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Forcing family breakup: the new American way?

The 18th century great Jewish German poet Heinrich Heine once wrote, Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, da bin ich um den Schlaf gebrach… 855 more words


We Are The Borg

I was recently fired from my job. I’m okay with that because I did the best I could and everyone at the company was very nice. 545 more words


The Irony of Dehumanization - Analysis of Night (by: Elie Wiesel)

Most human beings have the natural instinct to aid or support one another in times of harsh circumstances. However, their humanity can be stripped away if they are put in a position that can cause them to fall from a mentality of benevolence to one of malicious self-preservation. 849 more words


America's internal war

I’ve recently begun watching episodes of the 1960s World War II drama series “Combat!”. I’m a sucker for movies, TV shows and documentaries of that traumatic period in the 20th century.  888 more words


I answered this question in four dimensions: What is dehumanization? How do people dehumanize? How does dehumanization affect intergroup interaction? How do other factors affect dehumanization? 4,228 more words

Social Psychology

Trump “animals” comment: the disturbing power of dehumanizing language - Vox

The trends that I’ve been seeing have me even more alarmed than I ever have been before. As a whole, as a country, as an electorate, we have gone from being the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid to being the United Fucking States of Even Fucking Stupider. 605 more words


“They’re not people. They’re animals.”: The Psychology of Dehumanization

Yesterday during a roundtable discussion on sanctuary cities held at the White House, President Trump used the word “animals” to describe those coming over the border illegally. 765 more words