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Part three - Project 1 - Exercise 3.2

Part three : Traces of Time…

Project 1 : A durational space
This section is all about capturing a trace of movement within the frame. 548 more words


So you want free college....

New school year means more of that hard earned cash going to pay for an expensive degree. We all know how important an education is in today’s world, but how many of us are willing to put in the time to get school paid for? 84 more words

Academic Success

Freshers 101: 3 things you need to know

Having graduated only last year, I’m pretty envious of all the freshers about to start out on their university adventure. It really is going to be as fantastic as everyone says, but here are three important things you need to know: 220 more words

WSU launches BFA design degree this fall

This fall, Wayne State University’s James Pearson Duffy Department of Art & Art History launched a new Bachelor of Fine Arts design degree. The program will house four design programs: fashion, graphic, industrial and interior design. 755 more words

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Part Three - Project 1 - Exercise 3.1

Part Three : Traces of Time

Project 1 : The Frozen Moment This section is all about freezing motion.

Exercise 3.1 

Brief: Using fast shutter speeds, try to isolate a frozen moment of time in a moving subject. 294 more words


Wasted money?

In June I completed my very first semester of University. And although I’ve committed to university study over 10 years after most people I cannot believe the stress and anxiety it brings. 469 more words


DI&C- Assignment 1- The combined Image

As a culmination of the first section, we were asked to create 4 to 6 portraits or landscape images using original and found images. These would then be split down so half were made using traditional cut and paste methods, whereas the second half were to be created digitally. 790 more words

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