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"Says Putin, The Great Economist"

Putinomics Department

Putin is not economists and everyone knows about it. The more so it’s weird he speaks about such topics, not to mention his nominations, what criticized Russian professor of economics (next post). 336 more words


Putin's Dichotomy - Check What He Says and Does!

Russia For Sale Department

I can say nothing about the brazen, overt destruction of Russian biggest machine producing plants. You may cry reading how Russia imported foreign mutherfuckers aka managers only to destroy all biggest “soviet” industries and manufacturing facilities. 677 more words


Putin Is to Sell Out Russia To Global Banksters!

Russia For Sale Department

I’m crestfallen, Putin the hope of Russians is going to sell out Russians and Russia to foreign and domestic oligarchs and banksters, according to the plans of American and rabid Russian liberals. 371 more words


Kremlin Matrix of Betrayals, Part II

Kremlin Matrix Department
Read full text clicking hyperlink below. Comment to the text by Maxim Kalashnikov are to be placed in the next post. Of course, no one is coerced by anyone (apart from all World MSM outlets) so you do not have to believe in every point touched by the author. 605 more words


Great Off-Shore Oligarchic GosPlan...

Russian Poverty Department

Food riots, social protests and political turmoil?
From: etoonda, 2016-01-29 13:02:00

(Click to enlarge) Stood from knees: in Decenber 2015 retail turnover crashed 15.3%. 278 more words


To Twang A Twang

Decline of Russia Department

To Twang a Twang
From: Maxim Kalashnikov, January 26th, 2016, 09:57 am

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*) look for in my dictionary… 816 more words