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Braxton Allen Eckert

From the second we found out we were pregnant our dreams started to come true and more dreams were being thought.

It was a typical pregnancy. 1,660 more words


My outlet

It was suggested to me that I start a blog. Not because I have something gravely important to say but because of a new adventure… 193 more words


Instagram deters deletion with reversible “archive” option

 When Instagrammers don’t get enough likes or think their posts look boring, they sometimes impetously delete them. But they can later regret this common emergent behavior which also deprives Instagram of monetizable content and your history in images that could keep you locked into the service. 24 more words

Uber Will Make It Easier Than Ever to Delete Your Personal Information From Its App

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Prior to the update, users could delete the app from their phone, but any data Uber had obtained from its users would remain on its servers unless customers personally emailed or called the company’s support team. 588 more words


UN denounced for scraping anti-Israel report

Palestinian officials have condemned the United Nations for scrapping a report which criticized Israel’s acts against Palestinians. The PLO official also called on the UN to undertake serious and concrete measures to hold Israel accountable for its persistent violations of international law and human rights. 69 more words


Sever Wipe

As your fingers shake,

Hovering over delete,

You won’t erase me


Oracle - table - Delete - Duplicate rows

With the following oracle query, duplicate rows in the Oracle table can be deleted:

delete from table_name

where rowid in
(select rowid from
rowid, 18 more words