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An Untold Tale

I see the seasons change every year,
As the chirping of birds hit my ear,
I then begin to recall and contemplate,
Is sharing valuable thoughts ever too late? 164 more words


The Poor

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Until the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ there will always be poverty on the earth. 2,289 more words

God Has Not Abandoned You.

By: Kojo Baah(KB)

Day Thirteen (13)

“Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close”.
– Psalm 27:10,NLT

Many years ago, I used to ask myself – HAS GOD ABANDONED ME? 285 more words


Stop cribbing!

Think you had a bad day?
Work load clogging your way
People trying to downplay
Sadness haunting just to stay

Pardon but at least you can speak… 92 more words


My Lord

By Gideon Mutai

Wretched, Weak and Worthless
Corrupt, Careless and Confused
Miserable, Poor and Blind
Sick, Chief of Sinners and Hypocrite
Naked, Depressed and Dejected… 27 more words

Spiritual Stuff

Like how my heart weeps whenever I see the sadness in your eyes, I hope you don’t see it in mine.

Pain deserves to be felt... at times alone...

Author’s Note : Thanks for all the earlier response. And especially for people who commented on my posts.  I personally met someone who was waiting for his girl.  993 more words