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Cucumber Spice

Saw this on a Nordic food blog (link below) and thought it would be worth a go – cucumbers are cheap and the dehydrator takes up quite a bit of precious countertop space that some other gadget could be occupying. 268 more words


Treats for the wee little sheep

Lets face it, our sheep are not “livestock” they are pets, they are my pets and I love them dearly. Therefore, they get treats. Mostly they get treats at night so they know that when they come in to their brand new stalls they get fed something delicious and will hopefully spark them to come in on their own every night without having to get the dog to round them up in the dark. 465 more words

Dehydrating 101



These are some of the jars I use to put my dehydrated foods into.  They are good for short-term use…up to a year…as I use them for cooking throughout the year.   748 more words


Parsley and Sage

Historically herbs have been used not only to add flavor to food but also to preserve and for medicinal purposes. Another passion of mine is the use of herbs. 397 more words

Making Homemade Celery Powder

So the other day I made a video for my youtube channel of how I make my celery powder.  I thought I’d put it up here as well. 39 more words


Can I please stop sneezing now?

Last week our dear friend called to say that the doctor decided that her husband needed a double bypass and that they would need to be gone another two weeks. 407 more words



Dehydrating Strawberries are as Easy as Dehydrating Bananas.  

With our severe weather seasons approaching, we want to prepare for our families to have lightweight food to carry with us in case of disaster.   1,055 more words

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