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Feeling sad, or what we may call “depressed”, happens to all of us. The so-called Depression is a medical illness that causes a constant feeling of sadness… 164 more words


the walk

five people walked
on a beach, uncrowded
each alone, hearing waves and demons
wishing for more in life
getting less
cain watched the ocean to his left… 343 more words



I have found some ways to ease the pain in my own life.  I hope these pointers
are helpful if you or someone you know is suffering from bipolar. 1,381 more words



Artwork:  tolbert

…On the road again…  (Part 4 of 7)

Soon after some of these unpleasant experiences I decided to come home to California to join my wife, who by now had left Ohio and returned to California, setting up an apartment there. 772 more words


Expectation and Dejection

“The Friend has rejected me
He has broken my heart and shut the door.
Now my desolate heart and I
will sit patiently on his doorstep…
479 more words


the song of the mattress

she slept—
wrinkled and small on satin sheets—
knees tucked tightly beneath her chin,
as if waiting to be reborn.

motionless, she dreamed of burgundy… 156 more words