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Mute, Block, Delete

This is something that I feel is necessary today. It is SO easy to mute, block and then delete when someone says something that we don’t like, but should we? 302 more words

Random Thoughts

Social Media accounts gone

Hi there, just to let everyone know that I’ve deleted all my social media accounts – that’s Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube.

Why, you may ask? 37 more words


I did it again...

Years ago, I got confused by the camera’s highlight mode and accidentally deleted all the pictures from a holiday. Every. Single. One.
Good thing was, I (ok, not I, but someone more tech savvy at the time) was able to recover them. 211 more words

Life's Mystery


I wish I could move on from things as easy as deleting pictures from Facebook. Some of the evidence from our relationship may have been removed, but the memories still live in my mind.  56 more words

Negative Comments Cause Aaron Carter To Shut Down Social Media

(AMP) Aaron Carter briefly deactivated and then reactivated his Instagram and Twitter accounts Monday after negative comments on social media.

After making an appearance on a morning radio show, the “Aaron’s Party” singer took  note of nasty comments in a photo posted on an Instagram account. 172 more words


Question Of The Day | 2

What’s the Difference Between DELETE, DROP, and TRUNCATE command in SQL?

Let’s see how accurate u are!!!