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stocking up

This is a Rodale book from 1977 that was found for $2 in the thrift today.  Lots of good recipes, which never go out of style.  44 more words


Dried banana chips

Every so often GD and I are in receipt of big bunches of bananas that are overstocks, last month I made banana breads,


today GD and I are using the dehydrator to make banana chips. 380 more words


Dehydrating Yogurt. Seriously.

So, we had chatted about a dehydrator for a while. Made sense. Went and checked them out at Cabela’s in Ottawa, not knowing much more than we had Googled. 485 more words


rehydrating soup

Finally tried some of the potato leek soup I’d made a few months ago, and dried.  It rehydrated fine, but was bland.  The bland had to do with how it was made, as I usually create a plain base and then update it depending on what I’m using up in the left over department: pork, chicken, sausage – corn or tomatoes – etc.  78 more words


Dehydrating mushrooms for future recipes

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a delicious-sounding recipe to make for supper, glancing at the list of ingredients and jumping in, then finding out you are missing one thing. 314 more words


beans and bees

Christmas means a ham, which then means bean and ham soup. This year managed 10 quarts. Did both regular canning as well as experimenting with the Tattler lids. 323 more words


Making your own Mexican seasonings

Tacos, fajitas, Mexican of any kind is among my favorite meals. So naturally, I wanted to make them as much from the garden as possible. 310 more words