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ESXi Boot Loop on Dell PowerEdge R720

We have faced quite a strange issue with one of our Dell PowerEdge servers on a remote site. When the branded image was deployed on the host, we kept getting bootloops. 138 more words


Upgrading BIOS on DELL PowerEdge Servers via UEFI

Once upon a time it is needed to upgrade either BIOS or Hard Driver firmware. Since DELL iDRAC 7 does not support writing to .img files anymore since the fw version 1.57.57, there had to be a new way of upgrading the firmware. 184 more words

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DELL Perc H710P Local Storage SSD RAID1 Benchmark

Recently we have equipped one of our ESXi hosts with local SSD storage (Product Number: LB806M) to host a database VM. For redundancy we have chosen RAID1. 151 more words


Dell PowerEdge Servers & MD Storage Upgraded

Last week Dell introduced their 13th generation of PowerEdge servers. The 13G portfolio incorporates Intel’s latest release in processors codenamed “Haswell” aka Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3.  379 more words


CDW Technology I Use.

Everyone has their favorite place to shop and mine is simply CDW.com.

You might be the type of person to run down to whatever physical store is near you and get your tech as quick as possible, but if it ever becomes cumbersome you might want to get you a great rep to email your orders to. 234 more words

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