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How Delusional Nostalgia Is Killing the White Working Class

It is always a good idea to be wary of those who wistfully long for the “good old days,” who yearn for “simpler times,” who traffic in whitewashed nostalgia. 3,283 more words

Daily News

Shooting Star

My world is on fire. How about yours? The end of the year is coming so quickly. I really wish time would stop. Despite terror attacks, shootings and army /national guard intervention in two of the three places I call home, all is well ( I guess). 276 more words

Head's Up! (11/17/2015)

Coward, Complicit, or Utter Incompetence?
  1. CIA & NSA says it had no information at all ahead of time about the potential for attacks in Paris.
  2. 1,284 more words
Opinion & Observation

The Delusional and Irrational Behavior of Certain European Americans

The attitudes and behavior of a certain segment of the European American population in this country becomes absolutely irrational, to the point of delusional when they must confront their relationship with African Americans. 992 more words

Black Culture

Unrealistic Ogre

She dates men far out of her league
yet she’s always surprised when they leave
she’s a two that likes tens
she likes out of reach men… 41 more words


What if...

What if I told you I loved you?

What if I shared how thoughts of you consume me all day?

What if I told you that I picture our wedding day? 63 more words


Whirlwinds of Untimed Millenia

The red roses of fate litter your path
But this is a telling of your madness, not your fate
The armory was not divided by types… 825 more words