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How We Holiday

This past week has been a dehydrating gauntlet. We are only days away from our Red River Gorge Hike and the excitement is setting in. I have been experimenting with various recipes, dehydrating and vacuum sealing techniques and while I want to share it all with you, I’m not quite done! 209 more words


more dehydration fun

Will be doing some traveling this summer and getting enough gluten free fiber is always an issue. Even finding a good GF source of fiber for at home is sometimes difficult! 366 more words


Dehydrating Meats

I have done a lot of experimenting with chicken and beef to find the best way to dehydrate and rehydrate them for my hiking meals. Beef was easy to get down pat, mostly. 864 more words

Menu review: 8-day, 90k hiking trip along the entire length of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail, Killarney Provincial Park

In March I posted the menu for my upcoming 8-day hiking trip at Killarney Provincial Park. My friend Cheryl and I planned to hike the entire La Cloche Silhouette Trail, and prepared all of our food months in advance. 597 more words

Backcountry Camping



“It’s Strawberry Season Again”

Dehydrating Strawberries is as Easy as Dehydrating Bananas.  

If you are not sure dehydrating is for you, but you want to try it.   983 more words


Aquaponics 101

Aquaponics 101

Update on Aquaponics

We have landscaped the right wall with 4′ high x 4′ wide red and white fragrant roses.  I had some Golden Yucca  babies from my mature Golden Yucca plant, and instead of buying new plants, utilized them in my landscape.   281 more words

Gardening 101

A Week of Food: Oranges

I’ve come up with a new challenge / idea to promote experimentation and creativity in my cooking.  The goal is to purchase one seasonally appropriate item in bulk from the farmers market (ideally) in addition to my regular shopping.  525 more words

A Week Of Food