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Blaming the Prolife Movement for an attack on Planned Parenthood is like blaming the abolitionist movmement for the attack by John Brown

I’m at a retreat where I’m a guest speaker so this will be quick.

I heard there’s a shooting near Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs and it looks like there’s not a lot of clear information yet but I already see on social media the pro-abortionists already are heating up the blame game rhetoric against the pro-life cause.   80 more words


ABC TV Show 'Scandal' Plays 'Silent Night' as Main Character Kills Her Baby in an Abortion | LifeNews.com

ABC’s Scandal just crossed a sickening line in the episode “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” The entire hour was an advertisement for Planned Parenthood, but the absol… 19 more words


Obama Admin Threatens to Sue Texas for De-Funding Planned Parenthood After Selling Baby Parts | LifeNews.com

The Obama administration is threatening to sue the state of Texas for cutting off funding from the Planned Parenthood abortion business after it’s Houston affil… 17 more words


A Few Facts that Michigan and Other Pro-Lifers Know and Planned Parenthood Wish We Didn't

  • The pro-life movement begin in Michigan in 1967.
  • The Right to Life of Michigan Media Campaign on the realities of abortion began in 1981.
  • In 2008 Right to Life of Michigan joined other partners to oppose Proposition 2, a constitutional amendment to allow for the destruction of human embryos for stem cell research.
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