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Banana and Raspberry Green pancakes

Okay before you judge them for being green, you have to try it! They honestly don’t taste any different to normal pancakes and if the green freaks you out to much, you can easily leave the spinach out. 168 more words

French Fries at Home

French fries are fantastic. I like a crispy crust and a soft center – a perfect vehicle for ketchup. I like to add some sriracha to a bit of ketchup for a spicy option, and I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoy BBQ sauce, even as a dipping condiment. 218 more words


Spiced apple muffins with vanilla cinnamon glacé icing

After an insanely busy week, I am indescribably happy to sit down with a cup of tea and just…relax. It has got to the point in the semester where you don’t know which book to start reading first. 368 more words

Swedish Consulate Christmas Lunch!

My classmate is Swedish and he and his family got invited to a lunch that the Swedish consulate here in Istanbul hosted. Thanks to him, he sent me couple of food pictures that were delivered to them. 52 more words


Sunday chicken roast

I believe that in every country there is something people traditionally eat for lunch on Sunday. It’s probably because that is the time of the week that the whole family gets the time to gather around the table, share food, their news from the week, gossip, laughter, and sometimes insults (???!!! 487 more words


Banana Peanut Putter Oatmeal Protein Muffins

This was AMAZING!

I was intentionally trying to make a muffin that is good for breakfast and post-meal food where you need a good combination of carbs and protein. 123 more words