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TANTRA/VAJRAYANA: The value - and misunderstanding - of fantasy

The value – and misunderstanding – of fantasy

The following is from Wikipedia:

Esoteric transmission
Vajrayana Buddhism is esoteric in the sense that the transmission of certain teachings only occurs directly from teacher to student during an empowerment and cannot be simply learned from a book. 776 more words

Deity of the Day for Tuesday, August 25th is Bellona, Roman Goddess of War

Deity of the Day


Roman Goddess of War

Bellona was an Ancient Roman goddess of war. She was called the sister of Mars, and in some sources, his wife or an associate of his female cult partner Nerio. 525 more words

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30 Days of Frey: Day 12

XII. Places associated with this deity and their worship


Uppsala in Sweden – There was a very famous temple here with idols of Odin, Thor, and Frey, and regularly attracted pilgrims from elsewhere in Scandinavia. 221 more words


30 Days of Frey: Day 10

X. Offerings – historical and UPG

Here are some suggested offerings for Frey:

  • FOOD: Pork, poultry, possibly fish. Root vegetables such as potatoes and turnips, also garden vegetables such as squash and tomatoes.
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There are no dead cultures.

There’s an idea that has been bothering me a lot lately when I make my rare forays into the Neopagan blogosphere, and that’s the idea that supposedly dead cultures are up for grabs for everyone to take just because they’re considered dead. 445 more words


Deity of the Day for August 20th - Pomona, Roman Goddess

Deity of the Day

Goddess Pomona

Areas of Influence: Pomona was one of the Numina, the Roman guardian spirits who watched over people, homes and special places. 387 more words

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Hera - Greek Goddess of Marriage

Hera is the Greek goddess of marriage, women, family, the sky, and the heavens.  She is also sometimes thought of as the goddess of childbirth.  She is the queen of the Greek gods and consort to Zeus (also her brother).  645 more words