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How Did It Come to This?

The outcry is deafening, even if it’s only the eyes doing the screaming. Stoic eyes, angry eyes, fearful eyes, defiant eyes. You see them everywhere. You see them in the endless queues in front of the ATMs, where people, patiently and anxiously at the same time, are waiting to withdraw those few precious banknotes that will ensure basic survival for themselves and their loved ones for one more day. 1,093 more words


Depo Provera and Circumcision: Violence Against Women Masquerading as Research

Although there are plenty of instances of institutionally sanctioned violence against women, this blog post is about two very prominent instances: mass male circumcision programs [*Greg Boyle, cited below; one of the most up to date publications on the subject, which cites many of the seminal works] and the aggressive promotion of the dangerous injectible contraceptive, Depo Provera (DMPA). 634 more words


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Human Deafness

I cannot listen, because I cannot understand.
Words tumble from his lips,
And try to grasp at hope, or worse,
I think I hear him say, 217 more words


Africans Several Steps Ahead of 'Global' Health?

Many articles about ebola continue to mention a two year old boy who was probably infected with the virus some time in December of 2013. The articles refer to the boy as the ‘index case’, as if his being infected set off the recent epidemic in West Africa. 501 more words


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Book Review: Somebody says this is a Modern Classic

A Clockwork Orange

by Anthony Burgess

Alex DeBarge and his droogs, Pete, Dim and Georgie, set about creating the maximum level of damage and chaos in their drug fueled rampaging behavior throughout the first third of the book.  335 more words

Reviews Of The Works Of Others

South Africa - Never Mind HIV, We've Got Penis Transplants

One ebola case, out of tens of thousands identified over nearly forty years, may have been sexually transmitted; the evidence is slim, but CDC and others really want this one case to be used to stress that people should be made aware of this highly remote possibility (if it is even remotely possible). 777 more words


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