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The Gaze

Today, I was planning to go to the pool, and then I didn’t. It was a perfect day to go. It was warm and sunny. I didn’t have work, so I had plenty of time. 1,013 more words

Brain Gardening

Last Minutes of Life (1941)

The last minutes of life for these Jewish women (1941).

Latvian Jews were arrested by the Latvian police and taken to Skede, Latvia to be executed. 105 more words


Humiliation (1942)

The Latvian Jews are shamed by the German soldiers in the Riga Ghetto.

German soldiers, often Jewish Germans, were in control in the Jewish ghettos.   The Jewish Germans overpowered the Latvian Jews and would publicly humiliate them. 22 more words


The Destruction of Businesses

A Jewish owned business destroyed between 1933 and 1938. The Austrian Nazi force did this before bombing, and the annexation of Austria. This picture was taken in Vienna. 17 more words

Daily Life

Hungarian Jews forced into the Hungarian Labor Service prepare to return back to Hungary (1942)

March 1, 1942

Jewish conscripts prepare to return back to Ungvar, Hungary after being forced to work in Poland as part of the Hungarian Labor Service… 34 more words


What about a Whites…. Blank

It’s odd when those in power and privilege act like the victims out of the minority’s miniscule piece of the pie. If there is a minority rally, why can’t there be a white pride rally? 387 more words

Genocide Meets a Shrug

We live in a world in which brutality, genocide and dehumanization are considered to be the worst things in humanity, but in a closer look it depends on who the victims are. 452 more words