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Mercredi dernier à la Délégation MUN (semaine 1)

Chaque semaine, un(e) participant(e) à cette activité de GIMUN nous donne son point de vue sur la dernière séance. Suivez la série pour rester informés de l’évolution des débats… 232 more words


Last Wednesday at the MUN Delegation (week 1)

Every week, a participant in this GIMUN activity gives us his/her perspective on the latest session. Follow the series to keep track of how debates are progressing… 200 more words


How does a DNS convert a URL into an IP address?

Since the operating system doesn’t know where “www.google.com” is, it queries a DNS resolver. The query the OS sends to the DNS Resolver has a special flag that tells it is a “recursive query.” This means that the resolver must complete the recursion and the response must be either an IP address or an error. 111 more words

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The problem with delegation

Some of us are good at delegating, others find it very hard. There is one real reason behind the difficulty some of us have and that is that we are ‘Completer Finishers’. 208 more words


The problem with business time

When we start our businesses we don’t think much about time. But once you’re up and running with customers calling you every day, time starts to become a critical resource. 128 more words


Are you "'NO' Ninjas or 'YES' Saints", Either Way you are Screwed Up.

“WHY DOES THIS HAPPENS ONLY FOR ME?” Is this your opinion about yourself after saying a ‘YES’ or ‘NO?’

It was one of the Strategic Management lecture hour, during my MBA days our professor was trying hard to get the attentions at the afternoon session.

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Learning the art of delegation

Lately, work has been a bit hectic – for all the best reasons. We’ve got lots of exciting projects underway, which is brilliant, but also means I seem to be endlessly going into meetings, and coming out with a new to do list, which I don’t have time to complete, because I’m too busy having meetings. 845 more words

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