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The plastic molding and the strip light: a nice way to enlight your room/ La moulure de plastique et la bande lumineuse: une bonne façon d'éclairer votre pièce

The plastic molding track of Eco-LED  is a good and easy way to fix your strip light where you want. It is linear and it also protect the strip from damaging. 176 more words

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Wireless Wall switch: everything you need to know / La Wireless Wall Switch: tout ce que vous devez savoir

The Wireless Wall Switch is an unique Eco-Led product. In addition of being discreet, this wireless controller can be set with every LED product of 5 to 24 VCD. 276 more words

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Why buying a more expensive LED light is worth it?/Pourquoi payer votre lumière DEL un peu plus cher vaut la peine?

The average customer have the tendency to think more about their money than the quality and the lifespan of the product. Internet and big retailers are popular because they pretend to make us save money, but in fact, we don’t. 1,412 more words

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Bilingual newsletter/Blog bilingue

Eco-Led is proud to announce you that from now, our newsletter will be completely bilingual, in English and also in French. Why did we decide to offer this option? 140 more words

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delhi dispatch

Here I am, at IGI Airport T3 for the 4th time this month, having been successfully ripped off one last time, albeit to a lesser degree than my hotel would have liked. 533 more words