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Moles: The Big Black Ones On Your Face

I’m going to write a little about moles here. Not the scary kind that works at the bank. I mean the scary kind that grows on your skin. 444 more words


2017 - New Year – New Horizons

It is largely in rural areas that HERD Foundation offers charitable healthcare as the same is not available for underprivileged people living here. The fact remains that healthcare expenses being tremendous the poor carry on regardless of their unhealthy conditions. 276 more words


Lonely, ugly people (me)

Rebecca Tall n’ Ugly

“Eww, look at all the ugly people
Ah, look at all the lonely people

Rebecca Tall n’ Ugly
Looks in the mirror at disgust at the reflection ishe sees… 36 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Parasitic Twin

When twins fail to develop equally during gestation, the underdeveloped twin may become a mangled extension of the fully formed one.

Attached like a parasite.


Reasons to live, versus reasons to die

To momentarily distract myself from the emptiness and inertia, I decided to write a list of reasons to carry on living versus reasons to take my own life. 834 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Harlequin Baby

Harlequin babies are born with cracked shell-like skin, inside out eyelids, pulled back lips, missing ears, and obstructed nostrils. These abnormalities make them highly susceptible to infection, dehydration, and suffocation. 11 more words