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Prejudices and the Romaphobia

The biggest minority in Europe is the Roma people. Kaldarash, Ashkali, Manush and Sinti are the communities in Europe that share the similar characteristics with the Roma people. 350 more words

Life Of Roma People In Europe

Dehumanization and Statistics

The obsession for metrics and measurements has inherent in it a very real danger of dehumanization. People are numbers on spreadsheets, data on a graph and expendable. 324 more words

Self Discovery

To Rehumanize: Restoring the prisoner's face

I’ve been going to Washington, DC every January since 2008 to join the Witness Against Torture community as they lift the voices of Guantanamo detainees in the streets and before the seats of power.  604 more words


Dehumanization Found in Bad Sportsmanship

I have a confession to make…

Are you ready?…Okay, here we go…

I love watching sports.

Yes, I confess, I love watching sports. In the vast ocean of sports, my particular fish of choice is football. 782 more words


14 Men On What They Hate The Most About Being Men

Found on AskReddit.

1. we can’t be raped

“Apparently if you’re a guy and you get raped by a girl, you’re lucky…”

2… 568 more words

Steam Punk in Colour

Colour is important in the steam punk city, because it punches through the arrangement of social memory to a level of pre-human, primary sensory perception, from which alternate human narratives, and alternate human identities can be built, using the ladders of the human nervous system.

This is called recycling.

Street Photography

Obama's Humanity

I am not a fan of Obama.  I think he is a misguided Liberal who has bought whole-hog into many of the lies that liberalism promulgates.   535 more words