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When the Deities intervene - Wicca subject of the week

Hello everyone,

I’ve been sick over the past five days and haven’t felt well. I chose this subject because I think it relates to my personal health experience. 358 more words

Wicca Subjects

A list of deities connected with prosperity

Per a comment thread discussion I had with someone in the audience, I decided to compile a list of deities who could be asked for help with financial matters of varying kinds. 1,544 more words


Breaking the Narrative

One of the best and worst things about being a creator is having the privilege of seeing how your creations grow after their birth. When I take the time to craft a post, I never know exactly how my new “child” will grow after I hit the publish button. 2,350 more words


Bleeding Black Ink

OShun has forgotten me.
Yemaya, didn’t you see?
She sashayed right past me with her divine hips
and graceful fingertips.
She left me to be an overlooked gem… 387 more words


The Invincible Summer

Don’t panic. No, not yet.
I know I’m the one you want to forget.
Cue all the love to leave my heart.
It’s time for me to fall apart.

659 more words

Living on a dark prayer

While I believe in balance within Paganism, it is the light side that tends to be promoted. I feel more comfortable in the darker side of things. 149 more words



From where the clover tickle your cheek

like spiked, white eyelashes, I can see

the foaming crests on blades of grass,

the sun encased in the horns of a cow.