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Deindustrialization to Debt: The Aftermath of the Puerto Rican Model of Development

In the 1950s, Puerto Rico grabbed international headlines as a development miracle.   Almost 70 years later eyes are on Puerto Rico for the opposite reason as its fiscal crisis has the territorial possession is now facing the largest bankruptcy case in the history of the U.S. 661 more words

Debt Crisis

Why is the Opioid Crisis Happening in the US and not in Europe?

The opioid crisis in the US has been declared a public health emergency. An estimated 2-3 million Americans suffer from addiction to opioid-based substances. These drugs were linked to 60 000 deaths in 2016, while a hundred people a day have been said to lose their lives due to painkillers or heroin. 885 more words

US Steel must sink or swim in the Global Marketplace

Seeing a lot of murmurs on steel and aluminum tariffs. The government must not artificially protect any industry, free market forces must be allowed to flow in the best interest of the consumer. 57 more words

President Nobama

“Shithole” Trump is not popular in the media right now.  We knew he had a problem with his tongue and attitudes.  While everyone looks at tweets and words, few evaluate actions.  296 more words


Deindustrialization Simulator

I enjoy a voyeur-ish relationship with video games. Have done for some time. It was always a bit more fun watching my buddy Matt play Final Fantasy than actually grabbing a controller and making my own damned decisions. 286 more words


The Detroit of the East

This week’s chobi is a picture of the official flag of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). I took this picture outside the metro station in my neighborhood. 274 more words

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