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Slavery By Flavors

Are you free,
If your existence is
A job?
Lose your job,
lose your freedom?

Are you more free
Salaried than
A wage? 54 more words


Racism tourist

I enjoyed some upbeat conversation earlier.

When it turned to the band The Police, I started giggling. My conversation partners noticed me giggling and asked why. 963 more words



of being repetitive, and


anyone’s sensitivities—I offer this snap of a sign outside the large church in Dee Street, Invercargill, New Zealand. Make of it what you will— 486 more words


Divorcing Delusion and Containing Contentment

Recently in my life I have discovered my favorite principle is being content. With that in mind, please know I recycled a previous bible verse from my last blog. 736 more words


GOP Masters of Sophistry

I make no case for Hillary other than she’s a decent alternative to the cowards, ideologues and bigots staffing and leading today’s Republican Party. That description of that political entity isn’t especially radical. 118 more words


That's Power

I place so much faith

In the power of my dreams

That even when I wake

I think he’s loving me


Midlife Crisis? At 30?

Ever since my onset of Bipolar, I go through these phases of “midlife crises.” (I utilize quotations because I am not midlife, and they happen and go away, but there is no other way I know how to describe them.) I end up with sometimes months of anxiety and panic because this is all I am ever going to be. 786 more words