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Life lived on the edge

Bordering insanity

Tucked within her wings

Weather-beaten half a life

Overflows with sadness rife


the "lost tribes" and Christian Zionists: some thoughts

What of these “lost tribes” mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible?

We are well aware that there are tiny communities of “Jews” in places such as Ethiopia, Yemen, Iran, India and elsewhere.  686 more words

Religion - Western

Face on the wall

Our talks on evolution are driving me insane.

Just like the thoughts from the acid that are tearing up my brain.

I knew that you would love it, 177 more words

Confession of a delusional mind

7 billion people, 14 billion faces they say. Each person’s life goal is different from the other. Some want to make money, others want to stay happy and satisfied with their lives. 185 more words


Where will you go when you die?

Sharing an article written by a fellow believer in Christ, as it applies to the New-Age spiritual nonsense that is prevalent in society as a whole and in 12-Step recovery in particular. 144 more words

Voices In Recovery



OK! It is not like it takes a genius to bridge the communication gap between individuals. And that is where Tubularsock enters (stage left). 225 more words

Donald Trump

Fight (Me?)

Standing on my own ruins as I watch them deluge

Still on my toes and to give up I refuse
In the hecatomb of truths and lies… 191 more words