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I was her,dancing around him in a tip toe love.

be careful what i said, be careful what I did –

hiding like I wasn’t free. 95 more words


SENRYU -- 07302015-13



answering the phone

before it rings ― the echo

before the road runner’s tricks

© Copyright 2015-2016 Ron Evans 9 more words


Déjà vu

You’re in a new part of town, having a gentle stroll in the sun. You turn around the corner and suddenly this “new” part of town becomes very familiar. 488 more words

Is It Purple? Is It Red?

Jet enjoys pretending that she doesn’t know any color names. I’ve spent a lot of time teaching her words, including the names of colors, and I’m pretty sure she knows at least red, yellow, blue, green and purple. 468 more words


Ninarudi Moshi!

Ninarudi Moshi – I have returned to Moshi!

More than four years have passed since I was last in Africa, but sitting here in a hostel in Moshi Town I can scarcely believe it! 255 more words

Back In Africa