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Wickedness. Part-One.

Deliberate Sin.

It is sad to say that there are many Christians today who like to play games with other people hurting them, this is of course nothing new in religious circles. 63 more words


"Day 15 PISC - 1967 Tanka #12"

“STU-Motivation Platoon”

The fat-bodies gone,

the non-hackers on ‘the block:’

Motivation ‘Toon for them!

Brand new worry introduced.

You think it’s deliberate?


beauty from ashes

sometimes the Lord utterly crushes me with His sweetness and revelations. currently. my heart is realing. in so many ways I cannot even begin to understand. 790 more words


Different strokes.....

Yesterday the Pope was in the capitol and Catholics (Christians) were happy. He talked about the threat to the family and about immigrant among so many other things. 207 more words


Living and Dying

Originally posted January 31, 2015…

Just came from the hospital… thankfully, not as a patient today, just a simple visitor. Yet, my heart aches deep inside for those I met, those I passed as I walked the halls. 319 more words


Leading Through Rough Waters...

The challenge of leading in rough waters obviously deals with an uncomfortable area. No one likes leading during these times. No one seeks out rough waters to practice their leadership. 163 more words


Manifestation Process


The 5 stages of manifestation
Stage 1 is Focus, and you don’t really know where you are focusing unless you get some feedback. For example, when you put a laser point against the wall and you don’t really know where you’re pointing it until you see the little red dot. 239 more words