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Dear God

By which I don’t mean the usual pejorative interjection. I’m merely trying to address you by your name. Or title. But because my context and background is that of a privileged Christian male, I think it’ll be easier to just call you God and trust the message won’t get lost in the mail and arrive at Krishna’s doorstep, or Allah’s. 316 more words


Mantra Mendatangkan Uang dengan Moldavite

  1. Jika anda punya altar, maka nyalakan lilin emas di tengah altar.
  2. Siapkan mangkuk berisi air.
  3. Masukkan moldavite kedalam air dan bayangkan moldavite tersebut disinari cahaya emas dari dan membersihkan seluruh negativitas yang ada pada moldavite tersebut.
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Sadhana Rahasia Vajrakilaya

Tulisan ini adalah mengutip dari Ceramah Dharma Dharmaraja Liansheng pada Upacara Agung Tiga Sadhana Rahasia Vajrakilaya di Jing Yin Temple pada 13 Oktober 2012 (disarikan dari tbns) 1,569 more words


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

When many people think of the meaning of Christmas, images and ideas that commonly surface are:

  1. Virgin Birth.
  2. Coming of Messiah
  3. Baby in a manger flanked by wise men…
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Pantheon (Eloria Campaign)

I thought I would add more to my Dungeons and Dragons fantasy setting and create the main pantheon of gods and goddesses. While these are not the only ones allowed by players, these are the most widespread in the continent where the game would take place. 1,652 more words


Vlogmas Day 2: the Grumpy Witch Tag

I’m convinced I have the worst YouTube thumbnail photos ever!

Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth

As we plunge into the heart of the holiday season, surrounded by friends and family, it’s only fitting to dedicate this article to the virgin Goddess, Vesta. 242 more words