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Tin Yat Dragon Taoism Saved Family From Demonic Haunt

Tin Yat Lineage senior disciple, Tin Lui (Jack Hwang) from NY, USA, is here to tell you his story about how he come to know Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si, and how his experience with Tin Yat Dragon is like, learning Taoism and Taoist magic here.  467 more words


Ship Names — Paul's Shipwreck—Part 3

In two previous posts I shared some images and thoughts on anchor stocks that are in the Malta Maritime Museum—here and here.  The final anchor stock that I want to mention is one that actually has… 511 more words


Irish Witchcraft

For some years I have been trying to find a strain of witchcraft that is particularly Irish and so far I have failed.

I feel it is time to drop this search and concentrate on doing witchcraft. 79 more words

Quercus Robur

Deities & Demigods: How They Can Empower an Atheist

A very big hello to you all!

Today I have some concepts that I’ve been mulling over for quite some time and would like to present them to you. 1,519 more words


Gods and Deities in Taoism Explained

What is Gods and Deities in Taoism about?  If you come frmo a western background, or even a westernized Chinese background (majority of the Chinese are from this!) then you will be shocked to see what is actually behind all these things. 450 more words


Pagan Tip + Song

A tip I have for any closet pagan who has to go to church: If you’re okay at songwriting (and even if you’re not), try taking Christian worship songs and changing the words as you sing! 437 more words

List of lunar deities - Daftar Dewa/Dewi Bulan

Berikut saya tampilkan nama-nama dewi bulan di berbagai belahan dunia yang saya kutip dari wikipedia. Banyak yang meyakini eksistensi dewi Bulan , dan tidak sedikit juga orang yang memujanya untuk mendapatkan berkah darinya . 475 more words