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Jamais Vu Is The Opposite Of Deja Vu, It Means "Never Seen"

Well, not never seen, but the feeling of never having seen a certain event despite actually having seen it before. 9 more words


We're All Connected.

Do you ever see someone who looks incredibly familiar? You’ve met this person somewhere before, but you can’t put your finger on it. Did you go to school with him or her? 421 more words


Senate Republicans Making One Last Effort To Take Down Obamacare

Yes, again: After spending the spring and summer trying and failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Republicans in the Senate have come up with one last Hail-Mary bill to take down the ACA and revamp American healthcare. 593 more words

Government Policy

Déjà vu

Do you believe in a scene that you think happened twice in your life? That moment you feel familiar with the scenario? Have you ever experience an unexpected feeling of familiarity while in a usual and the same place?

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Flashbacks, of the happy kind.

I rose from my slumber early this morning, my son, who is unwell again, woke up and was a bit freaked out by the dark, so I turned on the bedside light for him, and then after about 10 minutes of the usual routine of trying to get my joints moving, I got up and got a Chinese lantern and put it in the room for him, it has very gentle, low light, enough to scare the bogeyman away!!  1,184 more words

The Revelation

To set the scene, I was sitting in my 11 am econ class on Monday when I suddenly experienced the most vivid Déjà vu that I have ever felt. 398 more words