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Border Hunters Wanted!

I first saw the government’s recruitment posters for border hunters when I crossed a Schengen border by car. It was on the window of the checkpoint booth and the border guards wouldn’t let me take a photo of it. 460 more words


The Importance of MLK Day

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day, and is observed throughout all of the United States. The significance can’t be overstated that MLK was an influential and important member of society, but it seems that most people now only have the basic facts of him. 932 more words

Dear Researcher, What Kind of Whore am I?

My last blog post was about a researcher who seems to have found what she was looking for (young girls who claim to have had sex for money to buy sanitary towels) and now uses the finding to get publicity and, presumably, funding, or justification for funding if she has already received some. 831 more words


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Why do we allow this?

If you or I strap down a cat or dog and then proceed with a wrench or industrial size pliers to rip or tear off its limbs and crush its skull, if found out, we would be arrested and prosecuted on various criminal charges in all 50 states of the USA. 307 more words

Human Rights

Everyone's capable of common sense

“I suppose I meant love as in respecting someone as a full person, but thinking about it, you obviously don’t need love for that, since you can respect (and should respect) the people you hate.

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The Devout Faith of Skeptics

Secularism is not neutral, though it often claims to be. In relation to the biblical God, secularists may be skeptics. But in relation to their own god substitutes, they are true believers. 162 more words