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Delorean Time Machine Floating Edition by Kids Logic

From Back to the Future II, Kids Logic has made a replica of the iconic Delorean in 1/20 scale that can actually float several centimeters above a base. 31 more words

Kids Logic

Back to the Future: Klasik yang Futuristik


My article in Majalah Marketing

Majalah Marketing (November 2015):


Back to the Future - When the Future Zoomed Past

It’s already two weeks since Back to the Future went the way of so many science fiction prophecies tied to a set date in the future… We sailed past it. 2,034 more words


Back to the Future (1985) Review

It’s easy to see why Back to the Future has become such a classic, iconic movie. If you broke down what it was about you may struggle to find many people who are interested but take all the smaller aspects, the parts that build the whole, and you get a fantastic movie as a result. 526 more words


I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since Back to the Future (1985) where did the time go? Simple back to the future.

I just watched a documentary about Back to the Future and boy did that bring back some memories.  I was all of 13 years old when I saw this film in the theater (grossing 390,000,000) and of course there was the Delorean with all of its glory and gull-wing doors.  544 more words

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