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Derogation and Duplication in Delegation – What Clients Need to Know!

Many firms still haven’t cracked the challenges of delegating work properly. Here is a summary of the issues:

  1. Frankly most of us know that it often feels easier to do the work ourselves than to have to explain it to somebody else, who probably won’t get it right.
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Medical assistants and limited scope radiography

I receive fewer questions than I did seven or 10 years ago about the legalities of medical assistants performing limited scope radiography. However, in some states medical assistants are called upon to expose patients to ionizing radiation, as specifically directed by the overseeing/delegating provider. 87 more words

Scope Of Practice

Teaching Students How to Manage Large Projects

I’m a list guy.  When I need to make sure that I remember to do something, I write it down.  Well, actually, I type it into a Stickies note on my laptop.  1,120 more words



The other day I was waiting outside of a conference room for the previous meeting to end. There was a group of individuals near me waiting for another conference room. 1,560 more words


Effective Time Management

Interruptions, if not well managed will prevent you from completing a task or project within agreed timelines.

Tips on dealing with interruptions;
1. Always ask yourself if the interruption is urgent or more important than what you are doing presently. 84 more words


Effective Delegation

One of the secrets of productivity at work is knowing how and when to effectively delegate.

It saves time and resources.
It’s not only supervisors and line managers that can delegate. 118 more words