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to be awake in the middle of the daylight

If you stare at me when

we’re travelling and

I stare back, with blue face,

you soar across the sky, the back of


head busted, but the streams don’t flow… 23 more words

You would think that....

I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought some deli meat and cheese for sandwiches. I ordered ¾ Lb of cheese and ¾ Lb of smoked turkey. 125 more words


I Couldn't Come up with a Clever Title, but the Egg Suoffle is Delicious!

Young adult novels are my guilty pleasure. If I want to be taken into another world in 2.3 seconds flat, I pick up a YA fiction. 508 more words

Food Blog

Recipe Box, Club Sandwich Lasagna

Okay, sooooo…

Do you ever get an idea for a dish that you are quite sure is going to be beyond amazing?

You think, “this is such a brilliant idea!” 💡 367 more words

Recipe Box

Cold smoked reindeer

I was looking forward to trying some reindeer at the airport in Finland during my stopover, however, I didn’t have enough time to go to a restaurant as we were behind on schedule. 159 more words


Grocery Run

After work. I picked up some essential for my week:  A Diet Coke, a few 2 liters of Vernor’s Diet Ginger Ale, some lunchmeat and cheese, two tubs of hummus (they were buy-one-get-one-free at Meijers) and a tray of veggies as it is too hot to cook this week and I have two packs of buns to use up.