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Applesauce Fruit Leather 

This time of year, when canning season is just beginning, is a great time to inventory what you have left in your pantry from last season. 382 more words


05-10-2015 Journal–Herbs, Herbs & More Herbs!

The excellent weather will be ending tonight if the forecasters are accurate so I’ve been scrambling to get a few things done before the rains arrive.  The second wave of plantings were finished yesterday.  I spent some time removing a few dead plants from the herb garden and then replanted twelve others.  I put in extra parsley and basil plants and after drying in the Fall we should have enough to last the winter. 296 more words

Just Saying Again

Dehydrating Foods for meals and snacks

I’ve dehydrated peppers, beans and tomatoes and stored them. I put them together to use them for when I make stews. It works really well. 111 more words

Tuesday Tips

Food Storage

If you can’t already tell, I am concerned about being able to eat if things get tough. Living paycheck to paycheck makes you look hard at what is fixed for expenses and what is a variable. 937 more words


saving seeds

This is the third generation of beans, saved for seed, from what was originally two packages of store bought bush bean seeds. Unfortunately, I left the beans sitting on top of the refrigerator to dry, until today. 101 more words


Kitchen Talk - Dehydrating Potatoes

I love to find a great bargain at the grocery store.  But, really… what am I going to do with 25 pounds of potatoes?  Dehydrate them! 216 more words


Homemade beef jerky - backpacking snack or expensive cat treat?

This spring’s late ice-out means that my planned early spring canoe trip to The Massassauga Provincial Park has turned into a backpacking trip (on an as-yet-to-be-determined trail, depending on flood conditions), and a need for one more snack per day (Cheryl and I learned while hiking the La Cloche Silouette Trail at Killarney Provincial Park that backpacking – at least on that trail – necessitates a higher daily caloric intake than a canoe trip)! 461 more words