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Welcome to the Shudark Homestead

If you’re reading this, hopefully it means that you’re as passionate about homesteading and natural living. Or at the least, you’re curious. Which is defintiely a good thing, because that’s what this blog is about! 428 more words


Dried Spinach

So I had a bunch of spinach getting ready to go bad in my fridge and I wanted to try dehydrating something that would not take 3 days (see citrus).   76 more words


Dehydrating Citrus (first attempt-not quite what I was looking to achieve)

Well, I cut up two lemons and a navel orange for dehydration.  I tried to use the mandoline and failed.  I don’t know if it is because I am left handed? 132 more words


Dehydrating Canned Diced Tomatoes

So I thought I would throw on a can of diced tomatoes I had since I can’t do the onions until it stops storming (want to dehydrate outside).   169 more words


What's The Plan?

So much to do this year!  All things I am excited about.

First and foremost, the kitchen is on a road to finishing finally.  After 3 years, it is much-needed for me to continue on in any happy state. 134 more words


Dehydrating Celery

I decided to dehydrate the celery in the fridge today cause it is going to go bad soon… And I REALLY wanted to dehydrate something.  It is apparently going to rain for the next 5 days so I won’t be able to do the onions I wanted. 53 more words


Dehydrating Banana Peels

I found a video here about dehydrating banana peels, which is something I never thought of. Apparently you can use them in your garden much like eggshells (except you would use bananas for potassium) so I have started my first round.   87 more words