Dyscarnate - With All Their Might (Review)

Dyscarnate are a UK death metal band and this is their third album.

Dyscarnate play heavy, modern, aggressive death metal. With All Their Might in general can probably be described in a cursory fashion as a mix of Deicide, … 302 more words


Dead By Dawn

Time for some satanic death metal on this fine sunny afternoon. This mornings dank and gloomy weather was much more palatable for Glen Benton’s guttural roar, but I doubt my customers would’ve appreciated the rumblings of the now departed Hoffman brothers. 562 more words


Goy Orbison is Sad That Christians No Longer Blame the Jews for the Death of Christ

On the 16th episode of theĀ Krypto Report, Daily Stormer contributors Goy Orbison and Azzmador waxed nostalgic about the days when mainstream Christians accused the Jews of murdering Jesus Christ. 275 more words