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20 April 2016

Today I took a picture of some whitewash.


The new guardian

There’s this application on my phone called the new guardian.  I don’t want it and it says I’m signed up for it.  One of those “forced upon me programs”. 24 more words


Database Normalisation

This is an important concept one must know when dealing with databases. This is something which is quite often asked in Interviews.

Database  Normalization is a technique of decomposing data in a table. 152 more words



I can’t even recall the number of posts which I’ve started to write recently that I’ve gotten half way through and then gone over to that little “Move to Trash” button and deleted. 375 more words

Mumbling Of An Imbecile

I had an idea

When an idea presents itself, one must act. Whether the action is completed through movement or communications, progress should quickly follow. It may proceed forward, remained unchanged or face deletion. 139 more words


What Causes Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Is It Preventable?

First, it is important for parents to understand that there is most likely nothing that you did to “cause” your child’s speech disability. It is not about how much you talked to your child or whether or not you had them in daycare, for example. 602 more words

Chromosome Deletion? I am scared to meet you....

Three days ago I took my daughter for her paediatric review at the hospital.

I went full of hope and optimism, hoping for our “official ADHD diagnosis”. 161 more words