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Announcement: I've got a project in the pipeline!

I couldn’t be more excited to announce my upcoming project!

It’s been coming to fruition for the last several weeks, and as of this writing, it looks like I’m a couple short weeks away from launching it into the world. 274 more words


Goal-setting, mindset, and other cliches that I like

A few weeks ago, my wife and I wrote down some goals. This is the first time we’ve sat down with a blank sheet of paper and a ballpoint pen and wrote. 373 more words


Taco Bell is delivering in 2015!?

Welp, if you love you some Taco Bell, they apparently love you back. The fast-food company has informed us that they’re working on an initiative for this year that includes a delivery service. 122 more words


My really poor morning ritual

My bed is not particularly comfy as a mattress and sheets. But at 4:00 am when the alarm bids me awake, it’s a warm and friendly paradise for my droopy eyelids. 356 more words


Five half-thruths we tell ourselves that stop us from doing something hard

  1. “I’m not skilled enough to do this.”
  2. “I’m not smart enough to know if this will work.”
  3. “I’m scared.”
  4. “No one will like it and I’ll look dumb.”
  5. 261 more words

An itty bitty Civil War

Lately, I’ve been having mixed feelings about my blog. It’s a bit of a civil war within concerning the design of the site and the content. 199 more words

A peek at my worldview on borrowing: Why I'm such a fan of bootstrapping projects (Part 1)

The Silicon Valley business model has permeated the entrepreneurial culture in recent years: have an idea, pitch the idea, get big investment, build and sell the product. 378 more words