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The Not-So-Belle Époque

Review: The Painted Girls, by Cathy Marie Buchanan
Penguin, 2013. 353 pp. $28

It’s Paris in the late 1870s, and the three van Goethem girls are living a hair’s breadth from destitution. 608 more words

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A Jumping Off Point

To kickstart Lineate, I present one of my favorite pieces of art. Interior by Degas is a paragon of interpretability. When I say that I do not believe that you can find an answer in terms of analyzing art, this is my example. 483 more words


Poem by Jean-Michel A. Hatton

the danseuse (Degas).

She whirls!

the ballerina,

alight & thin
as a bird’s

disrobed from

its sound.
The ballerina,

she twirls

the air
around… 218 more words


So you think you can dance?

Did you know? More than half of Edgar Degas’ works depict dancers. Approximately 1,500 paintings, pastels, prints and drawings of dancers or ballerinas.

Most of his paintings present dancers backstage or in rehearsal, emphasizing their status as professionals doing a job. 12 more words

Go figure

Drawing people continues to be the steepest learning curve for me. I like Hallie Batemen‘s comment that people on mobile phones are good subjects to draw as they are generally oblivious to you when they are talking on the phone. 212 more words

Art in the Middle of Dying

There’s little in the world that gives more meaningful respite from earthly trials than art. Those sorrows and struggles that range from the brutality of human weakness and evil to the most monstrous of natural disasters have no true cure, no end. 169 more words

Human Nature

İnterior , İçeride, (“The Rape” (tecavüz) olarak da bilinir ) 1868-1869 Ressam Edgar Degas

İnterior, İçeride  (“The Rape”  (tecavüz)  olarak da bilinir )  1868-1869 Ressam Edgar Degas

Bir kadının yatak odası, resimde iki kişiyi görürürüz, erkek montunu çıkarıp yatağın kenarına koymuş, kadın ise elbisesi sıyrılmış üzgün bir şekilde sandalyede oturuyor . 369 more words