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Meet my little furry friend

We adopted Elvis the degu (octodon degus if you’re a Latin aficionado…) just after we bought our flat in July 2013. Degus normally live in pairs, but according to the man in the pet shop Elvis has to live alone. 366 more words

RIP Shaggy

Today our little Degu Shaggy transitioned. He was a lovely little soul who was so content with us.

Degus are supposed to live in groups so we were quite concerned when his brother passed a few years ago. 198 more words

My new proof readers

Well, it’s been mostly editing, getting into details, rehearsing, a brief visit to the capital. No pictures. I will give you a pic of my new proof readers though, they’re doing an ever so good job and the best thing is; I literally pay them in peanuts! :D

Maria Bohm

New Year. New Pet.

Recently – since my little birdie Luna died in May – I’ve been begging my mom for another small pet. I’ve had 3 hamsters before so mom won’t let get another. 59 more words

Few facts

1.I have 7 tattoos

2.I made them myself but im not very good tattoo artist (yet!!)

3.I have blue eyes :D

4.I have a boyfriend who i really really love and we live together. 15 more words

My Actual Diary :D