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Shelf the Elf on a Shelf

I have to look at this creeper for the next 25 days.

(Yes, the elf took that elfie with my iPhone.)

I was planning to shelf the Elf on a Shelf concept. 927 more words


Magic Number

A year is theoretically equal to

Months : 12 , Days: 365, Hours: 8,760, Minutes: 525,600, Seconds: 31,536,000.

So lets say that you are one of those lucky bastards who live up to 71 years old. 633 more words


Solving an 80-year-old's retirement income dilemma

A reader recently asked how best to help her 80-year-old mother, a widow whose income is falling short of her expenses and who risks outliving her money. 943 more words

Let It Flow: The Mommy Milk Dilemma (1)

I wonder how others view me and what I do. Not to let their opinions dissuade me in exclusively pumping, but to know what is going through their heads. 354 more words


Choosing A University Course

Currently, I am waiting for the release of my result. I felt uncertain. I do not know which university course I should choose so that I will end up with a job that I like. 326 more words


The winds are blowing, flying my heart away.

My life is at a very crucial moment, where I don’t know what should I do? Even though I know my goals but still I’m not able to achieve it. 284 more words

Freaking out

Hey guys

So I’m in a bit of a pickle. I was dog sitting my friends pitbull and my pit has allergies and now his eye is all red. 68 more words