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Letting go of 'Might Use"

Today, I went through five boxes of things that I “might use.”  As I was going through the boxes I would put things aside with the justification of, “I… 189 more words


Look Up! What Happens When You Put Your Phone Down

Our society can be very high strung. Everyone is trying to get from point A to B, and it was supposed to have happened yesterday. In a society of instant gratification, it can be difficult to take a few deep breaths, relax and appreciate your surroundings. 989 more words


What is Deliberate creation

We are all creators so why not use our powers of creation to manifest what we desire.

Deliberate creation means creating an intent of what you desire and allowing it to become into reality. 151 more words

Deliberate Info.

I deliberately gave some info to someone, which so far has all been the truth and will stay the truth and by all means innocent out of my mouth as I am not doing anything wrong, only baring some news, but I know it pisses her off so much. 75 more words

Haruka Diary- Online


When we moved into our new house, we technically downsized, even though both houses had two bedrooms.

Our first idea was to find a carpenter to install custom shelving units. 472 more words


The "B Word" Why I Stopped Saying I Was Busy, and What It Has Done For Me

Busy. It is a word we have become accustomed to using when greeting an old friend, talking to a colleague, or explaining why we were unable to make it to an important event. 757 more words


Mistake is all that mattered,
One mistake which i carry around,
Wondering with my soul for life,
Remains unforgiven, i wasn’t so wise,
No way, my attempt was deliberate,

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