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NOTE: I’m going to keep this short since everyone and their pet rabbit is talking about this and while I am trying to cover important issues on my blog, I want to keep the content more positive, but I feel like covering issues that are related to things I believe in strongly will help this blog be a well-rounded representation of myself. 481 more words

On the Dehumanization of Immigrants

Britain is in the grip of a worrying trend.

Our own Prime Minister compared migrants in Calais to insects when he called them a “swarm”. 625 more words


The NHS cancelled my operation :(

So I’ve been really ill lately, all of which seems to have kicked off since Monday when I was due to have the operation to burn out my pancreatic nerve. 380 more words


Humanization - A Fickle Thing

I recently did a vlog on dehumanization and why it’s horrible and it is. Dehumanization has lead to horrific things: rape, molestation, murder, genocide. There’s an argument that dehumanization is the sole reason for crime. 429 more words

Transhumanism Agenda: Super Race, DNA Manipulation, Evolution's Dehumanization Of Man

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Transhumanism is a scientific philosophy that says technology will solve all our human biological constraints and that…

Propaganda Definition: Dehumanize The Opposition

Welcome to the easiest propaganda bait in the world: Dehumanization.

How else could you convince someone to kill another man? How else could you hate someone you’ve never even met before? 541 more words

Definition Propaganda

How Did It Come to This?

The outcry is deafening, even if it’s only the eyes doing the screaming. Stoic eyes, angry eyes, fearful eyes, defiant eyes. You see them everywhere. You see them in the endless queues in front of the ATMs, where people, patiently and anxiously at the same time, are waiting to withdraw those few precious banknotes that will ensure basic survival for themselves and their loved ones for one more day. 1,093 more words