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The enemy within

An interesting discussion took place in the comments to my previous post about the danger to Israel from boycotts, defamation and delegitimization.

It so happens that there is a huge and noisy discussion going on in Israel right now about the… 2,113 more words

Israel News

A one-man pro-Israel advocacy effort - let's join in and help him

As readers of this blog know well, media bias is one of my pet hates. It is so frustrating to read the lies and agit-prop and yet be unable to effectively counter the lies.  636 more words


Our "peace" partners internationalize their war against Israel

I’ve written about our “moderate” “peace” “partners” before, but it bears repeating. The people with whom the world demands of Israel to make peace is not peaceful at all. 2,076 more words


Using "human rights" to slander Israel

Human Wrongs Rights Watch is at least as bad, if not worse, than the Human Wrongs Rights Council of the UN.  They concentrate on Israel’s alleged misdeeds with a microscope, magnify them and broadcast them worldwide, thereby inciting the masses to anti-Israel protests and hatred, which are then quickly followed by real anti-Semitic violence as we have seen throughout this year on the streets of Europe. 911 more words


Academic boycotts and anti-Jewish racism

This is a joint post written by myself together with frequent contributor Brian Goldfarb.

Brian writes:

I borrowed the phrase “rancid left” from the US blogger Noga (of the website “ 1,691 more words


Heller Israel Advocacy Initiative: Passionate Support of the State of Israel

The Bob and Esther Heller Israel Advocacy Initiative was created to deal with a number of efforts both locally and abroad.

These efforts include:
● Advocate for peace and security in Israel through education, information and community awareness. 364 more words


The Industry of Lies - media (mis)reporting on Israel

The subject of media bias against Israel is one that just doesn’t die, as my regular readers well know. The latest war with the Palestinians in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge, threw a spotlight onto the international media, and their reporting – or misreporting – highlighting the bias and the ignorance of so many reporters. 328 more words

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