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Thoughts on 'Broadmoor: Part One'

For those not in the UK, Broadmoor is a high security psychiatric hospital. It has a sinister reputation and is well-known for not allowing cameras behind its doors. 687 more words

Mental Illness

A Little Rollercoaster

So, as the title suggests this may start with being a tad depressing, but it will end on a happy note, I promise!

A couple of things have been really grating on my nerves recently- the first thing is that I’ve now missed my period two months in a row… oops. 280 more words

Mental Illness

Parental Loyalty and Self Harm

***WARNING- Self harm is discussed pretty openly here, so stop reading if you think you’re going to find that TRIGGERING***

I’m writing this on Friday night when I can barely keep my eyes open- so anything that doesn’t make sense is down to that. 753 more words

Mental Illness

Dealing With Non-Mental People and Irony

How am I in any way supposed to communicate with people who have no idea what it’s like to be… you know, mental?

It’s a question that has been running around in my head for the last six months or so- how am I supposed to interact with them? 485 more words

Mental Illness

Submission and Violation

When I said I’d take a break from this I meant a week or so- I’m pretty rubbish at maths (and dates and counting and general life) so please take this as the reason why one week turned into… three? 577 more words

Mental Illness