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So divination…. What is it?

Any action that attempts to
solicit information directly from the Divine,
through the use of interpretive tools.
-Erin Dragonsong

There seems to be a common misconception of Divination is that it is the 

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Twelve Jyotirlingas

Visit the Twelve Jyotirlingas of Merku Mogappair Sri Kanagadurga Thirukovil (temple) at Chennai, India – all in one place.


More About Spells!

I will be talking about what makes a spell work, types of spells and a few more examples of them.

So a spell is the  611 more words


Getting to Know Your Nordic Hostesses of the Afterlife

Choosers of the Slain

What is a Valkyrie?

A Valkyrie is a helper of Odin to bring the most valiant heroes and warriors to Valhalla so that they can continue to train in preparation for Ragnarok, a Nordic version of the apocalypse. 676 more words



It is said we fell from the skies
And the mountains broke our bones
So we roam the barren lands
Unwanted, undesired and alone

But we are vessels of grace… 89 more words


Witchcraft and Magickal Workings

Wiccans can be a witch and witches can be Wiccans but they are not the same thing. Wicca is a religion whereas witchcraft is a practice. 496 more words


10 Things You Didn't Know About Bastet

Bastet: Lady of Joy and Slaughter

Also cats.
  1. Titles include Eye of Ra, Mother of Cats, Lady of Joy, Little Lioness, The Lady of Dread, The Lady of Slaughter.
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