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Deliberative Democracy: A Critical Introduction

Acton_Deliberative Democracy- A Critical Introduction

Inspired by the presentation on the Oregon Citizen Initiative Review at the Oregon Mediation Association, I focused my research paper for Richard Margerum’s Collaborative Planning course on the theory and practice of deliberative democracy. 301 more words

Negotiating Water

Acton_Negotiating Water Annotated Bibliography

I’ve always been drawn to environmental and natural resource issues, but over the course of my life I have been increasingly and serendipitously pushed towards water issues. 422 more words

Democratizing Global Climate Governance

My latest review has just come out in Environmental Politics, on the excellent, important and timely book by Stevenson and Dryzek, ‘Democratizing Global Climate Governance’. 6 more words

Climate Change

March 17 2007 & 2009: Democracy inaction

It’s really really hard.  Our intellectual and political tools seem inadequate for the super-wicked problem that is climate change.  Two examples two years apart illustrate this. 92 more words

United Kingdom

Discussing the future of politics at the Gathering

A few weeks ago I took part in a public session with Martin Sime (SCVO), Alan Rennie (Daily Record and Sunday Mail) and artist Elaine C Smith about the future of politics in Scotland and beyond. 19 more words


A People's Parliament: Request for assistance

The Sortition Foundation (http://www.sortitionfoundation.org/) is in the initial phases of planning a People’s Parliament in the UK and is seeking help to bring the concept to fruition. 68 more words