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Salami anyone??

These are comfort foods we grew up with and it’s exciting to be able to veganize some :). The best part about these vegan deli meats are, that no one had to die to make them! 26 more words


Italian deli cold cut....Mortadella style vegan meat

Ready to make an awesome sandwich? My family and I are hooked on this deli meat and I eat mostly raw, it`s like a guilty pleasure!! 366 more words


Seitan roll .....vegan cold cut deli meat for sandwiches

If you have been out shopping for some vegan deli meats you will notice how expensive they really are. When you’re making lunches for a family it can really take a bite out of your pocket. 204 more words

Plant Based

Deli Delights | Cold Cut Roll Ups

These are an awesome snack and a nice way to sneak a little extra protein and some veggies into your diet.

Depending on what kind of deli meat you use, they are about 50 calories with 9 g of protein, plus the amount of calories in whatever you choose to put n the middle. 94 more words


Salad Season!

I bought a package of frozen salmon the other day..  bought celery, yesterday. cooked up the salmon in a dry skillet with the skin on.  put on a plate when done cooking. 235 more words


How to cut your grocery spending in HALF at One Store!

I’m sure you all have heard of it. One store that I can not get enough of. I could spend an hour roaming the aisles only going in for one thing and leaving with a cart full. 292 more words