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Exploring the Deity of Jesus, Part 2

As we explored last week in Part 1 of Exploring the Deity of Jesus (actually titled Jesus and the Startling Stat, John 17:5 clearly speaks to the preexistence of Jesus Christ. 1,240 more words

Pandora's Tower: Piety for a Deity

Once again we find ourselves trying to unravel life’s mysteries, why are we on this earth? Where do we come from? What is the meaning to our living? 1,564 more words


2nd question: What or where is the beginning

If there is life where did it originate?

We notice that we exist, but where does our life come from and what does it actually mean? 1,154 more words

Asking Questions

Our Illusion of Free Will

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Freewill is like the steering wheel on those cars at Six Flags. The car is on a cement track with a steel insert down the middle, the kids get to steer all they want; however, they’re actually on a track that only has one perfect path.

Mike Owens
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Eye AM: I3

Power of Your Name?

El or II or M or E – represents an Ancient Deity

El means might, strength, power

A – I

M – 13… 24 more words


How to Communicate with Spirits in 5 Steps

There’s a lot of fear and worry about talking to Spirits. Not in an “OMG, am I gonna get possessed?” sort of way, but in an “Am I doing it wrong?” kind of way. 893 more words

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The Jesus Series: Is Jesus Really God?

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the-jesus-series-packet (curriculum)

This sermon kicked off our series through September on the doctrine of Jesus simply called “The Jesus Series.” This sermon was also our Parent Party where we invited all the parents of our students to join us for this Wednesday night of worship. 24 more words