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Sex in Japan

Sex in Japan
The sex industry is not as straight forward for foreigners as it is in places such as Thailand or the Philippines, however it is still readily available if you do a little bit of searching. 37 more words

Open letter to gaijin women in Japan forced into sex trafficking

This has been on my mind for ages.  I wrote recently about Natasha, a friend of a friend who dresses provocatively and then wonders why people think she works as a hostess.  208 more words


How to pay for sex in Tokyo-1

How to pay for sex in Tokyo-1

Guest post by:  “Bateman”

Friday night on the piss and no relief in sight for that itch for ass you’ve been nursing all week. 387 more words

How To

Pinku Chirasu

Following on from the Delivery Health, pinku chirasu (probably need correcting) are the leaflets sent out advertising Delivery Health and the options that come with it.


Delivery Health

Delivery is another topic explored in my zine. It pretty much means the prostitute is dropped off at your door.

See where I was smart there, sort of like fast food delivery, haha? 51 more words


N. Reina

“You should have called me earlier,” Mie says brightly. “We could have met.”

I did but you kept hanging up on me, remember?

“I wanted to . 2,719 more words