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Cell Phones = Ape Killing Machines?

Hello hello,

I just wanted to write a little something about apes today, since I have time and that is what my blog is ultimately all about. 402 more words


Brazilian president pushes for deforestation in a bid for freedom

The Brazilian president, Michel Temer, has submitted a bill to congress that would allow him to redraw the borders of the Jamanxim national forest, reducing the forest’s conservation area and opening up sections for deforestation. 257 more words


Jungles in the city

Jungles in the city sounds metaphorical, doesn’t it?  

In the recent times of growth and development, the representation of word ‘jungle’ has changed drastically from something wildly to something representing the larger blocks of human settlement. 318 more words


World's Biggest Brands Are Pushing Indonesia's Endangered Elephants to Extinction

The Leuser Ecosystem on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia thrums with life. It is an ancient, 6.5 million acres of lush rainforest and steamy peat swamps, and because of its rich biodiversity, is one of the most important rainforests still standing today.

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My wife asked me the other day if I’d ever heard the term “manscaping.”

Uh oh, I thought. This is surely a set up question. It’s a “Honey, do you think I look fat in these jeans?” kind of question. 670 more words