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Who's That Senator?

Right to Life of Michigan has created  “Who’s That Senator?” –  Episode 1.

It’s not a game!  Senator Stabenow’s votes put innocent lives in jeopardy! 7 more words


Live Action sends demand letter to Twitter over blocking of pro-life ads

Twitter’s ad suppression “was about the entirety of our message, from ultrasound images of life in the womb to criticism of abortion facilities.”

Source: Live Action sends demand letter to Twitter over blocking of pro-life ads


"Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid patients were like ‘cash cows’ that we milked for all we could."

What absolutely blows my mind is knowing how much fraud takes place at Planned Parenthood, and yet, they still receive millions in federal funding.

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OK Cupid Teams Up With Planned Parenthood

Are you a conservative looking for someone to date? Are you pro-life? Might want to cross using OK Cupid off your list of potential online dating sites where you can find a suitable girlfriend or boyfriend. 288 more words


Detroit Pro-life Teleseminar Initiative

Mark your calendar to join Right to Life of Michigan for a teleseminar announcing a new initiative to address abortions in the city of Detroit! The teleseminar is Wednesday, August 30, at 10:30 a.m. 171 more words


What Has America Become?

(Republished article from the Tawas  Editorial page)

“This is getting nationwide attention. Where Is Tawas City , MI ?

Actually, it is on Lake Huron and has a population of Just over 2,000!!  25 more words


Planned Parenthood - Latest Recording about "Euthanizing" a 26 Week Old Baby

Listen to the newly released recording of Southwestern Women’s Options abortion mill in Alburquerque, New Mexico,  concerning another late term abortion, when the staffer at Planned Parenthood uses the term “they will… 112 more words