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What Does Déjà Vu Actually Mean?

Do you remember ever thinking “Um, I think I’ve seen this happen before!” Or did you ever go like, “Omg!, I’ve done this previously!”? We call this short experience, déjà vu – an expression derived from the french meaning, “already seen”. 448 more words


Not Feeling Like A Wallflower

Flowers and flowy dresses should be the fashion staple of summer. They are fun, colorful and perfectly breezy on a hot day. And while technically covered in flowers, they leave you feeling absolutely nothing at all like a wallflower. 494 more words


The Deja Vu experience & the Nature of Consciousness

I’ve been having these deja vu moments since I got here. Fragments of reality looped into the infinite space-time continuum, which I tap into from time to time. 205 more words

Introspection/Pseudo-Intellectual Stuff

This feels like déjà vu

What is déjà vu?

Déjà vu occurs when one feels as though a situation is familiar despite evidence that the situation could not have been experienced before (Cleary, 2008). 625 more words


Déjà Vu

Album: Déjà Vu

Artist: CSNY

Released: March 11th, 1970

Highlights: Carry On, Teach Your Children, Almost Cut My Hair, Helpless

CSNY – the super-group consisting of David Crosby, of The Byrds; Stephen Stills, of Buffalo Springfield; Graham Nash, of The Hollies; and Neil Young, also of Buffalo Springfield – is one of those ensembles that seems destined to fail. 558 more words


may 30

night of bomb falls

some of us in safe rooms

been here before

Morning Ku