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10 Reasons behind the deity of Jesus Christ

Great teacher, wise man, good man and philosopher. These are the most common descriptions of Jesus by secularists but what about the claims of His deity. 2,134 more words

Lion Energy

Sekhmet’s comin’ out of me
cause I let her enter me
possessed by the best
she’s a living goddess
she’s a warrior yes
so very powerful… 29 more words


17. Ground Dragons and Earthquakes

I have sometimes felt a dragon deity moving under the ground since I was a child. It is clearly different from the dragon deity I feel in the World of Deities. 489 more words

The Beginning Of A New Age

Gratitude annihilates anger or curses.

I was driving thinking “Well, what am I supposed to write on the blog today?” as if it were¬†another person’s problem. Contents of my blogs are something like what comes down from above, or wells up from my heart. 573 more words


16. On Disposition To Possesion

We have already been in a more spiritually sensitive era than ever before, so unless we hold memorial services for our ancestors and make their protection stronger, we’ll be influenced by spiritual beings in other worlds. 182 more words

The Beginning Of A New Age

The Problem of the Evil and the Inadequacy of the Free-Will Defense

The following is somewhat long. It is a paper I wrote arguing against Swinburne’s version of the free-will defense, as a solution to the problem of evil. 1,380 more words