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Local Man Accidentally Buys Every Valentine's Day Card

Yesterday, a local 25-year-old man (who wishes to remain anonymous), said he went to his local Target and accidentally purchased the entire aisle’s worth of Valentine’s Day cards. 254 more words


What makes Mr. T and I look like a couple?

The simple answer is US!

However, I’ve been led to believe it’s all my doing. So let’s explore this.

V who met us in Manchester at the weekend, had never met Mr. 242 more words

The Narcissist

The world has turned on me.
     As if I had any understanding of what the world is.
     My privileged place on this ball of dirt,
          The dirt ball with a drop of muddy water
          Spinning around a firecracker the size of my ego. 146 more words

This Bitch

Oh my God. This bitch really is delusional and a liar out the ass! Here’s why……..

Talk about lazy! “Blizzard”, bitch this ain’t D.Q.!

http://www.omaha.com/weather/omaha-dodges-brunt-of-blizzard-other-areas-of-state-hit/article_aa3e3027-5220-5b5e-8269-5523d9014bac.html 9 more words

Just Say No

“Well, he/she offered” I hate these words with a passion. I get it, we all have been there. Someone offers us something and we know we shouldn’t take it. 473 more words


I wasn’t going to give my (ex) friend the satisfaction of letting her bother my life…but once again she didn’t let sleeping dogs lie and she has gone after the man I love in hope of creating tension. 275 more words

A Satirical Ode to Robert LaVoy Finicum

Being more of an extended limerick, really …

It reads,


ROBERT LAVOY FINICUM – got a number of folks to grin again. 107 more words