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“Born Criminals”, “Degenerates”, and “Psychopaths”. On the History of Criminal Psychology in Germany (2009)

I gave a paper on

“Criminal Psychology and the Idea of Eugenics (Rassenhygiene) and Degeneration in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries”

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Cesare Lombroso

Day 9 (Operation Catchup)

Their Gran was dead by the time that they had stopped crying and gone upstairs. She’d moved a little, crawling along the floor, leaving a bloody smear on the carpet. 994 more words


Crimson in tooth and claw: Darwinism, degeneracy, and Crimson Peak

Lucille: They’re dying. They take the heat from the sun, and when it deserts them, they die.

Edith: How sad.

Lucille: No, it’s not sad, Edith.

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On the prevalence of drug abuse

I was once heavily into the alternative and rebellious subculture that plagues the majority of young adult life. At the age of thirteen I was introduced to cannabis, and slowly began to use harder and harder drugs. 787 more words


Tennis Elbow...but I don't play Tennis?

So tennis elbow is a relatively common condition even in the non sporty population. It refers to chronic inflammatory pain around the outside of the elbow (lateral epicondylitis). 568 more words


Working through it...

When you are a can do-er working through discomfort can be a part of your life. Pushing the envelope to grow toward your potential is commendable and I thoroughly recommend it. 506 more words