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The Study of Pagan Gods & Goddesses: Vidar


Vidar (Old Norse Víðarr), his name might mean “Wide Ruler” he is the son of the all-father Odin and the giantess Gríðr. Yes, you read that correctly, some of the Æsir have previously been together with the Jotuns, also known as giants. 736 more words

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Why do hindus perform rituals ?

Rituals are very powerful tools. They are powerful techniques. Many people ask me, ‘You are enlightened. Why should you then perform rituals?’ I tell them, ‘Because I am enlightened, I am teaching people exactly why and how to perform rituals!’ Enlightened beings do not need any rituals for themselves. 430 more words


Legendary Lives


When the world came to life and all beings were created by all-seeing gods,

They felt the need to appoint a ruler

To make sure that each and every thing in this universe… 1,574 more words


The Change Loki Wreaks

Loki can bring cataclysmic change into the lives of those who follow him, and that may be the hardest aspect of Loki to deal with, especially for those who are unprepared for what exactly that can mean. 631 more words

the mahaji creation myth

Before all things, there was only the Lady of Silence, She Who Is the Nothingness Which Contemplates Herself. For all time and no time, She existed in and as Her void, only existing, until one day, Her focus slipped. 515 more words


handien, its temple, and its culture

Handien (hɑːn’din), sits in a shallow basin between the shore and a range of butte-like orange mountains. The “shore” in this world are all cliffs, the high tides bringing water anywhere from twenty feet down to just splashing over the edge, and low tide being nearly a hundred+ feet down, due to their three moons, one of which is in a polar orbit. 1,789 more words


Zombie Jesus Is The MOST Popular Jesus

I’m not ashamed of saying this — Among Deities, it pays to be an alpha.  You don’t want to be any less than Top Dog in this Kennel.  210 more words