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Missing Computer Feet?

How many times do you see those little rubber feet under a laptop that have fallen off?

Where do they go?

Where to do you get them? 142 more words

Laptop Feet

SharePoint Premissions

The next stage of development in SharePoint Server 2013 Essential Training is SharePoint Premissions. This section covers SharePoint permissions: The basics, Viewing group and user permissions, Adding users to a security group, Deleting users from a security group, Creating and modifying security groups and Setting unique or inherited permissions.

Microsoft SharePoint

How to DELETE from a table.


In this posting we will be economical and recycle most of the code, most of the HTML anyway.
In this posting, I will show how you can delete a row from the table ‘contacts’, that we have created earlier, and populated with information about our contacts. 396 more words


Editing SharePoint Pages

The next stage of development in SharePoint Server 2013 Essential Training is Editing SharePoint Pages. This section covers Understanding app parts, Adding an app part, Adding a web part, Modifying app and web parts, Deleting app and web parts, Understanding media and content web parts, Displaying images in web parts, Creating a wiki page and Creating a Web Part page.

Microsoft SharePoint

Synchronizing Deletions from Microsoft Active Directory

To synchronize deletions in Microsoft Active Directory with Oracle Internet Directory, you must grant the necessary privilege to the Microsoft Active Directory user account that the Oracle directory integration server uses to perform synchronizations with Microsoft Active Directory. 270 more words


U is for Undo!

Most of us have things in our life if, given the opportunity, would go back and do it differently. We would take a chance, or wait a little longer to take one, or not take it at all. 606 more words


Delete Me

Delete me


without regard

Press me

into the shape

of your PC

and remove me

How easy

would it be

to delete me

In reality?

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