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Realizing derealization

Derealization, dehumanization and depersonalization are states that in me are closely related and occur from time to time.  The strange thing is, unlike switches between alters, this is often remembered. 794 more words

Social media: the new public stockade

I know that I’ve made my opinions on social media clear. I know that I haven’t always given it its due on this blog, but a large part of the reason I hate social media stems from public shaming. 515 more words

Whiteness and the Technopolitics of Mutual Dehumanization: A Baldwinian Analysis

“At least I am not black”  is a phrase that I want you to use as thought experiment for a few moments.  The phrase evokes a sentiment, a psychological conditioning, that has been analyzed by numerous historians–most convincingly in recent decades by… 682 more words


Who Am I?

I often wonder, who is it that I see in the mirror.

A very tired looking 30 something woman staring back at me, is hardly recognizable in my mind. 194 more words


Giorno 01

La divisa è composta da: cuffietta, camice, pantalone, un paio di guanti.
Tutto di colore bianco.
Questo reparto viene chiamato laboratorio
L’aria condizionata non da tregua… 170 more words


witness woman

by Jeff Rainwater, 20 March 2017, Basin & Hyattville, WY

Inspired by John 4:1-29
In a world that is so adept at depersonalizing and dehumanizing, 109 more words