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Momentary Observation- The Way It Used to Be

I was thinking this morning about politics, the upcoming election, promises. I was thinking about how we try to regain what was, perhaps voting for someone because they claim they will return us to a better time, to “the way it used to be.” The fact is, it never… 7 more words


Is Religion a Mass Delusion?

Religion. It causes passion, enthusiasm and fanaticism. We’re all exposed to it; some of us are immersed in it. But does it really have a place in the modern world? 672 more words


Minding Your Business

There are those who deny the delusional state I suggest is the starting point for every focal character in every story. This first act delusion is represented by the Rationalization line on the A side of The Conflict Grid®. 463 more words

Delusion – July 22, 2016

Many are under delusion. The religion that they practice is only a delusion. It has a delusional influence on them. Their faith is merely a delusion, not true, it is all in vain. 320 more words

clouds illusions



painted white on blue

delusional feelings of grandeur

where is the truth?




poetry and photographs by jackcollier

and the girl riding shotgun




Both above and beneath, It used to hold blues

Everything flattered to the sight, failing to own the depth but presented with the gloom

For she demanded nothing but the true… 110 more words


What’s the story you tell yourself?

I am above average. Everything I have, I’ve earned. Everything I’ve earned, it’s by my effort. All by myself. I’m a self-made man. 77 more words