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Orpheus Still Feels

By: The Washington

It’s 1986, the plane is waiting to send her somewhere where John will never find her. Somewhere away from her family, the people who love her and somewhere where she’ll be alone… Her eyes are filled and glassy as Orpheus tells his henchman to take her away. 273 more words

“New Plans For Salem”

By: The Washington

In the newest issue of Soap Opera Digest, SOD quoted Days Of Our Lives new head writers on their plans for Salem. What stood out the most for me was Dena Higley’s constant goal of love conquering all and Ryan Quan’s heartfelt share, “I just want to make the show feel like the show I grew up watching, that had a mix of mystery and adventure and romance and fun.” : ) This made me very optimistic for the neglected, but highly regarded couple, who for years have provided that, and have been the very definition of Ryan’s words, “Romance & fun”. 274 more words

Hallmark’s New Hall-Marked Movie

By: The Washington

Days Of Our Lives icon Deidre Hall, who is also the first performer ever to star in both a daytime & primetime series, is currently placing her mark on her 2nd Hallmark Movie!!! 339 more words

The Hall Mark

I’m no virgin to Hallmark Movies, but oh, have I been touched and branded with the Hall mark!!!! It’s been almost two years since my experience, which left me parched and in severe, dire need… 316 more words

Debashine Thangevelo

I absolutely love & respect that you titled the article “Dr. Marlena Of Our Lives”. She’s still the reason why many of us watch the show… A part in your article stated, “Today, her purpose in the storyline has shifted from what it used to be, more so with the influx of fresh-faced actors taking center stage.” It made me recall a quote that I deem fitting and I know you’ll understand why. 114 more words


Electra Woman 1.15 and 16 - Return of the Pharaoh

The Pharaoh and Cleopatra returned for another go-round in the final installment of this series. It’s much better than the first one, since it’s just a little less like the usual formula. 382 more words


Electra Woman 1.13 and 14 - The Spider Lady

This is the only episode of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl written by non-Krofft regulars: Gerry Day and Bethel Leslie. Day would later write one of the lousy ABC episodes of… 254 more words