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Rhapsody of romance.

Roads don’t always lead to dead ends.”

The last line i read off my favourite novel. Fairytales are just fictions engraved into our minds from the age we sleep to the mesmerising voices of our mothers reading us a bedtime story. 1,084 more words


Shelf the Elf on a Shelf

I have to look at this creeper for the next 25 days.

(Yes, the elf took thatĀ elfie with my iPhone.)

I was planning to shelf the Elf on a Shelf concept. 927 more words


Magic Number

A year is theoretically equal to

Months : 12 , Days: 365, Hours: 8,760, Minutes: 525,600, Seconds: 31,536,000.

So lets say that you are one of those lucky bastards who live up to 71 years old. 633 more words