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The Origin of Martian Moons

As you may or may not be aware, Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. They are not large, and are more potato-shaped than spherical. For a while, the going theory was that these moons were asteroids captured into orbit by the pull of Mars’ gravitational field. 737 more words
Solar System

Diametrically Opposed: The Warlord / Deimos

Diametrically Opposed is a series exploring the best hero-villain rivalries in the DC Universe.

Heroes and villains always find unique and interesting ways in which to oppose each other. 1,201 more words


A New Day

It feels like it never really changes. The sun rises on one side and sets on another. In between, our minds break-down the goings-on of the universe into bite-sized fragments. 692 more words


Δεμος Talks Blood

Blood’s the cost. Sponges soaked. It’s slow. And woodchips saturated and swept into gray plastic bins. Percival licking his wounds in the infirmary, the snitch mixed with the floor. 202 more words