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14 Mint Colored Things That Will Instantly Delight

Life Is Just a Tire Swing: A Woodway, Texas Fixer-Upper
What Makeup Should We Choose If we’re Wearing Glasses 14 Mint Colored Things That Will Instantly Delight 16 Must-See Fall Polyvore Combinations… 11 more words

Double & Rotation

Day 19 of Photo 101: Double & Rotation.

Double can be interpreted in many ways; here are my two kids, each looking at their reflection (and each has a shadow in the background). 40 more words


Random Acts of Poetry Day*

*”…what if it just made someone smile, for a brief minute?

It could happen.” – LW Lindquist

Desires of the Heart

Hayden, my little boy, loves to pretend to fight with me. He plunges headlong off the back of the couch, or from one side of the bed into me, all with the trust that I will catch him and “body slam” him. 234 more words

the thief (says hello)

you come thieving

in the daylight hours you pounce

sneaking up on the unsuspecting

to prance upon our hearts

viciouslykind you come

compassionatelyharsh you come promising… 57 more words