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The Power of Deletion: An Unappreciated Gift

By: Kayleigh Neal

Reviewed By: Kris Summerson and Sara Martin

Our society today relies on technology and many people have become dependent on the things it provides, such as social media. 654 more words

Is it bad that I Instagram every aspect of my life?

By: Alex Gilmore

Reviewed by: Bee Ulrich and Tom Aberman

What does it mean to actually delete oneself? Of course, not deleting from existence, but simply from the virtual world. 514 more words

Delete Facebook? Only if I am dead!DP


Panic makes me impulsive – and not always in a good way. I can rush, like a boar towards the swill, and, in so-doing, make a complete and utter fool of myself… 891 more words


I had an argument with a friend today. Well, former friend because now we’re not friends. One of those arguments that’s going to see both of you walking out of each other’s lives. 47 more words



Episode 55 is brought to you live (well, recorded) from the greatest city on Earth, the city that never sleeps – Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada. What began as a pretty routine day in the world of pro-wrestling became a day to remember, as Daniel Bryan was reinstated as an active wrestler in WWE! 87 more words


Deleting, Distorting and Generalising

Listening beyond the words can give you insight into the motivations and beliefs of the talker. It can be a very useful skill and one the methodologies for helping to do this, comes from the first NLP models; The Meta Model* (It is often forgotten in the furore surrounding NLP that NLP orginated from an academic study). 1,021 more words