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The Villain in the American Dream

The American Dream has all of the mythology and fiction of a Disney movie. In this folklore of American heritage you have only to pull yourself up by your bootstraps in order to become… 1,316 more words


Human Throwbacks

Despite the millions of dollars of investment in creating the natural habitat of contemporary humans out of the relationship between biology and technology, there are occasionally folk throwbacks to humans programmed in pre-pixel technologies, including the early form of the tablet, art. 266 more words

Environmental Writing

'African' Sexuality: Consensus or Prejudice?

An article by Damien de Walque, entitled ‘Is male promiscuity the main route of HIV/AIDS transmission in Africa?‘, seems curiously behind the times. He refers to the “pervasive if unstated belief in the HIV/AIDS community…that males are primarily responsible for spreading the infection among married and cohabiting couples”. 640 more words


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UNAIDS Becomes UNAZI - Focus At Last?

UNAIDS reached 20 and became 21 without anyone really noticing. HIV prevalence had peaked in some of the worst affected countries by the time the institution was established, but many epidemics had only just begun. 534 more words


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Good Stuff: The Drowned Cities by Paolo Bacigalupi

I’m about sixty percent through this book, and it feels like the story’s got its claws in my guts. And it’s pulling. I’m so sick with worry and despair over what’s going on in this story. 603 more words

Good Stuff