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Coaching som problem

Med afsæt i den filosofi, som er forbundet med filosoffen Gilles Deleuze og psykiateren Félix Guattaris fælles forfatterskab, vil jeg rejse to spørgsmål i dette essay. 95 more words


Philosopher or Meditator?

“The artist is a seer, a becomer,” wrote the philosopher Gilles Deleuze and the psychiatrist Félix Guattari in their 1996 book, What Is Philosophy.

I thought of this quote the other day, when a student of mine asked me, “What are you: a meditator or a philosopher?” 55 more words


Inner Travels are cheaper

I don’t travel, I never took a plane : I know I’m wrong. I knowwww!

I like to read books; though (I’m an astronomer, not an astronaut) about traveling. 202 more words

Horizon: Zero Dawn and the New Human Narrative

*Spoilers for Horizon: Zero Dawn follow*

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s world does something other games rarely do. The overgrown post-post-apocalyptic setting is nothing new; in fact, it is already on its way to trope status. 1,602 more words


On Assemblage: What's the Problem?

After hearing a few remarks about the equivalence between actor-networks and Deleuze’s agencement, which did not sound right to me, I went back to read one of my favourite commentaries on his concept of “assemblage”. 832 more words

Slow Reading (1.34): Deleuze's DR (pp. 34-35)

In the final paragraph of this section on Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Deleuze seeks to clarify the point he has just made. Generic / categorical difference and specific difference are not identical, he repeats, but they are, nevertheless, co-constitutive; “the univocity of species in a common genus,” he writes, “refers back to the equivocity of being in the various genera: the one reflects the other” ( 1,189 more words


The Cage and the Clover (Deleuzions of Gender)

I am the lion
I am the tamer
I am the bullet in the chamber
The trigger pulled if I do not perform
I am the laughter… 403 more words