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bash | parsing lines to array with quoted delimiters

OIFS=$IFS;IFS=$'\n';ARRAY=($(echo "$LINE" | awk '{ for (i = 0; ++i <= NF;) printf "%s\n", $i }' FPAT='([^,]+)|("[^"]+")'));IFS=$OIFS


Java 8 StringJoiner demo

Finally Java has convenient and intuitive API for joining strings with delimiters! Since Java 8 there is StringJoiner class. It is an API that you may know from Guava Joiner classes (see my post: … 231 more words


Salvatore: Change Price Coma Into Point


This time i want to share a tutorial about how to change the price separator at Salvatore theme. By default, it will displaying your price delimited with coma. 130 more words