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In Town

yesterday I had a chance to photograph an obvious cliché


and here below is our cliché.

Take it for all in all, you shall often see its like again … 211 more words


If someone else thought it

It’s probably not that great.

Others will likely think of it too.

Come up with something nobody else could fathom.

Be the enlightened one.

A Dangerous Delusion

I have written previously of the fact that I believe in the church we have a Crisis. I use this word in the sense that we are at a point in the life of the church in Australia when we will go one of two ways, continued decline or revival, in the same way as it is said of a patient with a life threatening fever that they come to a point of ‘crisis’ from which point they either decline to death or recover to life. 235 more words

Unbounded Church

Lucy - and what it says about science

Google’s doodle today is a celebration of the discovery of “Lucy” the name given to a collection of bones of an extinct ape. When Lucy was found in 1974, she was asserted by many to be a “missing link”, which merely means that in the evolutionary model, she is said to connect humans to animals. 784 more words

Prisoner of the Mind

Paranoia has kicked in,
And I try to separate what is real from what is not.
My grip on reality is slipping away,
Drinking shots after shots of coffee… 133 more words

Head's Up! (11/23/2015)

Updated at 7:30 MDT (see below)

Just wanted to bring some things to the forefront to keep you thinking and to keep the pot stirred. These are not the times to be complacent or ignorant. 1,762 more words

Opinion & Observation

Twirling Elephants

“There they are!” five-year-old Lily points to a spot in the corner of the room.

I was about to ask her what she was talking about when I noticed that she wasn’t talking to me. 449 more words