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The balance of football club's finance across the world

The 2017 Deloitte Football Money League clearly shows the significant advantage that the Premier League TV money deal has given club’s revenue, but figures also show that revenues have grown right across European football as well. 259 more words

Pinterest Builds Brand Loyalty

Pinterest does a great job at allowing brands to connect with existing consumers by helping to continually expand and further the established relationship. This helps businesses see the transformation that an average consumer goes through to result in them evolving into a brand loyal consumer. 353 more words


Deloitte Tax Challenge 2016

Deloitte runs two of the most challenging competitions for undergraduates. The Deloitte Tax Challenge and Risk Intelligence Challenge Trophy are held annually and many students have benefited from these competitions throughout the years. 854 more words


The average young American binge-watches TV for five hours straight

Binge-watching has hit critical mass in the US, according to a new study.

Nearly three-quarters—73%—of Americans said they binge-watched videos, either on TV or another device, found a  322 more words

How important is it for women in business to have a leader who sponsors and mentors them?

We are in the business of people.  Our best and most impactful work is done when we understand who our clients are, what they need to achieve, and how we can help support them as successful leaders.  767 more words

Most Pay TV Subscribers Stay Because It's Bundled With Broadband, Survey Finds

The rumbling under the ground of traditional television is growing louder according to the results of Deloitte’s latest annual Digital Democracy Survey, which polled 2,131 U.S. 318 more words

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Binge Boom: Young U.S. Viewers Gulp Down Average of Six TV Episodes per Sitting

Devouring multiple TV episodes in one sitting has increasingly become the way many Americans — especially teens and young adults — experience television.

About 73% of U.S. 459 more words