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Sometimes you just get that feeling.  It happens to everyone but affects us (you know who we are) much more than others.  It’s one thing to feel hopeless about the way things are going.   357 more words



Spinning panorama:

Atop this tire swing,

I can see anything

Between blades of grass

Crunchy leaves bark in the front lawn;

Jump to twenty-two

Nervous to tell you… 41 more words


Gender Gyrations

The youth or the Ute’s, as colloquolized by Vinnie in the movie, My cousin Vinnie, have always had issues with identity. And in like manner I have issues with using words that are not real words but in some regard continue to get my point across. 1,341 more words

Salvation Delusion

Most Christian believers are living under a delusion of salvation, but their lifestyle proves that they are no different from the unbelievers. They are still sinners. 282 more words

More I think

More I think not to think about you, more i think about you



Hello again everyone.  As you may have noticed, I have edited some of my previous posts and actually fully removed another.  I’ve decided on a calling that I am very excited to take part in.   433 more words