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What the soy?!?!

Last blog post I talked about the animal agriculture and its effect on the Earth’s Climate. This time I’m going to talk about deforestation… why? Because animal agriculture is a significant catalyst for the use of forest/ wood area into grazing or cropland for feed production. 368 more words

Message for future generations

It’s been a while since the release of this amazing video from Prince EA named Dear Future Generations: Sorry. Yet I still feel the responsibility to spread this masterpiece among as many people as possible, because there are so many priceless inspirational ideas that all of us should think about. 119 more words


Prince Ea Apologizes to Future Generations in thought-provoking video

What would we have to apologize about to the generations who will inherit the Earth? This video explores the mistakes humanity still has time to avoid making. 219 more words


Indonesia Seeks International Help to Tackle Forest Fires

Smoke from land and forest fires worsens again in Pekanbaru, Riau —BMKG

Indonesia’s president has asked for international help to put out land and forest fires in Sumatra that have blanketed most of the region, leaving tens of thousands of people with respiratory illnesses. 119 more words

News Alert

Humanity consider Deforestation as a process of development.

  Richard Williams also known on stage as Prince EA has is a devotee of discussing topics like politics, sociality, environmentalism and life issues.

In the picture above he was essentially expressing his feelings and experiences when he travelled to Africa and saw a lot of trees being destroyed and burned while on the other hand animals are being extinct as a form of making money. 131 more words

Business on the front lines in the fight against deforestation

This piece by Jeff Hayward, the director of the Rainforest Alliance’s Climate program, first appeared on Triple Pundit.

Forests are an indispensable piece of the climate puzzle, which is why they’re prominent in the U.N.’s new… 893 more words