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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Explained

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a conglomeration of physical, emotional and cognitive disorders that people suffer as a result of early exposure (at fetal developmental stages during pregnancy) to alcohol. 330 more words


Glyphosat - die Missbildungen durch das Pestizid

“ZDF Frontal 21″ Thema: “Glyphosat”

(19. Mai 2015, ZDF)


Chronisch vergiftet - Monsanto und Glyphosat

Fast alle Menschen auf dem Land und in der Stadt ­haben inzwischen das Ackergift ­Glyphosat im Körper. Seit Mitte der 90er Jahre werden Teile Europas von einem geheimnisvollen Tiersterben heimgesucht. 68 more words


Glyphosat (Roundup) - Das stille Gift

Kein anderes Pflanzengift wird weltweit so häufig gegen Unkraut eingesetzt wie Glyphosat. Allein in Deutschland landen jährlich 5000 Tonnen des Spritzmittels auf den Feldern, etwa drei Mal so viel wie noch vor zehn Jahren. 311 more words


Let them look

Living with physical and obvious disabilities is hard but most of the problems can be other people. Now I have a tolerance for young children who have never experienced disabilities and are too young to know any better but this rant/ informative blog is about the adults that cant help themselves. 304 more words


if you in-cyst

Years ago, a thyroglossal duct cyst formed in my throat. After visiting several doctors to find out what it was (no one knew for a long time and it really worried me), I finally got a definitive diagnosis and eventually… 73 more words


Life with a disability

This blog is not for pitty or used for a ego boost, I want this blog to help others in the same position as me and help young people especially girls who are living with a disability. 441 more words