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"Give me a 'G'! You got your G, you got your G!"

Birds chirping, the wind slightly cascading past my thin pale white arms cooling my body in need of colder temperatures; this moment was no accident, it was designed by myself and ultimately by God. 282 more words

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Serviceable sentences, 13/10,000

Meanwhile a god has bungled it again.
—John Ashbery, Flowchart (1991)



I scent beauty and I fall, fumbling, grasp the thread

I clumsy trip winding along the spiraling paths, following beauty, desperate, hungry

To the heart of the labyrinth I dance… 174 more words


The important quiet signs and the loud aftermath if you ignore them.

Do you ever look back at something and think that in hindsight, you should have seen the signs that it is just not a good idea or that you totally could have done it better? 228 more words

Unboxing the Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone

Two weeks ago David Peterson of New Zealand (He is like a Barron or Knight down there in the land of New Zealand, I totally researched it too.) reached out to Aputure and recommended a few bloggers to review the Aputure Deity Shotgun microphone. 262 more words



see . saw

Some deity of prepossession took hold in America, leaving little room for argument and debate. Lady liberty gripped her torch so tight her hand began to crumble and her arm fissured and fell off, her torch falling into Hudson Bay where water met fire with the strangest sound. 67 more words

Last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking if/when a deity would reach out to me. This morning before I woke up, someone/something came to my dream and said a two line poem to me. 41 more words