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HAIKU #116

concentric circles

deliberately arranged

entwining meaning

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Leadership is Uncomfortable

If you are doing it right, leadership is uncomfortable. Not in a weird, creepy way, but in an “I have to do things I don’t want to do kind of way.”  These “things” are different for everyone, but every leader has things they have to do that make them uncomfortable.  566 more words

Elaborate a plan

You have to make a deliberate effort
To elaborate a detailed plan
To celebrate in a big way.
I can recall how elaborate the event… 25 more words

Five-Hundred Word Challenge 402: Many Voices

There are many voices going on in this small space at the moment, for there is assignment work that is occurring and we need to get the work done in order  to reach a location of finality with assignments, as this is where it all starts and the assignments all end at the same point: the due date. 470 more words


The MESSAGE 2018: Intentional Lover

The min’ love is meted out of convenience, it quenches its spark and beauty. This is why love must be intentional. It must be thought out in advance, done on purpose; deliberate. 352 more words

Bad Characters

Today started out beautifully and then, boom! People happened.

That’s not rude, get off of your high horses.

I definitely don’t like this person we call society, I’ve never even met him/her but nope, just no! 400 more words


Happy Easter!

In arrears 😊

The season reminded us about the ultimate sacrifice made on our behalf at Calvary so we can now live free victorious lives. 520 more words