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The Trap

So you got that great manager job. Now, you wonder after another 80-hour work, how is this normal? There were always going to be busy times of year, but it feels like this job is constant fire-fighting; put one out, move on the next, repeat. 226 more words


No Living Man All Things Can

I had a recent conversation with a colleague about how many small business owners and entrepreneurs have a hard time with the delegation of tasks. 592 more words

Small Business

Configuring Power BI Report Server Preview for Kerberos Constrained Delegation

While preparing my Kerberos for BI session for SQL Grillen, I decided to introduce the May edition of Power BI Report Server as a new element in the demos. 1,092 more words


What if somebody delegated their responsibilities to you?

Taking more responsibilities than you have in your agenda builds skills. There comes a point though where enough is enough. When people are accustomed to your acceptance of their workload especially if they are in a higher position in your company, it is quite hard for them to accept the fact that you can no longer fulfill their obligations. 184 more words


What if #245

What if somebody delegated their responsibilities to you?

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5 important areas where many people stuck and must be developed

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Based on my personal efficiency survey there are areas where people are on the bright side. They can manage there challenges better. 1,474 more words

Personal Efficiency

Economic and Political Participation of Women in MENA Region

Main reasons for low economic and political participation of women in the region

Several obstacles and reasons of low economic and political participation of women in MENA countries that limit and constrain the participation and development process, from my point of view after reading the article (Capabilities, Opportunities and Participation- GENDER EQUALITY AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA REGION)) I summaries the reasons into 8 main categories all of these reasons are compound and related to each other that Hinder the movement toward empower and increase women participation in MENA in general term. 830 more words