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Replay Annual Deletion - 2013-14 Scheduled Captures

Video files are big. Really big. As such, we can’t keep hold of everything forever, so each year we do a clean out of old lecture recordings.  351 more words

Lecture Capture


I posted earlier today on a narcistic relationship. I have a message that it was deleted. I would like to know why? did I do somethying wrong. 30 more words

Post Deletion

Hi, Can I enquire about how you get a post removed that you no longer want showing in the forum? Is this possible? Thanks Sazza… 6 more words

Doubly Linked List - Creation of nodes , Insertion of nodes , Display of nodes , Deletion of nodes , Modify nodes


void create();
void insertAtBegin();
void insertInBtwn();
void display();
void delFromBegin();
void delFromBtwn();
void displayBackward();
void modify();

struct student
int rollno,marks;
char name;
}; 513 more words

C Programs

Insertion\Search\Deletion in Binary Search Trees (BST)

Hello everyone, in this article we will learn about Binary Search trees, how to implement, insert, search and delete from a binary search tree. 868 more words

Data Structure

Prader-Willi Awareness Month- Day 3

Hi Everyone,

Today we will talk about Genetic Testing and subtypes of PWS.

How is PWS diagnosed?

PWS is diagnosed with a blood test that looks for the genetic abnormalities that are specific to PWS – called a “methylation analysis.” A FISH (flourescence in-situ hybridization) test identifies PWS by deletion, but it does not diagnose other forms of PWS. 495 more words

An Important Message About Comments & Articles On Exceptional Delaware

As a parent, the topic of opt-out is VERY personal to me.  It reaches right into our home.  But we have to realize there are those who have differing views.  528 more words

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