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PHP Delete array item by value

There are different techniques in the internet to delete an array item by value (by key we can use simple unset($array[$key])).

Here is a small research to find the fastest way. 275 more words


Design for Digital Media Environments – Deleting Posts

As I discussed my previous post our next goal was to enable users to delete post. Users are now able to do such and the images below show a demonstration of this being performed. 80 more words

Design For Digital Media Environments

How to batch DELETE statements with Hibernate


In my previous post, I explained the Hibernate configurations required for batching INSERT and UPDATE statements. This post will continue this topic with DELETE statements batching. 1,163 more words


Important Announcement

Hello all,

Due to how infrequently I update this blog, I do not think I should maintain it any longer. However, since I still want to occasionally share the things I make, I will make this a subset of my Enjoy Creation blog. 54 more words

Personal Updates

delete in jas

The delete operator removes a property from an object.

delete is only effective on an object’s properties. It has no effect on variable or function names. 88 more words


please don’t understimate

please don’t understimate my ability to delete your number and act like i never met you. friday quote


Simple Delete Files and Folders script {AppleScript}

This is currently work in progress.  I essentially use this app to clear a folder of files on startup.  Set this app as a login item or use folder actions. 96 more words