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History Cast Aside

In the rust belt, historic demolition doesn’t just mean the loss of bricks and mortar. In many of these cases, the loss is an entire way of life.  415 more words

Premature deindustrialization: the new threat to global economic development

Premature deindustrialization: the new threat to global economic development

The economies of the United States and other rich countries — Japan, France, Canada, Switzerland — are often characterized as “post-industrial,” meaning they’re developed to the point that most of their citizens work in the service sector rather than in factory assembly lines. 868 more words


bitou, or the spatial consequences of deindustrialization

In the early spring, I arrived at the Songgang bus stop, “under the bridge”–a pedestrian overpass on the G107 expressway. The stop teemed with migrant workers and motorcycle cabbies, who screamed, “Where are you going?” 169 more words


Sven Beckert's Empire of Cotton: A Reductionist Summary

Historian Sven Beckert’s widely acclaimed book, Empire of Cotton: A New History of Global Capitalism, is a good agrarian, business, and labour history of a single commodity. 1,439 more words


Supply Chain Management in the age of deindustrialization

There is a usual tendency: The manufacturing sector of developed countries use to lose weight as employment generators for other sectors (like service providing ones) when they reach a certain level of growth and technological advancement. 755 more words

David Kiger

Losing More than a Paycheck: Race and Class Conflict in Two New Plays

We often think of deindustrialization as a phenomenon of the 1970s and 80s, but, as the recent announcement of the closing of the Carrier factory in Indiana… 1,119 more words