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Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

Italians and Greek people have a wonderful approach to produce, treasuring the flavours of the individual items and almost reverently preparing them. Traditionally, the approach has been seasonal, and many of the practices continue even today. 453 more words


Favorite Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Back when Mr. AJ and I got married, we loved to go on road trips any time that we got the chance. It was a fantastic way for us to get some uninterrupted time together as we explored new and exciting places. 1,137 more words


Three Cups of Tea

I grew up in a family of tea drinkers: hot tea for breakfast, iced tea in summer, even decaf tea in evenings. Although my mom might hesitate over a choice of English Breakfast or Earl Grey, both she and my grandmother gravitated toward black teas, unsweetened and unadorned. 1,311 more words


Dehydrating: A Backpacker Paradise

My life, like creations natural world, is a constant change, giving and taking both being able bodied contenders. I can measure and see this natural occurrence in each phase associated with backpacking. 589 more words


Spring Food and Travel

Spring is finally in the air, and I am on the road. In recent weeks, I’ve cleaned up the garden beds; watched crocus, ipheion, scilla, and daffodil blooms open wider by the hour; and found the first perennial herbs like mint, oregano, sorrel, and chives poking through the ground. 1,079 more words


making jerky!

have been making jerky for the dog for years now, both chicken and beef.  The chicken from chicken breast, the beef from both ground beef and from sliced pieces; basically, what ever’s on sale. 113 more words


99 Myths About Survival That Could Possibly Get You Killed 28-30

Survival myths, a.k.a. urban (wilderness) legends are popular beliefs shared with friends that are usually very wrong. Let’s continue with myths 28-30

28. Drinking Saltwater in small amounts is always safe. 368 more words