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It is amazing how light casts away darkness,

while darkness consumes light.


The Mystical Seeker's Year: Week 1 ; Dusk's view of the Deity

This is the first week of The Mystical Seeker’s Year, a project started by Cricket Song of lunarwisdom.net . This project is to assist spiritualists in their journey in finding their path and I chose to take this journey to find an understanding of myself as well as the universe. 479 more words

Nature Is A Reflection Of God

Nature is the reflection of God, the revelation of God in the world around us. God revealed in the beauty of His creation around us. 333 more words

OFJ -Old Fellow Johns Posts

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We can go for a walk in the country, on a dark night with a clear sky and look at the stars. Then when we look within we should engage with our conscience. That conscience will tell us what is implanted into our soul. Each person crated in the image of God has also the instinct been given by the Divine Creator to be able to feel the connection with its Maker. Looking at nature it tells everything about the Creative Hand behind it. * To remember Nature = reflection of God, = revelation of God in world around us <=> God revealed in beauty of His creation around us. God has shown what can be known about God to mankind His invisible attributes = His eternal power + divine nature = clearly seen, being understood through what He has made => people are without excuse everyone, every human being has access to God ~~~~ What we  chose to see, to find, to embrace, to ignore = chose to either accept or reject God. Doctrine of the Fall of man = man rebelled against God’s supreme authority => negative impact on natural world because of freedom to chose. + Preceding

2nd question: What or where is the beginning

3rd question: Does there exist a Divine Creator

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Looking for answers on the question Is there a God #2 Pantheon of gods and celebrations

Have no other gods besides Me

Is there no 'proof' for God? (And why that statement is not as smart as you might think.)


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Infinite Love, Wisdom, Power and Justice

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The fact that man was created by a God of infinite love, wisdom, power and justice, is a guarantee that such existence will not in any case prove an endless curse. 70 more words


Peace – Be Still!

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Another year has gone. Our eyes are still fixed on that portion of the Divine Calendar so clearly marked as the era of Grace. 168 more words