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Prompt: Purple

Andrew stayed in his bedroom with the door closed until the last minute.

His mother had called for him at least half an hour ago, maybe to double-check his hair, nails, and suit, and he ignored her. 493 more words

Writing Prompts


I draw up these imaginary conversations with people randomly, lying in the bed or nodding along to a track, and this, sometimes, takes off all the drive in me, positive and negative, aggressive and romantic, sorrowful and blissful, to tell them of certain things, yell at them for being stupid, count to them, as a whisper, the number of times they’ve broken my heart, with timestamps and thumbtacks in maps, or of how much they mean to me, or how they made me smile or made my day… And I get so invested in these imaginary conversations, they be so intense and raw that there’s not a touch of shy or lie to it. 288 more words


Thought Experiment #1: Green Lenses

Here’s a thought experiment for you.  It’s based off a twitter debate I’m having at the moment, but I liked the concept enough to go into it long form.   531 more words



I am delusional.

I’m a fan. You’re my favorite. I’m in love. You’re attracted to someone else. I know you. You don’t even notice me. We’re two different people living two different world in two different countries. 666 more words


What is she thinking?

Over the last few weeks, after the shocking news of my ex not only having a “long term serious girlfriend”, but also moving her into our family home and planning to get engaged in the next couple of weeks (a fact he threw into his response, more than once, to my attorney’s letter reminding him that the parenting agreement stated that he must wait at leasts six months to introduce any new significant other to our children), I have been trying to wrap my head around something. 1,196 more words

Deep Inside My Heart

Fantasy - Trip Lee

We’re living in la, la, la, la, la, la, land

You’re trying to live the dream, aren’t you?
The cream, esteem, supreme paper
You’re thinking this is the place to be, like green acres… 566 more words


The Useless Character

Once upon a time there was a brave, but confused young man named Aiden. One day he decided to prove his worth by rescuing a princess, so he set out to ask the king if there was one in danger. 367 more words