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Tides and Mars' great northern ocean

With just two small moons (Phobos and Deimos) the tides in Mars’ terraformed northern ocean are likely to be small. In fact the tidal range may be somewhat like the Mediterranean’s at just a meter between low and high water. 99 more words


Review - God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Ghost of Sparta is the sixth game in the God of War series, and the second portable incarnation, once again developed by Ready at Dawn who, 521 more words

I touched The Tree!! - Wing 4

I originally wrote this to post a week and a bit ago :( unfortunately I wasn’t aware Windows 10 stopped supporting Movie maker so had to find new software to edit my boring run through. 293 more words

Guild Wars 2

How Big does a Moon Have to Be?

Not very big! It would just have to be natural. Not made by man! And it wouldn’t have to be there for very long either. Just long enough for it to be in orbit. 85 more words


Wonder Woman #20 Review: A Late Look at the New Circe's Debut

First off, apologies for the late review. I was gallivanting around Amsterdam last week and am only getting around to reading the latest issue of… 1,027 more words

Wonder Woman