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Dell Goes Private – What Are The Chances Of Success?

Dell Privatisation Highlights

  • The process will cost about $24.4 billion – making it one of the largest ever privatisations in the ITC industry
  • Michael Dell’s MSD Capital will join Silver Lake and Microsoft as investors…
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Dell Primes PartnerDirect Channels For Windows Server 2012 Upgrades

Dell, Microsoft Windows Server Highlights

  • Readies its PartnerDirect channel for Microsoft’s new operating system
  • The ending of support for Windows 2003 in July 2015 creates a call to action for customers…
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A Quest For Dell’s New Software Division

Dell/Quest Highlights

  • Announces a $2.4 Billion acquisition
  • Quest has 3,828 staff
  • Revenues of $881 million in the year to March
  • Will add its well known tools to Dell’s existing software business…
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Dell Puts Intel Xeon E5 In PowerEdge Servers – Focuses On Simplified Management

Dell PowerEdge Server Highlights

  • Launches 8 new blade, rack and tower servers based on the Xeon E5 processor
  • Provides machines for Cloud storage and storage-optimised workloads…
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Dell Launches Theme-Based Sales And Marketing Collateral For Its Channel

We had an interesting call today with Nikkia Despertt and Ven Tenjarla, channel marketing managers within Dell’s end-user computing business. As a Dell customer we know how effective and socially connected its direct online sales channel is. 523 more words


Dell Proposes Hotter Servers – Less Chillers

Dell High Temperature Equipment Highlights

  • Increases high temperature excursion to 45C for new servers, storage and switches
  • Will help cut the time chillers run in data centres and associated Op Ex costs…
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Dell Launches vStart Private Cloud Bundles Through The Channel

Dell vStart Channel Highlights

  • Offers vStart 100 and 200 through Certified Partners
  • Launches in the US today, EMEA countries in September or October, Asia/Japan later…
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