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Chicken Soup for your Soul and Belly

Not going to say it’s THAT time of year but…itsthattimeofyear! 105 more words


Cabanossi One Pot Pasta - Fast and Delicious and a vegetarian/vegan alternative

Dinner can be rough sometimes, you know. It is late, you don’t really feel like cooking, but a sandwich just does not sound that appealing. Maybe you had a super long stressful day at work or school, it was dark when you left and it is dark as you come back home. 649 more words


Holiday Deliciousness!

Every couple of weeks when a new edition is released, it seems like The Conscious Talk has really been outdoing itself! Setting the bar higher and higher in foodie perfection! 49 more words

Planked Maple-Molasses Pork Tenderloin

Yes, pink-centered pork! If you learned to cook in the twentieth or early twenty-first century, or learned from someone who did, you probably learned to cook every last hint of pink out of your pork. 1,040 more words


Hey that looks delicious

Picture the day when someone was walking around and thought, hey that looks delicious.  I think I should eat it.  Or maybe it was more of a holy crap, I am starving and that looks like something to eat.


Juhu die Hafermilch bei Hofer ist zurück 😍

Die Hafermilch von Hofer ist super im Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis und schmeckt einfach wunderbar 😍

Softest Butter Pancakes

I admit, living with roommates has its own perks. I have lived with several amazing girls while being a student and I have learned different things from each and one of them. 319 more words