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Delusion, No Religion Lives Without It

I saw a headline yesterday I could not ignore, it was “Allah Wants ISIS To Retreat.” I visited the link and no surprises really, deluded religious fanatics acting delusional. 206 more words

Better to reign in hell?

There’s a famous line in Milton’s Paradise Lost where Lucifer says:

Here we may reign secure, and in my choice
to reign is worth ambition though in Hell:

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The writing life - Publish that! The world as fiction.

In his new documentary film, Hypernormalisation, Adam Curtis presents us with a vision of the world in which nothing we see is what we think it is, one in which both the official and the media narrative describing this world is simplified and spun to the point of fiction. 958 more words



I’ve fallen for Ate
the Goddess of mischief,
delusion and folly;
she could be my ruin
but life is for loving
so I’ll take my chances and see.


Fletcher, Daisee: Case no. 007 (Dr POV)

Hello, I’m Dr Moss, and what is your name?

My name…? Funny they call me by many names here, personally, I like Cece. Cece sounds fun don’t you think, she sounds like a cool gal. 675 more words

Short Story

Makeup App!

Okay, this is just a short mention. And please know that I am in no way affiliated with this company. That said, I’m linking to it anyways. 136 more words



I struggle with body issues. I always have. I never have been the thin one, though I have always longed to be. (Let me tell you how I would love to be as fat as I was in highschool though). 161 more words