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Two AWESOME Forewords for "THE VISION. . ."

Here’s what a former prosecuting attorney for juveniles and a Ph.D. college English professor had to say in their forewords for my book,

“THE VISION: Telling Kids That They Can Make the World a Better Place” 469 more words


Thinking about anything has been like slogging through mud lately, so facing the mental gymnastics of writing has been impossible. Whether Christmas, brain chemistry or lack of sleep is to blame, I have no idea, but I’ve been hanging on with a meagre and unhealthy diet of popular fiction. 198 more words

Monocacy River

Black Matriarch Forces Her Son To Strip Naked And Walk Through School Parking Lot

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I can’t even…

Three times…this “thing” has three children. I would sooner stick my dick in between the couch cushions. 384 more words

The Black Matriarchy


From this view I see a homeless man too drank to even sit straight.

On his makeshift bed of carton and well worn blanket he lays sound asleep unperturbed with the rest of the world. 196 more words


1/3rd of people in US have debt over 180 days delinquency?

I saw an article today which suggested 35% of Americans have debt over 180 days delinquency (i.e. In collections). While it makes for a great headline digging through the report shows it is not great but better than reported. 416 more words


Bully (2006) PC Review

All this week, the only game I’ve been playing is Rockstar’s Bully  or, if you’re in a PAL region,  Canis Canem Edit and it allowed me to do all the things in school I didn’t do, like vandalise windows, skip class, get tattoos, throw itching powder and firecrackers at people and be an all round delinquent with… 836 more words

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