Tags » Degeneration


Smother that evil

Seal it in a lead coffin

on the ocean floor

A cimmerian cavern

with sea horse for a lantern

Buried Deep


Summers are hotter

Our glaciers melting

Each day the earth dies

Oceans are warmer

Blood coral bleached to the bone

Was this meant to be? 104 more words


China: Humanity decayed in the absence of Religion.

I criticise religions, but despite its limitations, one good thing about it is that it gives hope to people, that there is something good in the world, which is worth protecting. 568 more words


A blanket of smoke

smiles and sprawls contentedly

The green rug below

convulses and suffocates

aching for a breath of sun


The Great Falling Away

The world is falling apart because people have lost their fear for God. The great falling away has taken place. People have become educated and they want to worship a God to their own liking. 288 more words

DNA Changes and Ascension Symptoms

There will be future DNA and cellular/molecular changes in human and animal body structures due to evolution and us arriving in new dimensions, some of these changes are already beginning to happen, some symptoms of this physical and spiritual evolution have been evident for years. 4,765 more words