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Last week in meditation, Ogma walked in while I was talking to The Morrigan and announced that I was following him.

I have met him a few times in meditation and made offerings to Ogma before. 44 more words

Quercus Robur

Song Update: "All My Eyes Could See"

Ok, so I’ve reached the last song that I want to share for this particular story arc. I apologize for the large gap in what happens, since I have no songs for the bulk of Korvayn’s experiences through this second half, but let me summarize what I do know for sure. 1,141 more words


Hold Anya

Lady of the Moon

Possible Symbols: Moon, night, ocean tides, calendar, menstrual blood, agriculture

Colors: Blue, black, silver, gray, red (in relation to menstrual cycles) 688 more words


Writing Deeply (Part II)

Continuing with last week’s post, this one explores the fact that I can’t write purely escapist fiction a bit further, this time in the context of the second series I began (and unlike  1,914 more words


I'm not entirely convinced that Praying Mantises are actually Praying you know.

Firstly (as far as I am aware), mantes (you can use both forms, I checked for once) have never developed any method of written communication, so the passing of knowledge between generations must be fairly limited. 316 more words


Being Authentic

Being public about my religious beliefs and sharing them in such an open manner has been a source of anxiety for me. Not because I feel as if what I’m saying is wrong, but because I wonder if I’m the right person to be saying it. 389 more words

Venacian Faith

Deity of the Day for March 23 is Lenus

Deity of the Day


Lenus was a Celtic healing god worshipped mainly in eastern Gaul, where he was almost always identified with the Roman god Mars. 357 more words

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