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Semi Automated Weapons.

Machines want your job!  Well, they would if they could feel desire.[1]  I guess I really mean that your employer wants your job.  Not for him/her self, or even for some idiot nephew/niece.  652 more words

American Society

LA Theses (endnotes)

“in this society unity appears as accidental, separation as normal.”
—Marx, Theories of Surplus Value

  1. We live in an era of long-unfolding social crisis, which is fundamentally the crisis of societies organized in a capitalist mode.

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Deindustrialisation, Deregulation, and Division: The Case of Shirebrook and Sports Direct

Deindustrialisation has ravaged areas of the English North and Midlands, areas that are also some of the hardest hit by successive governments’ programs of austerity since 2008. 992 more words


TLDR of Interview w/ Harriet Fraad on D@W

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The dating norms of the past were based around factory work for white, male workers who could get enough money that they could support a wife and children at home. 155 more words

Glass-Steagall Immediately After Election Day: Obama Can Be Beaten

LaRouchePAC has led the fight, from the very beginning, to kick Obama and his Legacy out of office. Photo: June 10, 2010 – Wisconsin – flickr.com/elviskennedy… 1,132 more words


The Great White Nope - By Jefferson Cowie November/December 2016 Issue

Most Americans are optimistic about their futures—but poor and working-class whites are not. According to a recent analysis published by the Brookings Institution, poor Hispanics are almost a third more likely than their white counterparts to imagine a better future. 332 more words

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The Deindustrialization of the Port Area in Mediterranean Coastal Cities: Case Study on Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona

This article is based on the synthesis diagram of the transformation in the port area of the Mediterranean cities, in order to build a general definition of the term deindustrialization which is popular used in the discussion of the post-industrialization era. 96 more words