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Applesauce is among my earliest canning memories, in the kitchen and on the tongue. My dad grew several varieties of apples, and every year my mom would puree the fruit into dozens of quarts of applesauce. 1,143 more words


From The Natural Snack Collection: Zesty Lemon Zucchini Chips!

Once again from The Natural Snack Collection, a great idea to satisfy your desire to snack while making it healthy.

Zesty Lemon Zucchini Chips! 101 more words


This year the plum (aka Roma) tomatoes grew bigger than ever and had no blossom-end rot, which has been a problem for the past few years. 378 more words


From The Natural Snack Collection: Spicy Squash Chips!

Ok, so Chicago has come to Texas tonight to get some real Cowboy action and we need snacks!!

Spicy Squash chips, no bake and seemingly effortless! 82 more words

When Life Gives You Apples

There was a great sale on apples this week, so I’m up to my eyeballs in Granny Smiths.¬† I love adding apple slices to turkey or ham sandwiches, eating slices with peanut butter, or just eating one whole on my way to work. 300 more words

Dehydrating Mania

Hey everyone. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I apologize for that.

I’ve been a dehydrating maniac lately. I’ve had some successes and then I’ve had some failures. 581 more words

A month between posts?!

Between visits from friends and family, a close call with a concussion, a new job and hiking the Chilkoot, I guess I took a quick break from the blog! 134 more words