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Program to implement linked list, operations like insertion, deletion, traversing in Last Infirst Out, Delete duplicate Nodes


Program to show the implementation of Linked List and various operations on linked list like :- Insertion, Deletion and Traversing. Implementation in Last In First Out. 21 more words


Two Deletion Ramages

I delete the messages, so I’m not reminded of crippling loneliness.
It reinforces my delusion of control.
I wrest my semblance of it.
I have control. 29 more words

Fishing Down the Food Web

As fish stocks have been over-exploited over the years, fisheries have resorted to the basis of the marine food chain, a term known an fishing down the food web.   347 more words


20 April 2016

Today I took a picture of some whitewash.


The new guardian

There’s this application on my phone called the new guardian.  I don’t want it and it says I’m signed up for it.  One of those “forced upon me programs”. 24 more words


Database Normalisation

This is an important concept one must know when dealing with databases. This is something which is quite often asked in Interviews.

Database  Normalization is a technique of decomposing data in a table. 152 more words