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The following is not intended to cause offence to people of faith, if you’re a religious person with specific beliefs then that is your prerogative. I am not a… 143 more words


LORD, GOD, Lord, God, Name used in the Bible. Why they are Used in place of God's Name.

“God” is the deity. “God” is not a name. “Lord God”.  This is the Creator God referred to also in John 1 as LOGOS, who incarnated to man-Jesus, … 834 more words


Prayng and Meditating 2017-15

Praying and Meditating   2017-15

A prayer is not really a meditative action, but would guess it could be related.

I meditate, which is when I contemplate or reflect on something, where I focus my thoughts or ponder about something. 341 more words



Fauna recently came through in a channel I was doing for a person and it was my first time in channeling her.  In her presence, I have never felt more connected to the Earth, the Moon and myself.   572 more words

Channelled Message

Obscure Tales: Lugh, High King of Ireland

“On northern islands of the earth there were tribes of the goddess Danu and there they comprehended knowledge, magic, knowledge of druids, charms and other secrets. 1,395 more words


Let Go

You can’t recapture the faith of your youth; it’s a disconnected, false reality.  A blissful prison.

Pull up every staked belief objectifying and falsifying and personifying a deity into understandable, compartmentalized rigidity.   28 more words


Don’t try to preach bull

Or you’ll bite your tongue

And swallow the words

You’ll choke on your fun

Don’t try to play a deity… 19 more words