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the song of the mad

sing us a song

dance us a jig

the song of the masses

the squeal of a pig

that together we may party

under the midnight sun… 122 more words


Running into a Brick Wall - 3


Soon, another woman drives up and gets out of her car. She waves energetically and says “Hi! Hi there!” She clip-clops towards the man and woman in noteworthy, high heeled shoes, moving her body in ways that have surely been refined and perfected to draw the attention of anyone within eyesight. 1,180 more words


soundtracking: how the amateurs do it

If you are a complete amateur like Matthew Berdyck, you record your own soundtrack. Make sure that you documentaries about people with cancer or about the homeless get a Metallica knock off sound track. 95 more words

Nature vs Nurture

dripping blood. it’s that time of month again
and a full moon too
insanity drenched in intensity. madness and delusion times two
warped theater danced full with emotion… 147 more words


Running into a Brick Wall - 2


The man slowly walks the woman back away from the wall. When they get about twelve feet from it, he says “There is a nice patch of grass and sunshine just a few more steps away. 929 more words


Running into a Brick Wall - 1

A man puts aside his other responsibilities and the time he might have had to spend with others so that he might spend that time instead with a particular woman. 1,114 more words


wake dreamin.

is it fair of me to be expecting you?

i am talking to myself again.

the attention i seek

is not yours to give,

because it is not the one i… 18 more words