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​They are preventing me
From the things that need to be thought about.
Distracting me from
The tasks at hand.

I have to stop fantasizing… 57 more words

This is for all you Delusion Trump fans

Trump is a conman, and you idiots are the mark. You hear him ramble on, but don’t listen to what he says. For example:

Trump says he will lower taxes to 15%. 341 more words


This is one word which is used excessively in a place like Pakistan. It has so much power to it that it makes a person go through delusional disorders. 359 more words


I struggle with body issues. I always have. I never have been the thin one, though I have always longed to be. (Let me tell you how I would love to be as fat as I was in highschool though). 161 more words

The word of the day 




1. having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions:

Senators who think they will get agreement on acomprehensive tax bill are delusional.

2. Psychiatry. 74 more words


Donald Trump (White Jackass) is delusional — and the third Presidential Debate proves it

2016 has been was a brutal, bruising year, one full of sordid allegations of sex, money and power. But Fox News finally had a good night on Wednesday, months after sexual assault allegations drove Roger Ailes out of the network he built. 808 more words

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