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“Woe the snares of pleasure. What is sweet in place of God proves sweet no longer, but it has stayed sweet just long enough to enslave.

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How to court controversy

I am definitely going to upset a few people here, so if you’re of a religious bent, you may want to stop reading now. I’ll give you a minute or so. 377 more words

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Somebody once said that thanking god for sparing you is like sending a thank you note to a mass murderer for killing the people next door.

Outrage Addiction and other Alternatives: On Drudgification of US Liberal Punditry

A little over ten years ago, when I was particularly depoliticized after becoming very frustrated with the anti-war movement,a few liberals banded together to form Air America, the left-liberal alternative to conservative talk radio.  1,644 more words



It’s not that I am necessarily delusional, it is that ‘normal’ people perceive me as ‘delusional’, in fact: that is their delusion.


Prayers For Danny Please

Hi everyone! I would just like to ask if you can pray for my friend Danny, whom I have met online in a Christian chat room earlier. 241 more words

Don't Open The Door

In a dreamwake state
unfamiliar unconscious
paints over reality
with a familiarity
I simply don’t remember

look through the keyhole
see them there

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Hey, kids.  Mosquitos don’t count.  Subtract out your attractiveness to mosquitos.  And put down the beer.  And the cigarettes.  And the Cheetos.