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May 3rd - Deglutition

Deglutition – n: the act or process of swallowing

Dr. Clemmons handed Dr. Zhu a small plastic cup with several large pills in it. “Administer these to GF001.” 180 more words

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Deglutition – the act, action or process of swallowing.


Leak in the gut?

I’ve broached the subject of leaky gut with my gastroenterologist and DO, but neither seems to want to talk about it. I’ve even mentioned research I’ve read, yet they just brush me off. 88 more words


Fine Flours Kickstarter!

The lovely folks at Fine Flours are trying to expand their farmer’s market sales and custom orders to a gluten-free deli! They make great things, and they are sweet people! 22 more words



I wanted to share a sampling of the lovely loaves I’ve trialled in the last month. In the interest of full disclosure and aspirations of replication, SG-FBP (standard gluten-free bread practices, e.g. 1,054 more words


International Celiac Disease Symposium 2013

In case you wanted a preview of some of the topics discussed and conclusions reached at this annual conference devoted to all things Celiac & gluten, here are few links! 402 more words