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RIP Shaggy

Today our little Degu Shaggy transitioned. He was a lovely little soul who was so content with us.

Degus are supposed to live in groups so we were quite concerned when his brother passed a few years ago. 198 more words

My new proof readers

Well, it’s been mostly editing, getting into details, rehearsing, a brief visit to the capital. No pictures. I will give you a pic of my new proof readers though, they’re doing an ever so good job and the best thing is; I literally pay them in peanuts! :D

Maria Bohm

New Year. New Pet.

Recently – since my little birdie Luna died in May – I’ve been begging my mom for another small pet. I’ve had 3 hamsters before so mom won’t let get another. 59 more words

Few facts

1.I have 7 tattoos

2.I made them myself but im not very good tattoo artist (yet!!)

3.I have blue eyes :D

4.I have a boyfriend who i really really love and we live together. 15 more words

My Actual Diary :D

Wait, what's a degu?

I’ve grown accustomed to a raised eyebrow and a “A what? A doogo?” when I mention my beautiful little pets. When I registered at the local vets, even the receptionist couldn’t figure out what I was talking about. 914 more words