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Eso de que los perros son los mejores amigos del hombre es una falacia. La fidelidad está en los cuatro ruedas. El cine no ha hecho más que ensalzar pasiones y el placer tuerca siempre encontrará alguna excusa para existir. 1,777 more words

Not The DeLorean DMC-12 Again


So, every car-oriented blog
eventually talks about the
famous (or infamous)
DeLorean DMC-12 –

– you know, the car that was
used as the time machine… 470 more words

READY PLAYER ONE (2018) movie review

Strap in for a throwback bonanza via VR gateway.

It’s an 80’s lovers paradise from Atari and Iron Giant to Rubix cube (called fondly a Zemeckis cube) and the Delorean. 42 more words


Review: DeLorean Motor Company | DMC Alpha Blue Watch

If you’re a regular Instagram user, and a fan of either Back to the Future or the classic DeLorean Motor Company (or both!), then you may have seen adverts coming your way for… 564 more words


Ready Player One: Top Ten 80s Movie Easter Eggs #5-#1

Ready Player One is an epic celebration of one of the greatest decades for Sci-Fi movies ever: the Eighties. Have you read it yet or seen the movie? 2,029 more words

We'd Rather Be Conventioning

You know that feeling when the end of a long winter is coming, but it feels like the doldrums are the only state of mind you know because they’ve pervaded your everyday world so deeply that you forget what life was like without them? 921 more words


Massive LEGO DeLorean Looks Like it Could Really Travel BACK TO THE FUTURE

Great Scott!! Check out this 65,144 Lego piece Back to the Future Delorean!! The Lego Delorean isn’t aa 1:1 recreatiion, but it’s pretty damn close.