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The Last Days Warning: The story of Yamaha should terrify HP, Dell, Cisco, and anybody else who sells hardware

This just in from Majestone:

After Yamaha has moved all of their “files” to the “Cloud” they will become a very vulnerable target by the “Digital Mafia”. 939 more words

Dell XPS 13 Review: Better Than the MacBook Air

“I’ll give you my Mac when you pry it from my cold, dead hands” — might be the mantra of most Mac users. I can say that the new Dell XPS 13 is good enough to pry a MacBook from my — albeit animate — hands. 1,103 more words


Internship credibility, powered by the MMM program

By Shriansh Shrivastava

One of the unique tools Kellogg’s MMM program teaches is Design Thinking. Now an industry, Design Thinking is generally associated with agile design houses like IDEO, Frog and Doblin. 216 more words

Student Life

Red Hat and Mirantis, once an OpenStack couple, have split

Back in the day, say oh, two years ago, Red Hat and Mirantis were tight. At least tight enough that Red Hat plowed some cash into Mirantis as part of… 292 more words


Dell powers Prestige Group with SAP HANA ERP Solution

Dell affirms that Prestige Estates Projects has chosen an end-to-end solution comprising of SAP HANA ERP solution backed by Dell servers, storage and networking infrastructure. The company has chosen Dell as the preferred solution provider because of its expertise in SAP solutions and in providing end-to-end support to the company. 156 more words


Smart Computer Monitors (mouse-less interface)

In 2003 LG introduced the Optimus G Pro – a smartphone that uses eye tracking to pause video playback for a better user experience. Yet, here we are 2 years later and this technology hasn’t proliferated, even in the computer monitor channel where it could revolutionize (optimize) the way we interact with computers. 170 more words

From Flickr: "Dell Books 2E - Fredric Brown - Madball" by swallace99

Fredric Brown – Madball
Dell First Edition 2E, 1953
Cover Artist: Griffith Foxley

"Step right up, gentlemen – they’re all alive inside!"

A condensed version of this novel was published in a magazine as "The Pickled Punks" 8 more words