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Great Escape

Leaving Portland was a bit more challenging than I expected.  What started as a flurry of fluffy dry snow turned into freezing rain.  Every surface was covered – cars became ice cubes and streets long skating rinks.  103 more words

Bag Back

After tracking my delayed bag, I said I expected to have it “soon.” “Soon” turned out to be this afternoon, My flight from Atlanta to Columbus arrived Monday evening about 8:40, give or take a few minutes, and I picked up my bag this afternoon, Wednesday, at about 2 p.m.  75 more words

Bag Blues

With a lot of flyers suffering much greater inconveniences than I did, I suppose I should be grateful that a delayed bag is my greatest inconvenience.  419 more words

Flight from Brisbane to Toronto

WOW!! I really have to say WOW!! What an experience!

I think I will have to start at the beginning …  Brisbane weather …. POURING RAIN most of the day. 1,622 more words


PRAGUE- Great news! My bags finally arrived from the airport! Just in the nick of time, since I only packed two changes of clothes in my carry on. 9 more words

Study Abroad

PRAGUE- Well it happened. But I knew it would. My bags are lost somewhere in the world and the airline has not located them yet. Hopefully they find them soon. 132 more words

Study Abroad

Home Is Whenever I'm With You

After five months of you reading my rants and gloats about Italy and Paris and Dublin and Rome, I finally write you from somewhere unique and new – home. 1,713 more words