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Illinois Car Museum Giving Away 'Back To The Future' DeLorean — If The Cubs Win The Next World Series

If Marty McFly saw it happen, maybe it’ll happen: In the movie Back to the Future Part II, Michael J. Fox’s character travels forward in time to the year 2015, where lo and behold, miracle of miracles, he finds that the Chicago Cubs have finally won the World Series, after more than a century without a championship title. 345 more words

I brought along a granola bar because I knew we'd be going forward in time.

I drove 100 miles from downtown Chicago for the privilege of getting lost twice before arriving at my shoot location: a small farm with a large DeLorean.   138 more words


Finding the right way to the write way

Sitting amidst the downtrodden in spirit on the tup-tup trolley, I tend to romanticize my life. It is what gets me through. What I can’t romanticize is how utterly un-present my downtrodden companions seem to be. 490 more words

General Musing

Long Beach Comic Expo

I’m on the ground at the Long Beach Comic Expo. I’ve seen Dean Haglund and Barry Bostwick on the con floor.

In a nod to the late Leonard Nimoy, the entire exhibit hall floor paused in a moment of silence and everyone raised their hands in a Vulcan salute to honor Mr. 36 more words

Back to the Future case turns your iPhone 6 into a time machine

The iPhone 6 Plus has a hard time sliding into most pants pockets, but if you’d like to make the iPhone 6 Pinch even more unbearable, Bandai is coming out with a new case that transforms your device into the time machine from… 134 more words


Where We're Going We Don't Need An iPhone Case That Makes Sense

Do you enjoy walking around town with a model replica of the DeLorean from Back to the Future Part 2 but can’t stand it when people constantly question why in the world you’d walk around town with a model replica of the DeLorean from Back to the Future Part 2?   75 more words


This iPhone Case Looks Just Like the Back to the Future Time Machine

We were supposed to have hoverboards and self-tying shoes by now. Even if Back to the Future II was pretty wrong about how tech would evolve by 2015, that doesn’t mean the actual signature gadget of the modern age, the iPhone, can’t get its own awesome… 84 more words