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Delhi High Court extends bail for RSPL officials

The Delhi High Court on Monday extended the bail of three Rathi Steel and Power Ltd (RSPL) officials, chief executive officer Udit Rathi (aged 34 years), managing director Padeep Rathi (aged 60 years) and assistant general manager Kushal Aggarwal (aged 35 years). 149 more words


Ericsson on a spree of favourable orders

Delhi High Court passed an interim injunction order in the ongoing case of Telefonktiebolaget LM Ericsson v. Lava International Ltd that prevents Lava from importing, exporting, manufacturing, and selling any mobile phones that use Ericsson’s 8 SEP patents and technology.The defendant is also barred from exporting the impugned goods. 463 more words

Capital Plastic Industries v. Happy Plastic Industries

Capital Plastic Industries v. Happy Plastic Industries

1988 PTC 182

Brief Facts:

As per the Plaintiff, the Plaintiff started using the trademark RABBER from 1983 in respect of thermos jug. 581 more words

Intellectual Property Rights

Relief For Buyers Of Under-Construction Flats, Court Says No Service Tax

The Delhi High Court has ruled that no service tax can be levied in respect of the agreements entered into between buyers and builders for flats in an under-construction building in a housing project. 317 more words

Property News

Can service tax be levied on under construction flats ?

Hello Friends,

On 3rd June, 2016 – Delhi High Court gave judgement on controversy –

whether the consideration paid by flat buyers to builder/promoter/developer for acquiring a flat in a complex, which under construction/development, could be subjected to levy of service tax.

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Delhi High Court

रियो ओलिंपिक नहीं जा पाएंगे सुशील, कोर्ट का हस्‍तक्षेप से इन्‍कार

भारत को इससे पहले दो ओलिंपिक में पदक दिलाने वाले सुशील कुमार इस बार रियो आलिंपिक में शामिल नहीं हो पाएंगे। दिल्‍ली हाईकोर्ट ने नरसिंह के साथ ट्रायल के लिए लगाई गई सुशील कुमार की याचिका सोमवार को खारिज कर दी है।

याचिका खारिज करते हुए कोर्ट ने कहा कि हाईकोर्ट तब तक रेसलिंग फेडरेशन के अधिकार क्षेत्र में दखलंदाजी नहीं करेगी जब तक उसमें क‍िसी तरह की मनमानी या फिर अनुचित व्‍यवहार नजर नहीं आता। अदालत ने आगे कहा कि रेसलिंग फेडरेशन ने खिलाड़ी के चयन के लिए पारदर्शी तरीके का उपयोग किया था। वादी का यह तर्क की ट्रायल कई महीनों पहले हुआ था और इसलिए यह तर्कसंगत नहीं है यह स्‍वीकार्य नहीं है।


The Judge's Throne

Every year, as the summer commences, there seems to be a direct correlation between the temperature in Delhi and turning up the heat on the summer vacations of the Supreme Court and the High Courts across the country. 839 more words

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