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Tender Is the Night

“The table seemed to have risen a little toward the sky like a mechanical dancing platform” – Fitzgerald writes this book so you can, for a while, dance along with them. 510 more words


“…Smile Because It Happened.”

<Sorry, just couldn’t shorten this narrative any further…>

Twelve and one-half years ago, our youngest daughter convinced us it was time to have a dog again. 976 more words

Words of Wisdom #30

“The gardener became angry, changed color and said scornfully: <<I learned this from my master: he who use machines, uses mechanisms and his spirit mechanizes. Who has the spirit mechanized no longer possesses the purity of innocence and loses the soul’s peace. 136 more words

Words Of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom #23

“Break the bonds with the Sky and the Earth, fomenting strife and fratricidal struggles, introduce immorality and debauchery, minimize all the sources of life of an Ancestry, poison her physically, get her used to drunkenness: all these elements annihilate an Ancestry more than if she was hit by thousand of cannons and planes”.

-Corneliu Z. Codreanu

Words Of Wisdom

Tear, Collage, Photocopy and Repeat

A small collage and photocopier experiment!

We both took a black and white front-facing photo of each other; both photos were printed, hastily torn sideways into strips and reassembled. 80 more words


Still Report # 926 - Vitamin Combo Halted Brain Cell Loss - YouTube

Bill Still

A vitamin combo has halted brain cell loss in extensive studies on mice.

The combination is based on a blend of 30 vitamins and minerals widely available in health food stores – including common ingredients such as vitamins B, C and D, folic acid, green tea extract, and cod liver oil. 326 more words


Poem by A.J. Huffman

I Am Smoking

gun, unflinching
testimonial of guilt.
I am difficult
to hide in corners
when warrants are flying
& dogs are drooling
along the floorboards. 266 more words