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Media Coverage Capturing: Times Of India

Covered on website of English daily paper “Times of India” November 7th, 2015.
This contents do not mention about AINA BP itself though, AINA BP involved to support this team in Mangalore and Bangalore. 9 more words

Media And Press

The seven biggest delegation traps and how to avoid them

Summer holidays are looming and many managers’ minds are turning to delegation as a way to ensure that the most important work continues to be carried out. 644 more words

Chapter 12: Assigning Work And Delegating Duties

On DIY & Cardinal Sins

Some of the most diligent managers fall into the trap of buying back work or not delegating. The reasons they give range from “everyone’s busy” and “we are shorthanded” to “I can do it better” and “It’ll be faster for me to do it than for me to show them how to do it”. 223 more words


A Lesson in Event Management!

Last month I delivered my first major event project, Retail Recharged, a half day conference and networking event for the retail and retail technology communities on the 20th October. 831 more words

Event Management

Delegation and Trust

When Gordon Bethune became CEO of Continental Airlines in 1994, the company had gone through their second bankruptcy. The workers had been so abused by managers with so many rules, that they showed no initiative. 739 more words

Enabling Actions

Titan up... No. Really.

Yesterday evening I missed a thoughtful delegation from a Tech high school senior.  I always have mixed emotions when a student comes before the board.  My heart swells with pride for their courage, yet sadness usually multiplies with each word they speak.   1,282 more words

Gayle Cosby

The Secret to Motivating Others

By Arpita Banerjee

As a manager, your ability to motivate your team members is imperative if you want to achieve long-term success at work. This ability not only portrays you as a good leader but also helps you to build a team of strong and motivated individuals. 286 more words