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Remembering the Little Things

Ever since we were younger, we’ve always been encouraged to document our lives whether that be through diaries, vlogs¬†or pictures and it is only now that we are older we wish we did it sooner. 368 more words


Contrasting The Scary And The Picturesque

Looking at Edgeland and the over looked and the impression it gives you of being unsafe and lost in comparison to the beautiful, picturesque common landscape gives a weird other level to my work. 75 more words


the root ideas

more basic analogue version of different topics, themes and ideas for the project. Though this has been shown in a post previously it wouldn’t hurt to show the working.

Dear Overachieving College Student...

Why this topic choice you might ask? I am an overachieving college student. Actually, I am an overachieving person in general. I always have been. All that to say, you are not alone, and I understand where you’re coming from. 474 more words



Last class period, we furthered the discussion of various interfaces on the web and mobile apps. Interfaces can always be updated and changed especially for the users it heavily attracts. 368 more words

Multi Exposure Landscapes

As a final exploration of my landscape work before my presentation I tried combining my photography and my first sketches and the photographs where inspired by the textures of my sketches. 115 more words