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An Injunction

And don’t let futile fears
hide the light inside of you.
I won’t forget you.
I will praise you
to the rhythm of this song.

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A Steep and Rocky Climb

Free spirit always lights me up
in the darkness of my thoughts.
Free spirit and magical,
you’re the hope inside me.

–DJ Raaban, “Anima Libera”

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Introduction to Deities Part I: The Overgod & The Nemesis

In my last post, I gave a very brief overview of some of the limits and capabilities of deities. I’d like to take a few posts and go through the various deities in my setting, working down through the ranks. 648 more words


My own purposes

I have been encouraged by fellow Satanists to piece together beliefs, magical constructs, deities, ideas, and philosophies (or bits of them) together for my own purposes. 329 more words

My Self

Religion as magic and gods within the mind

I have been reading about the natureĀ of magic on a blog post via my friend and fellow blogger Sean, and I feel as though an interesting perspective of magic is developing. 577 more words



Last week in meditation, Ogma walked in while I was talking to The Morrigan and announced that I was following him.

I have met him a few times in meditation and made offerings to Ogma before. 44 more words

Quercus Robur

You know me? You don't know me

I am not a reconstructionist.

There. I said it. I feel better now, I think.

I was strongly drawn to reconstructionism in the beginning. It seems so academic. 1,070 more words