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Hold on to moments of familiarity (Q30)

I often find myself overcome with an unshakable feeling of familiarity. It happens to lots of people, but I usually become fixated on finding an explanation. 423 more words

52 Quarters

Always, Baby.

“Meet me halfway”, she said with her heart thudding against her rib-cage and severe knots on her stomach. This wasn’t anything new to her to begin with and she could feel a sense of déjà vu in this. 377 more words

déjà vu.

“You know that feeling everyone’s always going on about, the one where you’re doing something and you swore you’ve done it before? What do they call it, uh…well you know. 234 more words


Deja vu romance

When one relation comes to the end, couples are in pieces. Here is much anger, rage, sadness, frustrations. Wounds are fresh and one of the way to heal this could be sex with ex partner. 493 more words


"The Sorcerer Next Door"

A white flat building,
In a site, surrounded by slums,
Where cats were in a greater whole number,
Than the paying inhabitants.
I remember the one with a black spot on the left ear, 270 more words

Déjà vu

This piece (words, sound, image) was made in response to a New Scientist article by Jessica Hamselou about studies by researchers at the University of St Andrews… 287 more words


Deja vu of

Deja vu
of Deja vu!
Activated by a reading
about some voluntary
and involuntary …

and an awareness
about it…

Questioning still your role:

as something… 99 more words