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On Fear and Audre Lorde

“I am deliberate and afraid of nothing,” declared Audre Lorde in her 1973 poem titled “New Year’s Day.” This quote came to me at a particularly delicate time in my life when I found myself needing to reevaluate my innately co-dependent nature. 944 more words


There's No Generalizing in Lean

It has been decades since we first learned about the Toyota Production System and how it contributes to the company’s quality, productivity, and competitive success.  And although some companies have done very well with lean, most have struggled.  560 more words


Book review: Talent is Overrated

I recently finished reading a book by Geoff Colvin that tried to explain what enables someone to become world class in their field, whether it be music, business or sport. 915 more words

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Two choices, I choose ‘Create a life’ – what about you?

Reclaim SUCCESS - the number 1 reason success eludes most people

‘When you define your success, that is when you will find YOUR SUCCESS’. ~ Martin Gee

That one sentence explains it all.

Many of us blindly chase the big house, fast cars, super yachts and celebrity status on the understanding that this is success. 256 more words

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Create some new exciting chapters and a really happy ending..