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I Couldn't Come up with a Clever Title, but the Egg Suoffle is Delicious!

Young adult novels are my guilty pleasure. If I want to be taken into another world in 2.3 seconds flat, I pick up a YA fiction. 508 more words

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Recipe Box, Club Sandwich Lasagna

Okay, sooooo…

Do you ever get an idea for a dish that you are quite sure is going to be beyond amazing?

You think, “this is such a brilliant idea!” 💡 367 more words

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We’re big meat lovers in our house. We’ve tried all sorts of things over the years but until now, we’ve never tried cured meat. For our first attempt we thought we’d go with one of the best; pastrami. 657 more words


Cold smoked reindeer

I was looking forward to trying some reindeer at the airport in Finland during my stopover, however, I didn’t have enough time to go to a restaurant as we were behind on schedule. 159 more words


Grocery Run

After work. I picked up some essential for my week:  A Diet Coke, a few 2 liters of Vernor’s Diet Ginger Ale, some lunchmeat and cheese, two tubs of hummus (they were buy-one-get-one-free at Meijers) and a tray of veggies as it is too hot to cook this week and I have two packs of buns to use up.


Homemade Deli style Roasted Turkey Breast

My brother owns an Italian deli and grocery store in the St. Pete, Florida area. There you can get a giant, overstuffed sandwich on homemade bread for a great price. 596 more words


Potato head

Crazy spicy scalloped potatoes (no cheese) smoked turkey deli wrapped tomato slices and a tangerine.