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Adventures in Chinatown....

If your boss called you today and explained that you would have to ‘help out’ at another location, one that was a good 45 minute drive… 1,073 more words


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Easter is not of equal importance to all people. For those who hold to atheism, agnosticism or humanism it may be just a holiday. For christians, all over the world, it is a time to remember Jesus’ victory over death and a means to have our sins absolved and a guarantee of life with him in the future. 722 more words

Introduction to a New Deity

An important part of our relationship with the deities revolves around *ghosti and hospitality.  Part of hospitality is a politeness when you are first meeting someone.   249 more words

Walking The Path

Hiding in the dark

When I walked into the sitting room this morning, as 4:30am it was dark. Not pitch black, but dark. I am not sure there are many, today, in the western world, who know what pitch black is. 642 more words