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preserving dried foods

using the slow cooker, 2lbs of white beans, with bacon and left over pulled pork, other seasonings. Measured out enough to fill one pint canning jar. 161 more words


Dehydrating Celery

My Pantry is stocked with many  dehydrated staples like celery, potatoes, and onions. 

So many times you get in the middle of a cooking session and whoops!@#, the celery is limp, the onions are gone or the potatoes growing! 128 more words


A little of this and that . . .

Dehydrating, oh glorious food.

Tomatoes = Just Like Sun Dried

Sweet Basil = Powder

Red Grapes = Raisins

And a fun little project, made a hanging planter out of a 5 Gallon Water Bottle.  6 more words

Vegetable Garden

So I decided to start a blog...

I have tried, unsuccessfully, over and over again to start a vlog (video blog). I apparently hate videos of myself! I don’t think I could sit there once a week and talk an hour or even 20 minutes about some recipe, my life or how I do my makeup and wash it off. 465 more words


H2O Melon

My current obsession is dehydrating. Everything. I can’t stop my brain from looking at various produce or recipes and thinking how I can convert that into a fantastic trail meal. 226 more words


Ode to Quinoa

I stumbled across a recipe for Cherry Pistachio Quinoa a few weeks ago but didn’t have a chance to make it since I was in the middle of preparing for my Europe trip. 449 more words


successful experiment

A few months ago made a batch of seasoned pinto beans and canned them.  The last serving, dehydrated.  Did not vacuum seal it, oven can it, or refrigerate it.  80 more words