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Chicken Stew

This Chicken stew is so simple yet so delicious and yummy. My kids love it and more importantly this is the only way I can get my younger daughter to eat chicken. 428 more words


Best Tapas in Barcelona: The Most Delicious Tapas in Spanish Cuisine

Tapas have long been a part of Barcelona’s history, and are considered an important trademark of Spanish cuisine. These sumptuous bite-size dishes are classified as finger food, and are usually served as snacks between meals, as appetizers, or if eaten in combination, a main dish. 90 more words

Food For Thought || Banana Bread With A Twist

Lately I have been trying out new way to incorporate flax seed into my recipes.  I figured it was easiest to go back to basics and find ways to add flax seed to good old fashioned recipes and make home cooking a bit healthier.   130 more words

Cinnamon Buns

Here is a recipe of delicious cinnamon buns…..!!


1 teaspoon white sugar

1 (.25 ounce) package active dry yeast

1/2 cup warm water (45 degrees C) 351 more words

Absolutely Gorgeous

Hell-No-I’m-Not-Gonna-Share Apple Chips

One of the reasons why I am forced to work out every day is because I am weak – I fucking love food. More than that, though… I fucking love snacking. 321 more words