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Making Beef Jerky for Your Favorite Jerk

Beef jerky is the perfect mid-day snack—packed with protein and great fuel for your body, but it’s not exactly inexpensive or as flavorful as it could be. 360 more words


Freezer and Storage Soups

One of my off-season joys is making an easy meal that tastes as though it took time and effort to create. Soup is among the easiest—and I’m not talking poured out of a can. 1,112 more words


Planning the Season

Seed catalogs have been arriving for weeks, making me think about planning the garden despite the 5 feet of new snow that buried our local mountains in the last few days. 1,117 more words



Granola is a beast in the food world, racking up $2 billion in U.S. sales annually. But it can be easily made for a fraction of the cost of a 12-ounce package, and it’s endlessly adaptable to dietary needs or preferences or to what’s in the cupboard. 1,160 more words


stocking up

This is a Rodale book from 1977 that was found for $2 in the thrift today.  Lots of good recipes, which never go out of style.  44 more words


Dried banana chips

Every so often GD and I are in receipt of big bunches of bananas that are overstocks, last month I made banana breads,


today GD and I are using the dehydrator to make banana chips. 380 more words


Dehydrating Yogurt. Seriously.

So, we had chatted about a dehydrator for a while. Made sense. Went and checked them out at Cabela’s in Ottawa, not knowing much more than we had Googled. 485 more words