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Moringa tree has the potential to reduce deforestation and Malnutrition

CELIM Zambia says planting Moringa tree has the potential to reduce deforestation and Malnutrition for Western province and the entire country.

CELIM project manager Federigo Gazzoli said the project they are implementing is aimed at increasing Afforestation in order to mitigate climate change that has been caused by deforestation in the province because Moringa tree grows within six months.

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Moringa - General

Upon Burning Series

The ‘Upon Burning’ series is a three-piece collection inspired by the pressing demand for countries to acknowledge and take action towards climate change, asking “at what point do we admit that we’re beyond saving?” and “how do we educate all generations to help prevent mass extinction through climate change?”. 138 more words


Why Should You Plant Trees?

Trees play an important role in our Earth´s ecosystem by absorbing much of the CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Stopping deforestation by planting more trees around the world and taking good care of forests, it is possible to reduce the overall average temperature worldwide. 137 more words

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Honduras: Narcotics Trade Accelerating Deforestation

By Luis Noé-Bustamente*

The rapid increase in deforestation in Honduras is being driven to a significant degree by the narcotics trade’s use of logging, land purchases, and cattle operations to launder drug profits.  677 more words

Diary of a mothering worker. July 17, 2018.

Post 293.

On dewy mornings, my mother’s white car slowly crept under the Poui trees. They were mostly lilac and pink, but sometimes yellow. I lay on the backseat on a pillow listening to 1950s music, and looking up at the endless blue sky out of the back windows. 668 more words

Momentous Trivialities: Diary Of A Mothering Worker

Pining for Carbon

The boreal forest, or taiga, extends across Canada and Russia. Conifers dominate this cold ecosystem. The evergreen needles allow the trees to photosynthesize all year. 143 more words


"World's poorest shoulder cost of tropical conservation"


Conserving tropical forests is an essential part of the fight to slow climate change. Tropical forest conservation benefits everyone, but the economic burden is mostly shouldered by some of the world’s poorest people.