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Am I paranoid, delusional

Weird things are happening.
I cannot pinpoint the cause,
but I sense resentment.
I catch a look, veiled too fast.

Friendship disappearing,
I cannot understand, 161 more words


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Hmm; it seems the tone of the author has, well, changed somewhat. That could very well be, how astute of the reader (if any) in his/her delusional state of mind. 31 more words

Inspirational Quotes

The fact that you harbor ill will towards no one doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have enemies who would take great pleasure in seeing you fail. 45 more words

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Definition of Love

Here we go, a very random thought to know what the definition of love is. Google has answers, of course!


18 things I hate about money

1. Money changes people. New job + more money = changed social status. Suddenly the little people become harder to see.

2. Money divides people. Friendships have been ruined over business deals gone bad. 253 more words


The Million Dollar Question?

This is an update of a previous post where we asked the question : Is gentrification the new colonization? Much thanks to those who contributed. Now it’s your turn to chime in! 33 more words

Class Struggle