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I want to be happy. I want to wake up each morning with a broad smile quite evident on my face. I desire to have that smile for the rest of the day. 929 more words


The danger of freedom

I’m learning to think through what I hear in sermons and what I read.  When God wants to impress a truth on me, He tends to funnel the same message through multiple media.   914 more words

Christian Growth

Allow your life to take form

You are doing well to not try to smash your life into a premade form.
You are doing well to allow it to take shape as you flow, to take shape as you grow. 89 more words

Playing Catch Up

My Brokenness

War. Slavery. Abortion. Racism. Hunger. Natural Disasters. Corruption. Adultery. Pride. Bitterness. Anger. Insecurity. Cancer. Mental Illness. Many, many, many, many more evil, broken things found in this world could be added to this list. 351 more words


Half a Post

I had a nice, life-changing post all written and all but finished and then … I deleted it with no saved draft!

So rather than try and re-write it, I just want to share a verse with you. 63 more words



Eyes of your indubitable spirit

Sprinkle grace at a glace

Pretensions of a man

Transformed into playfulness

Of a boy

Making castles of clay

For his princess.

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Beware the power of the bully.
Helplessness magnified by unrelenting cruelty.
Lost in the darkness, wallowing in self-pity.
Crushed self-worth.
The bully reaches across decades haunting you. 208 more words