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Couple of Qs for Higher-Self Peeps

How could you not struggle if you still take (some) things personally?

How could you think that you don’t take things personally when you say/think: … 56 more words

Why non believers are given over to a strong delusion

This brother in the Lord has a very good grasp on the matter.
Here’s another good video by him about church membership covenants


Various Christian Topics


Grace is not inherent in a line,

to hell with curve and plane,

leave it for the swine,

my honor is espoused to truer elegance, 164 more words


Happiness Cubed: Delusion, Illusion, Elusion

“Even when everything’s going your way you can still be sad.  Or anxious. Or uncomfortably numb. Because you can’t always control your brain or your emotions even when things are perfect.” – Jenny Lawson…

687 more words
And Every Little Thing Between


Watch thoughts slide by like skates on ice

On the conveyer belt of consciousness

Breathe deeply and watch them go by without attachment

Don’t cling desperately to your delusions… 15 more words


Her Fix

Passion, her affliction
Ecstasy, her addiction
His focused attention
Her drug of choice

She was unable to
steal and plunder
his heart for payment

He left her, to suffer… 45 more words


A Father's Legacy - Chapter 8

A deceptively spun web: Part I

Moe had received her first email from the ‘other sister’. And she was mildly concerned.

I have spent the last 25 yrs looking for him… 703 more words