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Faith and Fear

Gods to grant us hope
Demons who feast on our souls
Pendulum belief


Setting up a Shrine

Setting up a shrine is one of the first things Cunningham suggests in Solitary Practitioner, and it was something I approached with excitement, my first real step into this world, what will be my starting point, my link to the Divine. 627 more words



Drawing nearer to the true nature of the Kemet, does one now find relief in the mystical, are we as Nubia that far detached?  As  African Queers people more often than not is it necessary to highlight our pivotal role or existence dating back to antiquity. 57 more words

Deities - Archon

Easing in with some feedback static, Archon suddenly crashes into our consciousness with the crushing riff of opener, Luna. Dan Earl’s punishing growls resonate, and from there on in, Norwich’s DEITIES are unstoppable with their own brand of experimental metal. 371 more words


Happy Uposatha - The Shining Ones

I’ll be the first to admit that my perception of the world has darkened considerably since the day 61 million of my countrymen voted for Donald Trump. 211 more words


Should We Fear Morena?

Recently in my life the goddess “Morena” (Marena, Marzanna, Mara) has made herself known to me. In the “primary chronicle” slavic deities took an active interest in human affairs and were an essential part of human life. 381 more words


Monday Magic

Monday is the Moons Day:

Align yourself with planetary and celestial powers to enhance the nature of your daily magic.  Todays areas of influence are… 171 more words