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There is a Cloud

There are times where I get really fixated on a certain song. The reasons are myriad, but most likely, something in my heart is being resonated in that song. 556 more words


A Kite's Tale

The soaring wind blew away my kite,

Bisecting the air and enjoying the height,

The pulsating thread inhaled the sunlight,

The kite climbed with the birds, it was relishing the flight. 39 more words


Wordpress, a phenomenon, a kaleidoscopic explosion
Opening authors to explore new horizon
Reality mixed with fiction, sentiments and emotions
Discover a treasure trove hitherto hidden… 36 more words


Salt of the Earth

Being kind is the best thing a person can be. Kindness spreads, just like wildfire. Kindness can go from smiling at a stranger, to listening to someone’s problems. 176 more words


One Ends, Another Begins

Everyone has their own story. Everyone has their own problems, and how they react to them teaches them a little more about themselves. However, a person should never be judged because the people around him or her don’t know what is going on in their mind and have never stepped inside his or her shoes. 231 more words


Delight at the storms for with storms come his solutions

I was reading Isaiah 61 today in the context of how God wants us to live a “Kingdom” lifestyle.  One verse that I hadn’t considered in much detail before was verse 5. 270 more words