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What Causes Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Is It Preventable?

First, it is important for parents to understand that there is most likely nothing that you did to “cause” your child’s speech disability. It is not about how much you talked to your child or whether or not you had them in daycare, for example. 602 more words

Chromosome Deletion? I am scared to meet you....

Three days ago I took my daughter for her paediatric review at the hospital.

I went full of hope and optimism, hoping for our “official ADHD diagnosis”. 161 more words

A Mishap on 550 University Avenue

By: Daniel Brown

‘Twas a bit before Christmas, when things began to get heated

A disputed Cadre article had been abruptly deleted

But now, it would seem, that people hate our guts… 348 more words


The Depository of Misfits

A cored and pitted soul…

Nice, huh? Well, not nice exactly, but good imagery, right? Strong, memorable in a tragic light. Not cliché, but not so far out there that it leaves the readers shaking their heads at the author’s tortuous, overwrought (i.e. 122 more words


Majestic Casual's Official YouTube Account Terminated

One of the most prominent music channels on YouTube, Majestic Casual is yet another account to face deletion due to third-party copyright infringement claims. As stated on the German label’s YouTube page, “Majestic Casual has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.” 65 more words

Staley Sharples

Basics of Editing for Content

Editing for content can be a tricky proposition. Writers tend to have a personal style that they have cultivated throughout the years and changing that style requires both a keen eye and a talent for revisions that comes from years of experience. 8 more words

Wall Street banks can now use this Bloomberg Terminal rival

The New York State Department of Financial Services came to an agreement with top Wall Street banks allowing them to use a new secure messaging system some feared could impede investigations of misconduct, it was… 132 more words