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Help, I lost myself, but I remember you.
I see the rain drops clashing against that car you’re so protective about from the front seat, I’m crushing that plastic glass I had my favorite chocolate milkshake in, you’re asking me to stop doing that because it’s annoying you but I choose not to do what you want. 277 more words

Young Adult

Sweet delusions

I don’t want to see you everywhere I go

I don’t want to find you everywhere I turn

Not feel your soft breath any place I rest… 11 more words

Passers By

How to Talk To Someone Experiencing a Clinical Delusion or Just a Radically Different Point of View

* Don’t ignore the delusion.
* When someone experiences a delusion, they’re  incapable of recognizing they’re experiencing a delusion.
* Attacking someone with a clinical delusion almost always causes them to put up their defenses and retreat further into their beliefs. 2,297 more words



Cocky: (adj) conceited or arrogant

If we do not learn the definition of confidence and how it applies to everyday human life, we will continue to be inundated by arrogant thugs, who believe that acting cocky is being prepared. 268 more words

C Words

No Worst;No Best!

Probably, the worst is yet to come and the best did not happen yet. Who knows, the worst might not happen and the best is yet to happen. 400 more words


To Know of Him and to Know Him are Totally Different

Many people know of Him, but they don’t serve Him. Many claim to know Him, and love Him, yet are trying to serve two masters. If you know of Him, but don’t serve Him that is your choice. 703 more words

On Hearing of My Mother's Death Six Years after it Happened: A Book Review

In my opinion this is one of the best misery memoirs I have read. Personally I preferred it to Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes which also falls into this category of memoir. 410 more words

Irene Waters