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Paper and Trees

Dear People, today I am going to write about a project I am doing with some of my classmates in school. We are going around the school, and collect paper on which we could still write or draw on. 141 more words

Why isn't white sugar vegetarian?

Popular brand names:

  • Billington’s
  • Silver Spoon
  • Tate & Lyle

Generic name: White/table sugar.

Active ingredient: Cane or beet extract.

Can you make it? It would be complicated, but in theory you could. 290 more words


Functional diversity assessment - traits!

Post provided by Samuel RP-J Ross Our newly-developed method simulates intraspecific trait variation when measuring biodiversity. This gives us an understanding of how individual variation affects ecosystem processes and functioning.

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Original Poem: Green is the Rarest Color

The face on the tree is speaking again.

He tells of a world full of sin –

Men with machines that do horrible things

Like destroy what doesn’t fit in. 157 more words


Belo Monte Dam: Deforestation, Relocation & The Kayapos’ Way Of Life In The Amazon Region

Photographer, Writer and Conservationist Cristina Mittermeier is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography. To see Cristina’s body of work click on any image.

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