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Delusion and Humility

St. Mark the Ascetic said “Some people when praised for their virtue are delighted, and attribute this pleasurable feeling of self-esteem to grace. Others when reproved for their sins are pained, and they mistake this beneficial pain for the action of sin. 117 more words

The Truman Show (1998)

Truman Burbank(Jim Carrey)’s life is one massive TV show. When he uncovers the truth, he must decide how to act upon it. 233 more words



They are all around you. They see you. Scrutinize you. Judge you. NOTHING ESCAPES THEIR NOTICE. YOU MIGHT THINK you can fool them but let me tell you, honey, YOU ARE SO FUCKING WRONG! 554 more words


Diane Spreads the Insolence

Within the evolving woman, blue specks above two white cheeks examine the solid form. The separate pieces, belonging to the great art of Diane’s body, make the eyes linger. 3,565 more words

A Serpentine Task (Regarding the Cautious Handling of the Concept of Happiness)

Unbeguiled by the oleaginous ease and smooth facility with which it winds its way down the paths of human discourse seemingly innocuous since frequently invoked and honored as the highest desideratum handle the concept of happiness with a wariness no less nimble than you would a serpent clothed in an undulant rainbow of colors from whose fangs still concealed from view a lethal venom flows.


A Celebration

 When you look at how far you have come it can be most liberating. The process of looking inward will allow you to expand your mind. 44 more words


Having confessed my transgression I’m still left with how to atone for it. Initially, I’d assumed the word “atone” derived from “tone” in the sense of tuning an instrument but it has the following, equally telling etymology: 807 more words