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Implementing Left Swipe Delete Feature In Your iOS App

A very convenient, easy and visually attractive way to delete a row/cell in an iOS (Objective-C) application’s table view is Apple’s famous left swipe. Even though you can add several options when a cell is swiped to the left, I will discuss here just the simplest and most useful – delete. 394 more words

Outlook-Deleting Emails

Outlook is one of the popular email clients out there in the market. It has the ability to add or sync different kinds of accounts. It is a good tool to manage many accounts at one place. 253 more words

Web Development

Three To Delete (2016)

1. Ad.
2. Old message.
3. Voter rolls.
An urge-
To call it cheating, a dedicated purge.


Oracle global temp tabs or nologging/append - saved redo in numbers

In an attempt to reduce redo entries (and archive space) generated for only temporarily computed contents of a couple of simple tables, I regarded employing… 419 more words


Pilgrims Would Laugh At Us

Goodbye to my 588 Facebook “friends.” It’s not that I don’t care about you. I just don’t care what you’re doing every single second of every single day. 638 more words


Apple & The US Government Say Windows Users Should Delete QuickTime Immediately

Ok Windows users, it’s time to delete QuickTime from your computer.

First of all, you need to know that Apple has completely pulled the plug on any kind of technical support for the video software. 79 more words


ADF: Handling deletion in TreeTables

For the current project that I am working for, we had the requirement to display information in a table that should consist of Master and Detail rows. 334 more words