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Combining & Splitting Text

Knowing how to combine two columns into one and vice versa quickly is so helpful.  I remember having to do this so many times and I thought surely there is a quicker way! 273 more words


To compare two cells in a single sheet


To compare two cells in multiple sheets


To Select a single row in excel

Shortcut Key: Shift + End + <Down Arrow> 41 more words

Excel Tips

What is the syntax to join a sequence, separated by a string?

<string name>.join(<sequence>)
str = "-"
str2 = "! "
str3 = ""
seq1 = ("1","2","3")
seq2 = ('Ursula', 'Yves','Pedro', 'Bernice')


Ursula! 6 more words

Convert Tab delimited strings

I had an issue to process a csv file with TAB delimited text lines. The existing code expected text lines with ; as delimiter.

Character TAB has ASCII Code 9. 150 more words

Nav 2013

10 เครื่องหมายบนแป้น Keyboard ที่คุณอาจเรียกผิดมานานแล้ว!


อยากทราบว่า เครื่องหมายบนแป้นคีย์บอร์ดทั้ง 10 นี้ มีชื่อว่าอะไร?

1. ”
2. #
3. $
4. ^
5. &
6. *
7. [ ]
8. { }
9. = 200 more words

Microsoft Excel

What is the syntax to split an array based on a value?

Split(expression, delimiter, count, compare)
'expression is a string; only mandatory parameter
'count - how many substrings to be returned. -1 means all substrings are returned
'compare - 0 for binary, 1 for textual

'be aware that the Split function returns an array value, not string value. 44 more words