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Bottling it

Don’t you wish you could bottle some emotions? I don’t mean bottle them up and ignore them, I can already do that. What I mean is how good would it be to bottle up an emotion to be able to go back to and remind yourself exactly how something feels? 559 more words


Feeling inadequate

As I browsed through news articles about my prefecture and the events that were previously held, I realised that just a single paragraph of info contained more than seven new vocabularies on average that I did not know the meaning of. 61 more words


Why do i get dreams, that will never be true?

It was not long before he came back to the hostel after a month long winter vacation.

It was a normal morning for him. 8.30 am in the morning his mobile alarm started ringing as if throwing up a challenge “let’s see who gets up’’. 1,131 more words

People & Blogs


It’s been so long since I’ve written….what..has ..changed…?

  • still not in school(again)
  • Still married to someone who does not love me
  • still sad
  • still trying to hide it…
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Victim of Sectarianism

While scrolling around Facebook earlier this day I came across your column in which you advised a girl on her marriage.

My scenario is that I’m a young girl. 764 more words


ARE YOU FEELING AFFLICTED AND DEJECTED?(here is your solution👇)(3 min read)

O Lord, why do you reject me? Why do you hide your face? Afflicted and close to death from youth, I have suffered terrors and helplessness. 864 more words