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Holding On

Please continue to hold, your call is important to us….
Comes scratchily through the speaker of a phone two tables away
As their displeasure at continuing to wait is shared with us all… 364 more words


A March to Stop.

i will
i will write
i will write
i will right
left right left
right left right
i will prick the
pin against the skin… 141 more words


UNAIDS: Still Spanking the Chimp

How are we to make sense of a HIV epidemic such as the one in Uganda? We are told that it is mostly a result of ‘unsafe’ sex. 511 more words


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Linguistic Dehumanization

I saw this one on Cultureshift. This post makes an interesting point about what we say in regards to referring to unborn children. Enjoy!

The Language Of Dehumanization

Recommended Reads

Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970)


How do you teach a student from an oppressed class without the wider oppression of society being mirrored in the teacher/student relationship? This book describes how control and oppression work, and argues why it is important to take care that education helps people imagine and create a world with less oppression, rather than merely embodies and reinforces oppressive structures. 3,264 more words

Book Synopses

For whom the bell tolls

We tolled the bell at Trinity this morning at 9 am (PST). We tolled the bell 60 times, once for each of those killed in Las Vegas, Nevada, this past Sunday. 770 more words

HIV: A Rich Seam in a Long Abandoned Mine?

Here’s a stomach-churning quote from The Eugenics Review, 1932: “East Africa a heavily syphilized native population”, where tests suggest that “not less than 60 per cent. 784 more words


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