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The Corporate Life: From a 24 year old perspective..!

Today, I complete four years of employment and saying that it’s a mixed feeling would not do justice to my emotions. I am a firm believer in the fact that age is just a number and frankly any chronological event is just a milestone because helplessly we are gonna pass it. 758 more words


Sometimes it’s better to live in Dilemma than to come back to reality.

Because…that delimma might give you a false reason to live, But

That reality would surely torture you enough to choose death as the only option.


Wale finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to his recent lady of interest. Looking for a little guidance from his homeboy, Wale calls on PNB Rock for help with his latest single “Dilemma”. 117 more words

Food For Thought

Maybe I'm Not Ready to Be A Professional Vacationer

Yeah, as the title says, I think saying I could hold down the title of “Professional Vacationer” is in limbo. I am 20 days away from vacation and I am still not ready to go. 273 more words

Life As It Happens

Log 14: The rest of your life...

22/03/17, SINGAPORE

Lately I’ve been dwelling a lot on my life, the future in particular.

I’m currently a nursing student and when I return in July I will continue with my study. 157 more words

What were you?

Background: There are a few things that remain unspoken of usually because the adult heart, which has experienced enough suffering does not want to plunge in too soon.   308 more words


People nowadays


Nowadays minding our own business bothers people that we aren’t interested in their unimportant life.