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Day 593 - Living words : Deliberate


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I would think of this word as something that is being done. A action or non action. Something is happening within this word and it is related to movement and things taking place. 1,211 more words

Magnify goodness in every moment.

It is a beautiful day.  Happy Sunday and may you find a few minutes today to give thanks to God, Master of our universe, our beautiful Mother Earth and the souls, past and present, who walk our journey with us. 240 more words

Day 10 - Gratitude manifesto

1. I am done with my exams.
2. I have found a place to call home with people I like.
3. I’m attracting business mentors who I can learn a lot from. 115 more words

Russian Roulette

I saw a roulette table, and then kept hearing “Russian roulette.” There are too many people right now who are just leaving things up to chance, having a “Let the chips fall where they may.” This is a poisonous attitude. 75 more words

Daily Tidbits

Maundy Monday

“It’s early in the morning and I ain’t got nothing but the..blues!”

LSS everyday until 9am.

It’s a good song of course. Along with “Is you is or is you ain’t (my baby)”. 317 more words

Tue Jan 20 2:24 AM 2015 (entry 1/2)

(iterative writing)

Of all available options, I would like humanity to know and choose the best one.

I would like for humanity to be given the option of choosing the best of their options. 100 more words

Primates On Typewriters

Quote of the day

‘If you realised how powerful your thoughts are,
you would never think a negative thought again.’ 6 more words