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Old World Déjà vu

It was a strange day I remember, exploring Budapest for the first time with a sensation I had walked these streets before, every corner a story to be told.   295 more words


Deja vu and medicine

Both yesterday and today, I seem to be much more aware of “the voices”. Yesterday, I had the deja vu thing happen twice. I’ve been looking at articles and other stuff online involving the temporal lobes. 345 more words

The Laundry

It was that time of the week when clothing was in short supply:  yes, the laundry needed to be done.  It was the same every week, even though the girls had a rota, neither of them ever wanted to  be doing laundry. 162 more words

Déjà Vu

I have had 3 instances of severe déjà vu in the past 24 hours. So creepy.

I can’t explain why it happens but I will have a moment were i freeze when someone comments or does an action that triggers it. 114 more words


Deja Vu: How About You?

What do you think about deja vu? For those who don’t know what deja vu is and/or are interested in the dictionary definition ( like me, although I’m pretty interested in the dictionary definition of everything. 194 more words

Book Quote: The Lost Symbol

Today, I have finally completed listening to the audio book of The Lost Symbol, and in the final chapter, this quote hit me hard: 479 more words