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Perhaps Forgotten? Unforgettable Daytime Stories

Port Charles: The Players; Debbi Morgan as Dr. Ellen Burgess and Mitch Longley as Dr. Matt Harmon

The Story:

Seemingly unreachable and tough as nails, Doctor Ellen Burgess, is supervisor of the interns at General Hospital. 449 more words

Rage of Angels...What could have been?💭

I was introduced to Sidney Sheldon’s Rage of Angels by Jaclyn Smith. I’d like to think that my favorite angel who rides in on a motorcycle, then takes off her helmet releasing the power of her hair, took me by the hand and said… … 629 more words

“The Golden Girls" Remake?

By: The Washington

September 14, 1985 is the date that four little ladies issued out a storm, releasing large amounts of heart, hilarity, and an energy that still engulfs many today. 448 more words

"Aged Wine... Request to Hallmark"

Being dazzled & delighted by the Hallmark Countdown To Christmas Movie selections, {personal faves “My Christmas Dream” & “A Nutcracker Christmas”} I couldn’t wait to find out what the next countdown would be like. 347 more words

Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin (1989, Christian I. Nyby II)

Right off, the big problem with Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin is clear. Maybe not altogether clear in the first scene, but certainly when director Nyby gets around to having to try to do a suspense sequence. 545 more words


"Wishful Thinking!”💡

📁Marlena  📁Orpheus

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Pictures may speak a thousand words, but nothing speaks louder than Deidre Hall and George DelHoyo’s non verbal communication….

Daggers were thrown and threats were made, as fireworks spouted in the air, insinuating something else was there. 262 more words