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You waved me a GoodBye, and ready to leave, I turned around. As I waited for the elevator, I heard you start your bike, and disappointed, I felt weak in my knees and fell on the floor, assuming that you’d left. 204 more words


have written

I have written so many messages to save in draft, not to send you.


She was the accoustic versions of all the metal songs he liked. She called “listening to the same song,” love.

But, honey, was it love if you never heard what he heard? 20 more words

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A Letter to the Boy I Loved (Love):

I tried hard to let go, but I can’t stop loving you. My thoughts spiral back to you so often, I may as well name my conscience after you. 652 more words

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BANNON...Some free advice...

Mr. Steve Bannon is a very bright individual.  And, in this sense, he is in a group that represent perhaps 25% of the population.  But the level of IQ, and natural brain development, is not all a person needs… if that person is to interact “well” with a wide range of the population. 554 more words

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Taking Credit Where Credit’s Not Due

In an early morning tweet today, Donald Trump tried to take credit for 2017 being the safest year on record for commercial aviation, attributing it to his having been “very strict” on the industry. 163 more words


“..I permit you to tell 
in your own way of the heart that is under you,

O I do not know what you mean there underneath yourselves, you  801 more words

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