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The Song of the Psyche; the Song of the Soul (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 171)

We are not being taught or encouraged to engage in real conversation with one another. Instead, we are being taught to have vocal exchanges of non-conversation, to bark at one another with a particular absence or lack of sustenance in what we present and how we respond. 772 more words

Trash Bag

Drop dead
Rats with piles of filth;
The articles of clothing
You left,
When you decided
This was the end.

Is your life so close to god damned perfect… 56 more words



if it's not about me,

why am I the one that's in so much pain?

why is it me that's never enough?

why is it me that's always working but unrecognised? 58 more words

No Escape

She was the atomic structure of hydrogen
She was in most compound structures,
She was in almost everything.

She was my everything.

She was oxygen. 81 more words


The One Where You

The only reality
I stopped fighting
Was the one
Where you
Threw me away.

If it had been
That I had traveled
In the wrong direction, 99 more words


Its virtually reality.

I tend to live in fantasy
I much prefer illusion
Reality just freaks me out
There’s safety in delusion