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Vomit inducing

This picture is so appalling. World Leader? Crap, done nothing to merit that attribute! Powerful cloak, clearly a believer in Harry Potter as reality left the building. 20 more words

No Voice Calls Please!

A Letter to the District of Columbia’s Office of Police Complaints

Explaining Why I Don’t Speak on the Telephone

NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland

The NSA collects and stores all meta-data and voice calls transmitted over telephones. 577 more words


The old codger

He walks through the market,
A grumpy, defeated look on his face

Eggplants were the cheapest, and his wife
nagged him into buying them like she has for five decades now… 111 more words


Fan Mail revisited

That’s ok, I’ll just make up something.

Dear Philip:
   As an aspiring writer who’s been getting some minor work published, but who hasn’t yet published something memorable enough that’ll prevent you from getting left behind as an undetectable blip in human history, how do you handle your fears of getting left behind as an undetectable blip in human history? 28 more words


RR048 Podcast Episode

RR048 After happening across the hubbub of when a contract is enforceable as well as coming across people who have “drawn something up” Ried discusses best practices when it comes to drafting a legally binding agreement. 163 more words

Delusional #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

A gush of air
Knocked my senses
Was it a car
That just flew by..

Something’s wrong
In my field of vision
I see flowers smiling.. 123 more words


My fingers are too big to type

There’s power in your smile.

With a responsibility so great,

I doubt its gravity

will ever press on your shoulders

like I do after every “late night” at work. 84 more words

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