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Presidential Narcissism

It explains a lot… and makes the future even more disquieting.

While I spend my days away from the keyboard, I did manage to stumble across an interesting article that flags the POTUS-elect as suffering from poor mental health: Narcissist Personality Disorder. 178 more words

Calendar Reform



This morning Tubularsock arose with this on his mind. It is something so obvious that you’d think at first, “why is it so profound?” 311 more words

America Asleep

Incorrigible romantic or just plain delusional?

I’ve always believed in happy endings. Even watching Titanic for the second and third time I was kind of hoping that Jack will climb up that wooden door and be rescued together with Rose and that they would live happily ever after… I actually hate when I read a book that doesn’t end with ‘happily ever after’. 314 more words


Trust Yo' Self: Why people with anxiety should be extra-aware of gaslighting

In my last post, I talked about what gaslighting is. Today I want to share my personal story with it, and explain why people who have anxiety need to be extra-vigilant of potential gaslighting. 944 more words


Memutuskan untuk bersama~

Kemarin hari pertama saya kembali ke kantor setelah cuti yang berakhir tragis yang lumayan tenang, seorang teman yang berumur sebaya menghampiri saya yang sedang duduk… 467 more words


Typical Day

It wasn’t a very good day for Mike he has been transferred to the STU the unit that house the aggressive patients. This was because Mike punched the attending Psychiatric, as well as displaying aggressive behavior for no apparent reason. 535 more words

Psych Ward Chronicles

Not Paralyzed...

I just watched Shut in and i loved it.

Not gonna lie, but I always skipped the trailer cus I get scared so I didn’t know what this movie was gonna be about. 323 more words