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Paranoia -- a short story

Why am I in the hospital? It’s obvious. They conspired against me.

There I was, minding my own business, writing a comment on a buddy’s Facebook post, when some other guy out of nowhere butts in and insults me. 958 more words



But I never made it out of the black-hole. I was delusional. I must have been consumed by it.

-The Gypsy

18 things I hate about money

1. Money changes people. New job + more money = changed social status. Suddenly the little people become harder to see.

2. Money divides people. Friendships have been ruined over business deals gone bad. 253 more words


An After-Thought

We are the characters

Of a surreal tale

With our paper robes

And inked skins

We question our existence

But to what degree

Have we understood ourselves? 32 more words


Afternoon Nap Dreams

I called him as the way I usually call him
but he is not the way I usually see him.
He is completly not him. 51 more words




Oka. Let’s get something straight ……… Barack Obama is a shell of a man. He has done what he was told and for it he gets a pension for life and a big ol’ library to throw parties. 337 more words

Barack Obama


You remember the old adage, “You don’t get something for nothing”, right? And in today’s world you don’t even get something for something! Whether it’s job numbers or economic growth it is all a shimmer, an imaginary glow built on shifting sand. 534 more words

American Exceptionalism