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Today's Walk

On my walk today

Many delights on the way

Lovely bouquet

Many surprises abound

New treasures are found



5 Hawker Delights At East Coast Lagoon Food Village We Can't Get Enough Of

(Source: www.superadrianme.com)

Rain or shine, East Coast Lagoon Food Village is packed. Locals and tourists, alike, flock to this rustic “kampong” for a plate of Char Kway Teow, endless sticks of satays and mountains of chicken wings. 740 more words


Pokémon Go!

If you have been an active user of social media, then it’s pretty sure you would be aware of the phenomenon called “Pokémon Go”.


As you all know, it’s an augmented reality game which allows you to go in search of pokemons, collect them and build your profile. 327 more words


Arduous Journey

Sometimes the path seems difficult while at other times, it is much easier.  But, I am sure that all is asked of me is to reach out for God’s hand while I take the next step.  60 more words

Sweet Delights and Lollipop Dreams

Tongue swirling, swiping the head
and eyes bright with a lustful gleam
her inhibitions are quickly shed
from sweet delights and lollipop dreams

She savors the feel and the taste… 60 more words


Things the Lord Delights In

The Lord delights in His brothers and sisters following His Father’s Will, those who  understand Him and believe in Him, and those who exercise loving kindness, judgment, and righteousness on earth.. 441 more words

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