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A Retrospective Look at my University Experience

When I was in sixth form there was such a heavy emphasis on choosing the right university for you. However, now I have completed my university course I am able to come to my own conclusion. 930 more words

What is the future of higher education? Volunteer teachers??

If you live in the York (UK) area, there is a rally at 2pm tomorrow (Thursday 26th May 2016) starting at Exhibition Square (York art gallery/King’s Manor) for anyone who wishes to support the industrial action being taken by the University and College’s Union, and there will be a picket line between 8am and 10am tomorrow around the University of York. 2,791 more words


Ah The Nostalgic Feeling Of A Summer Break

I did it!

I completed my first year of university with about twenty-four hours to spare before the final assignment deadline and i’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. 337 more words


EVENTS: what is it about minecraft?

4pm Room B2      FREE  and no need to book, simply come along!

Are you muddled by Minecraft?  Is it really worth 2.5 billion dollars? Are there any positive benefits to it?  104 more words


Getting into University

Getting into university can be stressful, I don’t know about other countries, but in the UK it’s competitive and time consuming. You know you’re going to be paying £9000 a year on top of living costs and on top of loans and interest, so you’ve really got to make sure the university you go to is worth it. 848 more words


Events: Tuesday's hip hop performance

Edinburgh napier lecturer Dave Hook today gave an impressive hip hop performance with his group Stanley Odd. The music recital featured an hour long set to a number of students in Napiers own music rooms. 48 more words


Events: Music mondays

Students and members of the public gathered on Monday the 23rd may of may for a spectacular performance/ presentation in modern sound production Technology.

Simon Stokes, a representative of Ableton UK, performed an hour and a half masterclass in the production, sourcing and mixing of music using a variety of modern technologies. 80 more words