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"Déjà Vu"

I both hate and love writing this stuff. It brings back bad memories of dark times, yet i also find it cleans them out, and damn, do they make for some good stories and poems. 116 more words


Sixth Sense, Deja Vu & Past Lives

Has anyone ever had that feeling of being here before. Even if it was reliving a particular moment, or sensing what was about to happen. What about the feeling of knowing stuff that you should just not know, like you already lived a life and have a flash back memory. 1,049 more words


DIS: Magic to make the sanest man go mad. Det med personalfesten, timeloopen och Mudds återkomst.

Tidsresor, anomalier och avvikelser i rumstiden är ju favoritämnen för Star Trek-författare, kanske tydligast i den första säsongen av Voyager (som jag ju fått göra ett avbrott i bloggandet om för att istället fokusera på Star Trek: Discovery). 842 more words

Star Trek: Discovery Säsong 1

DÉJÀ VU - New World Order Pope - Frankie the Fake

The Catholic Church has a long history, for good and bad, that has shaped the political fortunes of Western Civilization for over two millenniums. From the conversion of the Roman Empire under Constantine to the pagan ridden culture of feast days and devotions to the Great East-West Schism of the 11th century, the “Church” has invited skepticism and criticism while the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ took a back seat to the temporal lust for power and dominion. 33 more words


Cronaca nera a Roma: una sensazione di déjà vu

Qualche giorno fa mentre pianificavo la mia vacanza di Natale in Italia, ho pensato a Roma. Siccome non ci sono ancora stata, ho cominciato a raccogliere informazioni rilevanti alla sicurezza publica di questa città di cui avevo già sentito parlare. 299 more words

Daily Life

A Brief Encounter

I boarded the plane and settled into my aisle seat, after saying  “Hi,” to the young woman sitting next to me.

She turned her misty gaze from the window, to greet me, and resumed her dreamy state. 559 more words

Political Toadies and a Broken Down System


All the Statesmen are dead. The worst of society rise to the top of the food chain. Habitual liars run for civic office and the most skilled prevaricator gain seniority. 70 more words