Decrepid - Osseous Empire (Review)

Decrepid are a UK Death Metal band and this is their second album.

This is Death Metal for all of the purists out there. It’s Old-School in nature and takes a good influence from USDM greats like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Deicide, as well as elements of UK legends Desecration. 218 more words


For Humans To Survive We Must Transform Ecocide Into Deicide

“We are embedded in the natural world. We evolved as social creatures in this natural world. We require clean water to drink, or we die. We require clean air to breathe, or we die.

2,437 more words

LP Deicide - Amon: Feasting The Beast $40

Artista: Deicide
Álbum: Amon – Feasting The Beast
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Deicide by Crystal Castles

“If you are being used
You should remain confused
To keep them amused” 120 more words


Music: Crystal Castles - Deicide

Crystal Castles have shared a new song called “Deicide”. It’s from their upcoming album, which is currently being recorded. Check it out below.