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Of A-Table-For-One

He had been asked to manage the reception counter for the day. Sitting lazily at the plywood desk, he answered the calls from excited, impatient people, asking for table reservations and the special menu for the night. 1,855 more words

Of Stories

I think I should tell you all what's been going on


I haven’t been posting these last couple weeks because I’ve been having some major psychotic episodes. I believe people are following me and they are telling me my family and friends are going to die. 145 more words


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Yes, this is what I received this morning at 8.39 am. I have had no hits today, and precious few yesterday or the day before. Spam comments – one horrible one in particular – proliferate. 860 more words


The Guide 14: Delusions part 2

This chapter will concentrate upon the sorts of delusions commonly experienced by people on the caseloads of mental health workers up and down the country. I’m going to describe some ‘composite’ individuals here. 1,767 more words

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Neither Marriage, Nor Divorce is about Winning

It’s been a while since I last posted. I think I needed to take a mental sabbatical. But I’m back and I’m excited to share with everyone and open the door for you to share as well which means more to me than anything! 1,146 more words


Delusion - 1

Adjusting the ear buds in my ears and turning up the volume a little more, I pushed through the doors to the coffeehouse and looked for a table to sit. 3,118 more words


Delusion - Intro

The thing that I’ve never told you before is that I hear voices. They’re inside my head all the time, arguing and demanding and controlling. They control everything I do. 282 more words