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Today’s Top 3 Business News Headlines

• Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates
• Disney Finalizes Deal to Buy 21st Century Fox
• Delta Buys 100 Planes from Airbus

Business Headlines

Lost Cow Cream

September 23, 2017

The heat sifted around my limbs, and beadlet pearls of sweat rolled down my forehead and neck and shoulders. Fanning myself with an old, white pastry bag on the porch, I began to think this whole venture a folly. 735 more words


Planes, Tarmac & Automobiles Pt. 1

I may have mentioned it once or twice but Jamaica is my absolute favourite place in the world. My first semester of grad school was stressful but I came, I saw and I conquered. 439 more words

Yaady Abroad

Plumbing fixtures...bo-ring

Does this picture excite you? Yeah, me neither. This is what the builder buys in bulk and passes off to us as the only available option. 540 more words

The Cost of Vacation - San Diego Edition #AvisTravels

One of the more popular posts from my trips is the cost of it, as it allows people to see what a similar vacation would cost them, should they take it. 256 more words


no fly nöel is finally here in 2017

This California in December thing seems to be a trend now that NPS works for a silicon valley company. What that means is a week-long delay in the start of our annual no fly nöel thing. 253 more words


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