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Premature Deindustrialization and the Defeminization of Labor

In two previous posts on this blog, I’ve discussed the issue of premature deindustrialization and some of its possible consequences. In a recent paper, I, along with co-author Bret Anderson of Southern Oregon University, explored the potential consequences of premature deindustrialization further by examining the possible connections between premature deindustrialization and the defeminization of industrial employment. 1,383 more words


"The nothing factory" a movie on de-industrialization

It follows a group of factory workers who go on strike in an attempt to block the relocation of their workplace by its crooked owners. Vasco Viana was the cinematographer and the film was shot on 16mm. 39 more words

Natural Resources And Society

Faded Relations

Famoso Inn (with swimming pool) by Jeff Brouws

A fading swimming pool set amidst flourishing foliage. A fish-topped fountain, now inhaling musky air. A lone chair, overlooking a dried aquatic hotelscape. 249 more words


The Buckle on the Rust Belt.

From the 1890s to the 1970, you could travel from Rochester to Buffalo to Pittsburgh to Cleveland to Dayton to Gary to Chicago to Milwaukee to Detroit, and see the beating heart of American industrial power.  602 more words

American Society

The Democrats' Davos ideology won't win back the midwest

The party has harmed millions of their own former constituents. If they change course, they can reverse their losses

By Thomas Frank

The tragedy of the 2016 election is connected closely, at least for me, to the larger tragedy of the industrial midwest.

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Could resource exports depress blue-collar earnings?

The Bulletin of Indonesia Economic Studies editorship has added this paper to its Editor’s Choice open-access collection. So that licenses me to publicize it, right? But seriously, a massive export boom accompanied by declining real earnings, that’s a puzzle.


US President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump tried to put a first month of tumult behind him Friday, pitching himself as a champion of US jobs and industry during a visit to Boeing in South Carolina.

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