Clear ideas stem from clear definitions (and evidence), and so, before I try to say anything at all about socialism, I would very much like to define the word socialism itself. 3,525 more words

Democratic Socialism

Mental Exercise: Identity

Music of the Day: To Zanarkand (FFX) – It’s a late-night post, so have a piece that goes well with a calm mood and musing about identity. 3,688 more words

My Thoughts


Homing pigeons, home for the holidays, home sweet home, Home Depot, nursing home, homestead, mobile home, homeless, homeslice, homework, home run, homing device. 380 more words