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Homemade Deli style Roasted Turkey Breast

My brother owns an Italian deli and grocery store in the St. Pete, Florida area. There you can get a giant, overstuffed sandwich on homemade bread for a great price. 596 more words


Potato head

Crazy spicy scalloped potatoes (no cheese) smoked turkey deli wrapped tomato slices and a tangerine.

A birth story. Hello again.

Well, my daughter is 15 weeks old, so it’s about time I crawled out of my maternity leave cave and put my birth story on paper. 1,297 more words

Stop Eating Deli Meat!

For years I thought I was eating healthy when I would purchase 30 pounds of my local Ralph’s deli meat. Okay, maybe 30 pounds is a little exaggeration. 204 more words

How to Fluff Up a Sandwich

All restaurants like to save money. It doesn’t matter how big, how successful, how generous the establishment is–every place has its tricks. Ever wonder why sandwiches look so tall and luscious? 216 more words


Melrose Market on Wuss-out Wednesday

I was supposed to buy milk after work today.  The plan was to go to a convenience store that has a Milk Club; you buy 10 half-gallons and get one free or some such nonsense.  556 more words


Trader Joe's Uncured Sliced Pastrami

Trader Joe’s All Natural Uncured Sliced Pastrami is not preserved, you must keep it refrigerated below 40ºF at all times, according to the front of the box.   177 more words

Trader Joe's