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Mummy, it was I that did it. Please forgive me...

What if I am a mother of three children aged between five and twelve years. I should be as worried as any other mother to maintain discipline in my family. 391 more words


Data Shows Borrowers With Less Student Loan Debt More Likely To Default

When you hear about someone defaulting on their student loans, you might assume this borrower took out several tens of thousands of dollars to pay for their education. 581 more words


Delinquency: n. relatively small crimes done mostly by minors

Failure to pay money on time may be considered to be an adult delinquency which is a relatively small crime but most delinquencies are done by minors. 125 more words

Common Sense

Davis Groves and the changing world

Most of you probably have no idea who Davis Groves is — unless you miraculously remember her from a story in Needle magazine back in 2013, from a story on… 1,634 more words


Share and Share Alike? Income Savings Agreements

One new proposal being floated to give students another borrowing option is the authorization of Income Sharing Agreements (ISAs). Under these agreements, a borrower would give back some of their income to the lender in exchange for their college or graduate school loan. 207 more words

Consumer Law

10 January 2006 (2)

So, masturbation. No, I haven’t masturbated today. That’s not what this is about. This is a much larger fish. It’s all the masturbation. Sort of in line with the old confession thing I used to do. 664 more words


A New Approach to Reaching Your Students, Part IV: Late Stage Delinquency

What You Know: Nsight Plus Letter Merge

As you may already know, Nsight Plus, Nelnet’s free reporting tool for schools, offers the ability to generate student-specific letters about their current student loan status. 446 more words

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