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Self-entitlement causes us to not appreciate the grace of God and the goodness of people. It is a delusion that says “I deserve it.”



Immobilized by fear
Taken out of gear
Rolling to a stop
Perhaps life is a flop
Desires long hidden
Resurface unbidden
Take the last breath
Find solace in death


Stalked - Get Off My Cyber Ankles

I had another blog. I also had a cyber stalker. He was pretty obsessive about my blog, social media, work, etc. He actually created a fake persona and friended a colleague so he could interact with me. 150 more words


Powerball's Swollen Balls

Swollen Balls
Powerball Moves Its Money Trust Again

Lately here in America, whenever somebody detects a trend and then looks into it from the perspective of cause and effect, all the monkeys amongst us start to yell “Conspiracy Theorist!” Whenever somebody focuses on corruption of large sums of money and the person who happens to be paying attention stands to benefit directly if corruption is proved, that person is branded as someone with delusions of grandeur. 193 more words

Domestic Policies

How much should we hate our enemies?

The obvious answer is that we shouldn’t hate our enemies. In a Christian context we’re told to love them. Some religions even exhort us to have no enemies, perhaps converging on the same point. 95 more words


Faulty Logic

I’ve applied the logic you speak of
And discovered it will never work
Logic says I am unlovable
That there is no conceivable way
The people in my life are interested…

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Words From The Edge

​Sitting here, longing for complete obliteration, I am aware of the pain that would leave behind. Don’t ever think it never crosses my mind, but instead of motivating me to step back from the edge, it adds to, and compounds, the pain slicing my soul to pieces. 45 more words