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The word “bracket” is multiply salient in this post, and so I figured that it would be fun to, as has become somewhat customary in my posts, to explore the different denotations and connotations of the word.   432 more words


Split a String Separated by a Delimiter Character in TSQL


Suppose we have a string containing multiple names/elements separated by a delimiter character (e.g. ‘,’ , ‘|’ , ‘:’ etc). We want to split the string separated by the delimiter character and to retrieve each separated names/elements along with their order of occurrence. 333 more words


membuka file csv menggunakan libre office

Pas buka file csv atau excel (xls) tetapi terbaca menjadi 1 kolom saja


q> Penampakan file xls ketika dibuka seperti gambar ini :

q> Data dengan titik koma delimeter terbaca ke dalam satu kolom, pada program open office atau libre office, klik menu Data…

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Tokenizing in java

Tokenizing :

Tokenizing is a mechanism of taking larg pieces of source data, breaking them into small pieces, and storing these small pieces in variables. 265 more words