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the desire to believe in

POSTCARD #208: CHIANG MAI: Before my Thai niece M runs out the door to spend the day with her friends, she comes over to where I’m sitting and says: … 708 more words

The 'now' Moment

Mark of the beast

I sat and watched what they call a trademark beast and listened to the words of frightened people to his left to talk about mark of the beast, globalization, debt bondage, the end of the world we know. 2,364 more words



Traveling across the world, it has happened to me to eat every kind of food. I have eaten cockroaches, worms, grasshopper, frogs, raw meat, raw fish and so on, but at first glance what I was not able to eat was a balut. 267 more words


soundtracking: how the amateurs do it

If you are a complete amateur like Matthew Berdyck, you record your own soundtrack. Make sure that you documentaries about people with cancer or about the homeless get a Metallica knock off sound track. 95 more words

Matthew Berdyck Lies

14. The Bridge

The boy, curious fool that he is, even as I dragged him away, had wanted to shout and remonstrate with our attackers. He had hysterical and insalubrious messages to deliver particularly to the grinning and malevolent girl he’d been so taken by at the beginning of our engagement. 811 more words


I am an inspiration
To the world you don’t see
The world that I breathe
The world inside me

The world of my fear
Of my confusions… 114 more words



POSTCARD #207: CHIANG MAI: Sitting in a taxi stuck at the red light in Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai town. The nearness to Southern China is obvious these days with the occasional Chinese number plate seen in Thai traffic and streets full of Chinese tourists, women in curious long white costumes and wide brimmed hats in the tremendous luminosity of sunshine. 550 more words

The 'now' Moment