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Friends, Support, and Everything That Matters,

This morning at 6:36, my friend of 11 years sent me a message asking whether I believed in God. This led to a long discussion about our beliefs and faith but also about the things that really matter; our children and happiness. 368 more words


"If it is important you'll make it happen, if not an excuse"

So it might have been a hot minute or two since I’ve written.  Tuesday I would have lied and said I was busy and didn’t have time to post.  710 more words

Leaders are not dealers in hope

One of my Twitter followers shared a quote the other day by Napoleon Bonaparte that says, “Leaders are dealers in hope.” It even had a nice picture with it. 359 more words


Deliberate Leadership Creating Success through Personal Style - Coaching Blog - Professional Coaching Training

Deliberate Leadership is about being self-aware enough that you can be-purposefully wise, diplomatic, and intentional with competence, embracing the values (and behaviours) of accountability, reliability, and responsibility. 54 more words

Defining: Raising Consciousness

My younger sister and I talk on the phone frequently. She lives in Washington, I live in Florida. Here is a typical conversation that we have: 263 more words

Take control and find out where all your time goes.

Where does all your time go? What has the greatest impact on your daily energy and is it the right use of your time? I have long pursued living a deliberate life. 968 more words

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