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Thank You, Nair

The first time I met him was at a MILT alumni meeting where he was responsible for dinner and he was wearing a lungi with a towel tied off on his head. 515 more words

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5 Things about Exams Week

I’ve been at college for five and a half semesters now, long enough to know that whatever shit you do during the semester, twice every sem a hush descends upon the entire college. 927 more words


Déjà vu!

Déjà vu!
di tengah malam yang hampir sabtu
bergenggam-genggam koin saling beradu
dalam sekotak permainan kartu 86 more words

- Arshinara -


Recently i was getting some weirdo kind of dreams .I was totally unable to find the causes of my dream.why this dream today why not some other dream.Why this dream today only.Is there some one else who is getting the same dream as mine.Is there any connection between your dream and you.Do Dream comes true .What if your dream really come true.I am not talking about your dream that you aspire or what you want to do or want to become.I am talking about just random dream you saw late night.What is the duration of this dream.Its seems like we have such a long dream but is it really that long.Why we don’t or hardly remember the dream we saw.Some people claim about premonition.From where they get the feeling.I am no expert on the dreams but would like to share my point of view on dreams. 262 more words

Déjà Vu

The future seems so simple to predict,
it feels like I’ve seen it all in a dream;
But every day just follows the same script… 7 more words

Groundhog Day 💩

I nearly cried at an episode of The Mindy Project the other day. I don’t know if you’ve seen this show, but we’re not talking… 470 more words

That One Day When Our Free Wills Converged and I Realized What I Believe

You know how you’re just going about, minding your own business, and out of nowhere, you enter the Twilight Zone? That moment when you feel like you’ve been here before? 324 more words

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