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All of us have seen that one series or show or book that didn’t seem to know which direction in which it was going. Noragami, however, manages to pull off all of its elements perfectly without even batting an eye. 1,979 more words


Bill's Gate

As God burned his home to the ground,
he whispered,
“I’d rather have the memory”.

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All Forms of Government Are Bad

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What kind of government is the best? In school the children are taught that the form of government they are under is the best. 77 more words


Polytheism is NOT a tradition

I’m going to keep this brief, because I have a life to live. But if someone tells you that diversity is “destroying polytheism” please show them this. 644 more words

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Rider gods of Roman Lincolnshire

Some of the most fascinating deities in Roman Britain are those for which we have no name, but whose cults seem to have been widespread and significant. 1,024 more words



It has been 1 calendar year since the date of my change in life.

I am very grateful to be here typing this and thankful for all of my friends, family, musicians, church friends, and music fans. 303 more words


The Life of a Horus

Souls come from Venus, and death comes from Mars. War distracts the birth.. of suns, planets, and stars.
On 🌍 we choose to reign, we’ve felt all of Her pain. 34 more words