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An itty bitty Civil War

Lately, I’ve been having mixed feelings about my blog. It’s a bit of a civil war within concerning the design of the site and the content. 199 more words

A peek at my worldview on borrowing: Why I'm such a fan of bootstrapping projects (Part 1)

The Silicon Valley business model has permeated the entrepreneurial culture in recent years: have an idea, pitch the idea, get big investment, build and sell the product. 378 more words

My favorite method of wonderful email management

I’m no Corporate Hedgehog with hundreds of emails landing in my inbox every day, but several months ago, I did notice my own email issue: I was spending a stupid amount of time replying to non-urgent requestions (yes, I just mashed… 308 more words


Why it's lousy to be as spontaneous as me (and a tip on fixing it)

Last night, I was wrapping up a certain portion of a project and was reminded again of one of my weak points: spontaneity. I was ten minutes from finishing up before I started to think about what the next step should be, what tools and materials I’d need, and who would be involved. 571 more words


All change - well we hope so!

We are now down to less than 10 weeks before the 2015 General Election and to say it is all systems “go” would be an understatement. 529 more words


Case Solution for LifeSpring Hospitals: Delivering Affordable, High-quality Maternal Health Care in India

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      LifeSpring Hospitals: Delivering Affordable, High-quality Maternal Health Care in India

Authors :           S. Ramakrishna Velamuri, Wei Zhang, Priya Anant, Monidipa Mukherjee… 209 more words


Behold, the re-worked blog!

I got some feedback on my previous blog and opted to take the advice and invest some time in revamping in a new platform.

Excellent choice, Benjamin! 324 more words