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is my favourite word in Steve Donoghue’s interesting review of The Casualties at Open Letters Monthly.


A bit of natural magic

I’ve just returned from several days at a SoulCollage retreat, and I’m feeling relaxed and mellow. There’s no telling what kind of outrageous thing you could say to me right now, and still get a very mild response. 118 more words


SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 08/23/15- "A Delightful Crown Of Victory!" (Psalms 149:4)

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: 08/23/15- “A Delightful Crown Of Victory!” (Psalms 149:4)

Premise Question: How can it be that our total surrender is what guarantees our ultimate and complete victory in life? 254 more words


Q and A on The Casualties

Thanks to Caroline Leavitt for doing a Q and A with me about The Casualties, which as usual made me realise all kinds of things about where the book came from. 11 more words


Food | Eastern delights

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Sweets in a vase in eastern style

By tatyanasaprykina

Source: 500px.com


The Dying Grass

My possibly quixotic attempt to make you read William Vollmann’s incredible new book is now at the LA Review of Books.