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The Basis for Equality

While we’re on the subject of equality and justice, we might as well ask the question, “What is the basis for equality?” In what ways are all humans equal and why? 770 more words

The Common Good

Personhood and Dehumanization

What dimension of a person do you think would be the most offensive to insult? I’m sure that you do not have to think long to come up with a decent list of things: sex, race, economic status, disability, appearance. 381 more words


Too Smart for Our Own Goodness Gravious: On Dehumanization & the State

Dear Justice,

Your post certainly did make me think. At first, I thought my response wouldn’t have a holistic theme because I was planning on responding to various selections from your cogitation. 1,955 more words

Dear Justice

Zombies and Dehumanization

The ideas explicated in the following text might to an extent be embarrassingly obvious to many fans of zombie narratives or, alternatively, experienced literature students or academics. 591 more words


On Dehumanization and Idolization

Doing APUSH notes got me thinking a lot about dehumanization. We do it so often in the course of history, and it’s a large reason why people commit genocides, racist acts, and other atrocities. 149 more words


Being kind to Robots for sake of fellow Humans

Splendid podcast about how humans and AI entities interface – the first segment about how we address AI and behavioral implications thereof, the second about the Center for Applied Rationality and attempts at learning learning how to apply mechanisms gained from developing learning processes in computers to enhance our own operations. 362 more words