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Deity of the Day for July 28th is Nephthys

Deity of the Day


Nephthys /ˈnɛpθɨs/ (Greek: Νέφθυς) or Nebthet /ˈnɛbˌθɛt/ (Arabic: نيفتيس Nyftys) is a member of the Great Ennead of Heliopolis in Egyptian mythology, a daughter of Nut and Geb. 2,044 more words

Daily Posts

Kami Focus: Ryujin (龍神)

Name meaning: 龍神 “Dragon god”

Other names: Ryojin (Dragon god), Ryuo (Dragon king), Ryugu (Dragon palace), Watatsumi (Sea god)

Kami of: the Ocean, agriculture, fishermen… 640 more words


A Tiny Bit Of Conflict

God shouts at Death for talking to the humans. And yes, Death is incredibly short (about 5 foot 2 inches) and God is incredibly tall (well over six feet). 24 more words


Mother Nature's Revenge

Remember Mother Nature? No? Well, neither do any of the other deities and she’s pissed about it.


Wipe That Smirk Off Your Face!

Death and God continue their argument, Death goes to live amongst the humans and we see what heaven is like.


Why Not?!

Death and God argue about the humans. (The humans’ stupidity is a flaw in the design.)


Celtic God Oghma, Writing and My First Altar

As soon as I read about the Celtic God, Oghma, I just knew he was my patron God.  It was an instantaneous feeling, I recognized him immediately.  489 more words