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In badly need of a reality check

When will it ever really hit me?

I’m such a romantic, old fool.

No, not decisively romantic. Nor sentimental. Cynic-romantic. Arrogant and naive, idealistic and self-deprecating at the same time. 506 more words

- my (soon-to-be) secret california crush -

Will you be tropical

…with your sun-kissed

skin, melt my popsicle?

Will you be magical

…like Disneyland, just

Mickey Mouse incredible?

Will you be a… 73 more words



People often compared stars with,


They collide and destroy, Merciless

They burn out for life. Selfless

But, stars always were about balance.

I started creating my universe, 309 more words


“You’re the idol of my words;
Maybe a delusion or just a time traveler.
Somewhere you exist.”


This is me stereotyping us

I remember this one field trip in elementary school when my mom was the chaperoning my classmates and I to the Seodaemun Prison. I got to hear about all different types of tortures that the Japanese inflicted on Korean activists when they occupied Korea. 867 more words

thoughts like clouds

POSTCARD #243: New Delhi: A photo in the photo library of the mind got lost. I had it in a special place because I wanted to use it for this post, but now it’s gone and I didn’t make a note of the file name, I’ve forgotten where I kept it and worse still, I’ve forgotten what it looks like. 575 more words

The 'now' Moment

Unseen Renderings

As delusion,
the mind quantifies and qualifies
the non-lineal flow of infinity
and renders a story of self
that echoes
in the canyons
of belief and greed. 52 more words

What Life Reveals