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A Spiritual Awakening

Today I’m going to speak about a recent event which I feel actually forced me into a spiritual awakening. It was a dark time and extremely scary but I feel much better because of it. 724 more words


Summer Harvests

It was Lammas at Druid Camp.

Alone, I would usually choose to celebrate Lughnasadh – the festival of Tailtu who created agriculture, of Lugh who prevents the death of the crops and brings the harvest. 840 more words


A deity-related update

For the altar space I’ve decided to add two more deities. One is Varuna, the water deity who used to be the supreme deity of Vedic India. 264 more words


Altar plans and deity-related downsizing

I have been planning my altar for quite a while, and I have had a breakthrough as to how it is meant to be, which has also led to me changing my perspective on the deities. 1,373 more words


An Injunction

And don’t let futile fears
hide the light inside of you.
I won’t forget you.
I will praise you
to the rhythm of this song.

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A Steep and Rocky Climb

Free spirit always lights me up
in the darkness of my thoughts.
Free spirit and magical,
you’re the hope inside me.

–DJ Raaban, “Anima Libera”

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Introduction to Deities Part I: The Overgod & The Nemesis

In my last post, I gave a very brief overview of some of the limits and capabilities of deities. I’d like to take a few posts and go through the various deities in my setting, working down through the ranks. 648 more words