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Only 12% of all board seats filled by women in India: Deloitte Report

బోర్డుల్లో ప్రాధాన్యం తక్కువే..

డెలాయిట్ గ్లోబల్ సంస్థ’విమెన్ ఇన్ బోర్డ్ రూమ్: ఎ గ్లోబల్ పర్‌స్పెక్టివ్’ పేరిట ఏటా ఓ నివేదికను విడుదల చేస్తోంది. మనదేశంలోని వివిధ కంపెనీల బోర్డుల్లో మహిళల పరిస్థితి ఎలా ఉందో తెలుసుకుందామా..continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Ingrid Minott steps out of the comfort zone and into the 2017 Tomorrow's Leader award


Ingrid Minott, Deloitte

When you manage litigation files for one of Canada’s biggest auditing firms, you know there will be a shareholder class-action suit lurking somewhere in the mix. 821 more words

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Deloitte Audited the Fed for Eight Straight Years of the Financial Crash

Source: Wall Street On Paradeby Pam Martens and Russ Martens

In 2006 the Federal Reserve’s books were audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. But beginning in 2007 and for every year thereafter through 2014, the Fed’s books were audited by Deloitte & Touche. 494 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Despite the hurdles, China and Australia a prime example of a partnership of prosperity

By Will Koulouris

China and Australia have long enjoyed a solid economic partnership built on ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes, and a development of strong interpersonal and cultural links between both nations. 743 more words


Retail's Single Biggest Disruptor. Spoiler Alert: It's Not E-commerce

There is no question that the retail industry is under-going a tremendous amount of change. Record numbers of store closings. Legacy brands going out of business–or teetering on the… 927 more words


It's time for business to make some 'bold bets' for Canada's future

Canadians can be justifiably proud of what we’ve achieved in our country’s first 150 years. Canada is peaceful and prosperous, and consistently ranks among the world’s top 20 countries in terms of quality of life. 639 more words


14 June 2017 (AFR) - 'Tough' retail outlook triggers calls for personal tax cuts

(14 June 2017, AFR, p3, by Sue Mitchell)

‘The weak outlook for retail spending has prompted renewed calls for personal tax cuts to offset rising household debt, anaemic wages growth and higher living costs. 49 more words

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