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Scott Helman’s recent hit song, Machine, is beautiful and uplifting and, for me, profoundly disturbing.  Speaking with others about the coming technological singularity, I find there are several attitudes toward it.  719 more words

Murderers' Lives don't Matter

By Mike Cronin

Black lives matter, but Black Lives Matter doesn’t matter so much.  Cop’s lives matter, but the lives of murderous cops and cop murderers not so much. 406 more words

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A "Little" Dehumanization, Part 2

On a daily basis I take notice of the “little” ways we humans dehumanize one another in this modern society that we live in. In the News we watch other countries deal with war, genocide, famine etc. 337 more words


Police Have Already Shot 561 People in 2016

Hola mi gente,
Welcome to the USA…

comin’ straight from the underground / got it bad ‘cause I’m brown / and not the other color so the police think / they’ve got the authority to kill a minority… 333 more words

Normalizing Brutality

Hola mi gente,
I began to write this thinking I could do something “activist” by penning a blog post uncovering the systemic nature (and quiet compliance of whites) of police brutality. 288 more words

Paradox of Frameworks

I have a very ambivalent relationship with frameworks- I love them because they help me to think cogently but simultaneously, I hate them because they restrict the free-flow of my thoughts and feelings.Feeling/ Thinking is a fluid process on which structure can be imposed only “post-facto” Undoubtedly, there is some connection between the “chain of thoughts” but the possibilities are so many that no one can predict as to the direction in which this river of thoughts and feelings will flow. 1,498 more words

Hate: The Embarrassment of Humanity

I avoid mainstream media as much as possible. Yesterday, Husband told me about the shooting in Florida. My heart cries for humanity. The lives lost – over fifty human beings – at the hands of terror is a horrifying truth to accept. 856 more words

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