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I am trying

I am trying to be happy but deep down in heart I know I am not or may be I never will be.




Let’s put it this way, the president, although “not exactly clinically deranged,” is “not altogether stable.”

“Frighteningly he’s that far out of touch with himself. 419 more words

Barack Obama

No longer delusional... so happy to say!

Hello Readers,

Tonight it finally happened, the deepest delusion fell away at some bizarre thought I had and it had to do with publishing my book. 51 more words


Before sleep I

Before sleep I think about you, in sleep dreams about you, after sleep thinks about the dream, How simple my routine is.


Tired of this nonsense! 

Dear people, sitting with a member of the opposite sex, having dinner, a drink, being in the same car heck breathing the same space even does not mean we ‘re dating, sleeping together or he is my potential future ‘something’. 65 more words

A Few Of My Favourite Things


I sit in the back of my parents’ car, my son gently snoring in his booster seat to my right. I marvel at the tiny freckles peppering his nose, and make a mental note that his hair has suddenly reached the too-long stage, even though it looked just fine yesterday. 561 more words