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Paradigm Shifter #35: Single-tasking is better than multi-tasking

“There’s too much to do!!!  Do more with less!!!  Don’t waste time!!!”  These are caveats by which many of us live our lives.

For greater efficiency and financial profitability, many companies now expect their… 788 more words


The Spiritual Discipline of Delegating

By Joe LaGuardia

In Exodus 18, shortly after God liberated Israel from Egypt and led them into the desert of Sinai, we find leader Moses contending with all of the conflicts and concerns that these new pilgrims faced. 633 more words


How to make your child grow? Delegation!

Two busy parents living with active toddler(s) is definitely a fast ride. For most, working with robot-like speed and efficiency at dawn is a sure-fire routine—including my family. 708 more words


Delegation Part 2 - Some Ideas for the New Captain

In my previous article I wrote about delegation and the importance of delegation as a key leadership tool. I explained the benefits of delegation to both the leaders and followers and I expressed my view that delegation is a management skill that is often overlooked and under prepared for. 759 more words


Successful Leadership - 3 steps away

I consider myself fortunate, to have encountered, and to have been coached by ‘great leaders’ who in turn have made an astounding impact on my career and view of leadership. 462 more words


Delegating tasks motivates employees

Did that headline make you pause? After all, it’s saying that giving people more work actually motivates them! Take it from me, it’s absolutely true! 640 more words


The Art of Delegation

Phone rings and friends ask, could we come and stay with you this weekend?

The calendar is free and you say yes.   Then you decide to get into some gardening, hold a dinner party with mutual friends, and take them to a new cafe for lunch.   198 more words