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A guide to Jizo, guardian of travelers and the weak

I rescued a husky, malamute question mark pup just under four months ago from a wonderful Husky rescue in Buckeye, Arizona. When I showed the photo on Facebook to my sweetie, he said “well, this one is the closest yet.” In my heart, which was beating intensely for a canine companion, this translated as “we can adopt this one.” 1,145 more words


Digitize India: The (monetary) rewards for doing simple data entry jobs.

The government of India has been into the digitization of various government documents. While many of these were achieved by OCR, the rest has to be done by humans. 268 more words

Data Entry Payment

The Journey of a Non-Religious Man

It’s no secret to anyone who commonly reads this blog that I am not a religious person.  Never was in fact.  I never went to church as a child, never felt a need to believe in a deity.   1,605 more words

Dylan Nordberg

Plutonian Goddess

Ah, Plutonian goddess.

Closest to the heart. Closest to the soul. Closest to the life of all that is sentient, upon which you sneer down, for you see no value in our groups nor in our individuality. 388 more words


If The Bible Is God's Word...

Neal Pollard

  • It answers the biggest mysteries of this life that so baffle humanity.
  • It reveals the plan of the Creator of everything.
  • We are accountable to it.
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Day 4: Sunny Spell for Physical Energy

Bad weather, not to mention ongoing tension with family members, have left me kind of at low ebb the last couple of days. The annoying thing is that there are so many things I want to do, but I just don’t seem to be able to force myself to get up and do them. 1,152 more words


She is extraordinary; a deity and a nymph
To behold and keep tight to one’s soul such a creation
You’d be immersed in her enchantment too… 33 more words