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Nearer my God to thee by Trevor Plumbly

Dear Schoolteachers

It is some sixty-odd years since you attempted to shape my mind and I thought my recollection of your efforts might be of interest. 462 more words

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The Seedling





  1. a young plant, especially one raised from seed and not from a cutting.

    Once the seed is planted it begins to grow. Seeds require attention and sustenance in order to thrive.

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Juvenile Landmark Cases

Damian Anderson

Professor Virginia Jeronimus

Socio 331

14 May 2016

Land Mark Cases

            Every court system can be altered and changed forever passed on a single case. 634 more words


Restoration Programs for Juveniles

Damian Anderson

Professor Virginia Jeronimus

Soci  331

17, April 2016

Juvenile Restoration Programs

            Restoration programs challenge the idea of the use of punishment towards an offender by introducing methods of rehabilitation between those affects and such reconciliation. 610 more words


How to Keep Comfort Food from Causing You Pain: Sugar - Part 1

Marcel Proust understood the power of comfort food, and his experience with a simple, almond cookie made his autobiographical novel – In Search of Lost Times – an instant classic. 572 more words

Artificial Sweetners

How Does Deterrence Work?

In classical criminology, the premise is that actions taken by an individual are made rationally by that individual and by that individual’s own free will. The pain versus pleasure aspect may be swayed by deterrence. 143 more words

Criminal Justice

Delinquency and paths

Delinquency has different groups as stated “negligible delinquents; early starter/declining; late starter; and early starter/chronic offenders”1 in most cases adolescents become aware of the trajectories that delinquency will take and decline in their negative patterns. 594 more words