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Pertarungan Konstelasi : Mars

Seperti orang tua yang lain, ketika menamai anaknya pastilah memiliki sebuah harapan khusus agar kelak sang anak dapat menjalani hidup sesuai nama yang telah diberikan dan tentu tidak terkecuali Bunda. 227 more words


Nostromo crew insignia and clothing.


Here is a web page by Deimos, who has documented some of the costume details from ALIEN. 133 more words


Mars's Moons

Mars’s adopted brothers. He found them wandering around the walls between Jupiter’s and his house (asteroid belt) and took them in.


The elder one of the two. 154 more words

Character Info

Tides and Mars' great northern ocean

With just two small moons (Phobos and Deimos) the tides in Mars’ terraformed northern ocean are likely to be small. In fact the tidal range may be somewhat like the Mediterranean’s at just a meter between low and high water. 99 more words


Review - God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Ghost of Sparta is the sixth game in the God of War series, and the second portable incarnation, once again developed by Ready at Dawn who, 521 more words