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Don't be Found Where You Were Left

We all feel dejected and sad when those we expect to be there for us during hard times not only turn their back on us but also walk out on us. 291 more words


what gofer thinks

Ignore tye she is playing head games.  May be with art bark now. hope he enjoys it, him and his brown sugar.  Using the special hand is a lot safer. 6 more words


Depressed and Dejected? Don't worry I am with you.

I dunno why the hell, I wanted to make this account. It just struck me that whatever I scribbled or the things that danced around in my mind could well help someone. 330 more words


Quote Of The Week

‘The elevator man smiled kindly at me and silently pressed the PH button after turning a key. He looked like a battered wife, dejected and sad, as though he coudn’t fight any longer and had just made peace wth his unhappiness.’ 6 more words

Quote Of The Week


Nothing feels the same,
Nothing feels right.
Take away this pain;
Take it from my sight.

This ache in my heart —
It cannot be described. 70 more words



Dear All,

A confusion may exist in multiple minds as to from where these stories come from? Are they real.. are they borrowed from, are they copied.. 328 more words

Take Care

An evening news which shook me and my friends recently was about an abandoned man who used to be our classmate in school. This man as a child was not active, a slow learner. 874 more words