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The Dehumanization Of Gay People.

The dehumanization of gay people, especially in black communities, is appalling.

The word “Istabane” or “faggot” used toward gay people has an underlying message that carries the same weight the word white people used, during apartheid (and still use) toward black people, “kaffir” 153 more words

Lament of 733 L St.

i confess to seeing things most
encounter only in nightmares,
or read about in reports from
another corner of the globe.

where once i felt breathless, 231 more words


Almost Positive: HIV Transmission Modes

Yet another study delves into the socio-economic, behavioral, biomedical and sexual lives of young girls, this time in Malawi. The study identifies 15 factors said to relate, directly or indirectly, to HIV transmission. 490 more words


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Why We Must Stop Dehumanizing the Mentally Ill

On January 2nd, 2018, famous YouTube “vlogger” Logan Paul filmed himself walking through the Aokigahara forest in Japan, more commonly known as the “suicide forest” because many people go there to commit suicide. 1,374 more words

Sexual Stereotyping and Relative Discomfort

In an article about a nightclub in the south of England, where couples can go one night a month so that the woman can have sex with black men while their male partner watches, Afua Hirsch is not so much concerned about the behavior of the clubbers as she is about the sexual stereotyping and racist assumptions that go with the concept of a ‘Black Man’s Fan Club’. 538 more words


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R-E-S-P-E-C-T (-ability politics)

I’ve been a fat girl all my life. So I know what it’s like to feel the need to prove that you are worthy . I spent a lot of years trying to prove exactly that. 302 more words



There is new kind of dehumanizing in town. It’s not the oppression as old a civilization itself where the many of are treated by the few as beasts of burden no different from other domesticated animals, as creatures who live to serve the cultural institutions, be that a state, church or a man pretending to be a god or sole emissary of one. 507 more words