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Citizens's Juries on How to Tackle Health Inequalities #demopart

In this project, the focus of the Citizens’ Juries discussions will be health inequalities and potential policy responses to these inequalities. We are organising three Citizens’ Juries in Summer 2016, one in Glasgow, one in Liverpool and one in Manchester. 37 more words


Research Assistant Job!

I’m hiring a research assistant (or possibly two) to work on my ARC-funded research project, Sparking a National Conversation.

The research assistant might contribute in a number of different ways to the project, but the right person might have one, two or all of these skill sets: 97 more words

Deliberation And Deliberative Democracy

Brexit part 2: thresholds, representation, and 'what next?'

The other day I wrote a post-Brexit reaction which focused on the rather specialised question of how deliberative democrats ought to respond to politics in a ‘post-fact’ society. 1,237 more words

UK Politics And Policy

Brexit, deliberative democracy, and the unforced force of the better argument

It’s more than a week after the vote in the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union, and it’s taken me this long to write something. 1,412 more words

UK Politics And Policy

Can liberal democracy be rescued?

As liberal democracy degenerates into technocracy on the one hand and demagoguery on the other, participatory and deliberative mechanisms are crucial to the defence of a pluralist, tolerant society. 1,088 more words

Politics - General

The referendum is a parody of democracy

A referendum should be the ultimate expression of democracy. It should be a real choice being made by people who are kept well informed on the facts, who have an understanding of the values, arguments and processes underlying the facts and who are considering their own interests in the context of what is good for everyone. 399 more words

Where I Stand 2/06/2016

On arriving at the University of Cape Town in 1994 as a student I hurriedly joined the ANC branch on campus.  Of course UCT was not an unfamiliar space to me. 1,470 more words

Where I Stand