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But Do I REALLY Need a Starbucks in My Community?

When gentrification comes knocking at your community/city’s door, it doesn’t barge in like the police during a drug raid. It starts with a soft knock that only a few people can hear. 2,017 more words


Vologda Machine Plant Workers Rally against Layoffs

In Vologda, Machine Plant Workers Stage Rally against New Layoffs
March 23, 2015

Today at 10 a.m., workers from the Vologda Machine Plant (VMP) staged a rally on Revolution Square. 686 more words


Neoliberalism - A Useful Category?

Here’s a response to Donald Parkinson’s piece ‘What is our current historical era and how did we get here?’ from comrade Anton Johannsen. 

Donald Parkinson outlines some solid points for understanding where we’re at dealing with capitalism. 1,419 more words

What is our current historical era and how did we get here?

To understand our current conditions and why the working class is currently so weak we must look at the changes that capitalism went through in the 20th century.  2,414 more words

Graph of the Day

As the shortest day of the year is ending (with, as far as I can determine, no snow here), I here post the graph of the day (for the U.S. 19 more words

Non-Biblical Sundays

The return of manufacturing jobs to the US: challenges and responsibilities

In a recent article from NBC news, a report came out that suggested that manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States, mostly in the form of work in auto-plants and other machinery manufacturing plants. 512 more words