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Chopping down the last pristine forest of Europe!

One of to last intact forests of Europe is under threat. Białowieża is the only lowland primeval forest in Europe. It boasts Europe’s tallest trees and largest wild mammal, the bison. 187 more words

Orphaned Baby Squirrels Rescued!

We’ve all heard about the effect deforestation is having on our environment and it’s happening closer to home than you may think!

Two separate litters of squirrels were found in old birds’ nests laying on the ground after the trees they were in had been chopped down. 174 more words

La corruzione minaccia le foreste dei Mari del Sud

Le  foreste pluviali della Papua Nuova Guinea e delle Isole Salomone sono essenziali alla protezione di ecosistemi unici (in molti casi non ancora conosciuti), alla sopravvivenza dei popoli indigeni e al contenimento dei cambiamenti climatici. 38 more words

Official visit to Brazil by HRH Crown Prince Haakon - part 3

In the third video clip shared by The Royal Palace, we can follow Crown Prince Haakon’s steps in his trip to Belém do Pará.

It was arranged an environmental seminar to discuss further cooperation in the efforts to reduce deforestation. 104 more words


Overheated and underplanned overdevelopment

When development is allowed to continue solely because of immediate economic benefit, I can tell you what happens, because we see it every day. Without restrictions, checks and balances, and rules to guide economic growth, infrastructure can’t keep up. 484 more words


Official visit to Brazil by HRH Crown Prince Haakon - part 1

In November 2015, Crown Prince Haakon came on an official visit to Brazil, starting his official agenda in the federal capital Brasilia. HRH met the Vice President Michel Temer to talk about the steadily strengthened bilateral cooperation. 57 more words


Alternate Histories: 4/22, 4/29

(If you’re a new visitor to the blog, you can read this explanation of alternate histories.)


Tipping points. Deforestation tipping points. Tipping points of rising seas, tipping points with ice melt. 568 more words

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