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Breakfast in a Mason Jar

This worked brilliantly – easy, delish and convenient. The Cuisinart smoothie-blender is very ergonomic and this came out tops. And the Mason jars are great to walk around with … 35 more words

Tips For Right Living

Charcoal Biryani

Biryani – one word strong enough to get people’s attention (esp. foodies); many people have asked us, “what do you enjoy in Biryani?, “What does a vegetarian know about biryani and its taste?”. 401 more words

Food Review

[WWE Cookbook] Mankind's Pumpkin Pie

Baking stresses me out. I’ve lived in my home for over a year and I am still not entirely sure how to turn off the top heating element in my oven. 930 more words

19 Creamy And Delicious Smoothies To Make This Fall

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Coconut Paleo Bread with Pineapple and Lime Juicing for Health: 12 Vitamin-Packed, Energizing Recipes How to Build the Perfect Smoothie For Weight Loss… 25 more words

Last minute treat: Melt in Your Mouth Pumpkin Cookies

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope each and every one of you had an amazing time with your beautiful loved ones!

This morning as I was laying around, being lazy, and sipping my coffee I thought to myself, “I should bake something!” So, I looked and happened to have all of the ingredients I needed, so I made fluffy, delicious, pumpkin cookies. 224 more words


Eat Well on a Budget

Eating healthy food can be a challenge when you have a tight budget. Leanne Brown has created a recipe book called Eat Well on $4 a day, Good and Cheap. 47 more words

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fun fact about me, I am a HUGE FRIENDS fan. So, obviously I like to spend my day before Thanksgiving dinner watching all of the Thanksgiving episodes, because they are they are hilarious. 19 more words