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Day 17: A.D. Koboah

A.D. Koboah spent the first few years of her life in Ghana before moving to London, where she has lived ever since. She completed an English Literature degree in 2000, and although she has always written in her spare time, she didn’t start writing full-time until a few years ago. 140 more words

Black Women In Horror

Apathy Is The World's Saddest Tragedy

Everything in this world has a consequence, a leading action that will directly result in an effect. Sometimes, this will stack further and further, feeding a butterfly effect that may erupt into something completely disastrous and chaotic – a perfect example of this is portrayed with Metacom, otherwise known as King Philip, and his bloody retribution against the colonists threatening his own people. 418 more words

The Quest For Enlightenment (2/6-2/17)

Refugees: Seeing Flight as a Non-violent Option, by Erica Chenoweth and Hakim Young

The most reliable empirical studies of refugee movements suggest that the primary cause of flight is violence—not economic opportunity.

When they arrive at their destinations, refugees tend to be… 1,517 more words

Military Madness

The Snowflake and the Fist

Since I live in Minnesota, I find the term “snowflake” to be an innately irritating and overused bit. They all look the same at the end of my shovel. 1,044 more words


They're People Too.

(Full disclosure: I am completely guilty of everything I talk about in this. This was as much for me as anyone else.)

We all have opinions. 640 more words

The Pro-life Weapon

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of people will attend the March for Life to peacefully protest legalized abortion in the United States. The reason people march, the reason people oppose abortion, is rooted in the belief that all persons are radically equal, that every individual human being is infinitely valuable. 832 more words

Long Standing De Facto Gag Rule on HIV in 'Africa'

The gag rule about abortion is not the only gag rule, and even the ‘global gag rule’ never went away in developing countries. Organizations running sexuality, HIV, reproductive health and other programs have long had to cover up anything that might appear to show a pro choice attitude of any kind. 704 more words


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