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Deities and identities

Relationships are central components of everyone’s identities. Who our parents are, who our friends are, the groups we are a part of, and how we relate to all of these things are all matters deeply intertwined with the concept of the self. 449 more words

HP Lovecraft

Apparently Azathoth is a Lovecraftian deity. I read a bit about him and couldn’t be bothered to try to understand it but I know he exists. 29 more words

Theistic thought: a brief introduction

Theistic thought is any thinking which involves deity concepts. It could be thoughts about deities, about their qualities, their histories, or even about their intentions and actions in the moment. 283 more words

Yogic Essence of Sindoor Khela

Sindoor khela is one of the most interesting part of Durga Puja enacted on Vijaya dashami day. It is purely ladies function and that too only restricted to married women. 248 more words

Kriya Yoga

About the Goddess of the Month, Hathor

About the Goddess of the Month, Hathor

Hathor The Egyptian Goddess

Areas of Influence: Hathor the Egyptian Goddess was a solar Deity who was linked to music, dance, joy, fertility and birth. 441 more words

Daily Posts

Gods and nature

As we traversed a wide variety of temples, I found an exploration of the major Hindu deities to be one of the most interesting parts of my time in India. 300 more words


Native American Mythology-Oh, God, you Trickster

Native American Mythology-Oh, God, you Trickster

Many Christians tend to think of God as this stodgy-smite-you-for-stealing-bubble-gum-from-the-general-store kind of deity, not all Christians think this way, but a lot do. 350 more words

Native American Tales