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In 1872,  Percival Hall, Sr. was brought into the world today and became second president of Gallaudet College for 35 years starting in 1910; He was an alumnus for Harvard, Yale as well as Gallaudet College Normal School.

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Poetry: Moons of Mars

In the great tradition of finding inspiration in weird places, here is a poem inspired by a YouTube video. This video by Kurzgesagt to be precise (go ahead and watch it, it’s under two minutes long). 364 more words


Strange galaxy is made almost entirely of dark matter

Dragonfly 44 has the mass of our galaxy, but only a fraction of the stars.

A galaxy isn’t big just because it has many stars in it. 183 more words


I believe in moons

“Martian moons are Phobos and Deimos,

the latter translated as Panic,” I told you then.

It was mid-way through our junior year–our glory days.

I would leave you that very next week for California. 48 more words


Phobos Deimos Mars Travel Poster

Phobos Deimos Mars Travel Poster
Take A Space Age Cruise Aboard The Moons Of Mars – Mars Colonization And Tourism Asso. Retro Style Posters Showing A Glimpse Into The Future. 6 more words


Daily No. 78 - To Mars Via Phobos and Deimos?

Could Mars’ enigmatic moons Phobos and Deimos be the first stop on our way to land humans on Mars? This question took center stage on the last day of the 3rd International Conference on the Exploration of Phobos and Deimos at NASA Ames today. 277 more words